SHIKAxTEMAxHIDA Chapter 1- Multiple Deaths

December 2, 2008 autumnorfall

"…no replies

no message-backs,

nothing's back.

so why do i still f*cking expect for something that'll never come back?!

you'll say it'll all be too troublesome…yad yad yad…

i say you're a good for nothin' coward!

spare me the curses and mumbles,

and i'll spare you the smacks and scowls.

grown tired of waiting

had enough of hints,

it was now or never,

and you chose NEVER.

you turned you're lazy back at me,

and handed me over to someone i'm now stuck with for the rest of eternity.

so why the f*ck do i still wait for you?

think that somehow or someday you'll be able to stand up for what you want,

what you believe in,

stand up for who you love.

guess i expected too much for a genius like you.

now, i'll let every single thread that holds us go.

let you live your miserable life alone.

let me live my much worse life without you."

Temari dropped her last tear at the letter she'll send to Konoha, to that lazy shinobi she always loved. It has been a long while since she left the Leaf and her ex-lover there. A year has passed after Shikamaru turned his back on her, to the conclusion that it is the right thing to do. He left her, for the sake of their own countries, but never for the sake of themselves. The two has always been a zealous to their country and ninja ways; nevertheless it is their first priority to protect their beloved lands.

She knew of this well, but two weeks from now, she's gonna be married to a so called heirloom of Emankagure, a place she doesn't even know about. She was engaged to a man whom wise men said was older from her, uncertain by how many years. And she can't do anything about it, her country is at stake. Sunakagure is experiencing its worse drought in its entire history, brought about by some sort of curse bestowed upon them by a demon; and only their heirloom can prevent the said devastation of the Hidden Sand Suna council has reconciled with the council of Emankagure to vow their highest female into a marriage with their priest, a Jashin priest. She has heard of such before, sacrificing other's lives for his god, even piercing through his own heart to please the said god. She was petrified. But, if the cost of her life would be for the benefit of her beloved country, she will never decline; even if that means she will be the living sacrifice to be the partner of a certain mysterious priest.

She kissed the letter, flowing all her love and pain into the piece of paper, she was so much hurting.

She was dying.

After about an hour she handed the mail to his brother, Kankuro and asked him to bring it personally to Konoha, to Shikamaru. She wanted to say permanently goodbye to the only person she has loved all her life. Her brother hated Shikamaru like hell.

If it wasn't because of her sister, he would've killed him. Likewise with their youngest brother, Gaara. He plotted the whole Nara clan assassinated, but Temari came there and saved the whole family of the man that killed her inside. That event made way for the disjointing of the once ally Konoha and Suna. She fought for her love, but Shikamaru turned his back on her and chose to fight for his country. She thought he loved her. Now, she's drowning in misery. And the perfect way to end it is to get married to a Jashin priest.

But still she has this inevitable little feeling of hope, that someday, somehow, Shikamaru would save her from all the deaths she's experiencing.

-to be continued in my next blog! i'm so tired now and i still have really early classes tomorrow. So, i'll continue this as soon as i can. Please do comment on my story. This is the first chapter. More to go!