Every night between Marth and Ike would be spent the same way.

Sex, talk, sleep.

Marth, while enjoying it immensely, wished that their nights weren't so...routine.

Who knew when Master Hand would decide he was bored of their constant fighting and just warp them back to where they came from? He couldn't let that happen. He needed Ike. But it wouldn't last forever. Eventually they would have to return to their homes. Live their lives as usual. No matter how much they disliked the prospect.

The Prince sat up from his laying position beside the mercenary. He scooped up the other's hand and held the back to his lips, gently kissing the calloused skin, his gathered tears falling.

I don't want to part from you…

I want us to be together forever…

I don't want this to end…

"...What's wrong?"

Marth froze.

He opened his eyes, directing the gaze toward his lover. By the look on his face, he'd been watching for some time.

"N-nothing! It's fine." He lay back down, head on the mercenary's shoulder, tears still flowing. He knew Ike saw straight through him. His eyes, though barely seen from under his tendrils, were intense.

He understood.

"…I see."

His response was casual. He knew what Marth was thinking, and the meaning behind it.

But he couldn't reassure him completely.