This one is extremely porny. *slaps wrist* BAD TURTLE. BAAAD.

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It felt like a play.

The soft, creaking mattress set the scene, making a fine, almost spectacular, stage to act. Bottle green cast sheets mingling with the white of the discarded pillows - it made for a perfect frame.

Every word, every action, every breath made was carried out with script-like precision, almost as though it were the musings of a lewd author.

Ike: [kneads the rounded flesh before him and thrusts desparatley] Ugh, M-Marth... I never knew you were so hungry...

Marth: [knocks forwards at the force and groans around the red-head's organ, thrusting between his lips] Mn-! Mm....

Roy: He's hungry for you? Ha, h-he's not the one eating you...

Most would consider it a bad position - having your boyfriend take your rear and best friend thrust into your mouth. For Marth, it was anything but, despite the burning shame he felt every time a palm would slap at his rear and knead the flesh. Such filthy words were being thrown at him from both of the dominant males; he almost wondered if he was enjoying the talk or not.

"That's a good slut..." Roy cooed through a deep groan, continuing to rock his hips forward in time with the monarch's tongue.

This would be the part where the audience would awe at the amount of care and attention Marth delivered to the heated shaft with a lengthy gasp.

"Such precision..." One would say.

"Such technique!" Would the other exclaim. "I wish he could work on me that way..."

A sharp slap across the buttocks jerked Marth from his imagined audience, clenching his rear and giving off a small yelp, tongue unintentionally slipping across a nerve upon the shaft's underside.

"Ike... Go faster..." Roy called over his lithe body, smoothing the hand in teal locks down to a milky shoulder. "Your thrusts are affecting mine..."

The soldier makes a gruff sound, pawing the flesh for purchase as he draws back with heavy purpose, immediately slamming at three times the force of previous.

Marth's mouth is uncontrollable at this point, the corners leaking as he laps furiously at the meat. The cries of pleasure from within his throat double in frequency as he, eventually, is flipped over by a disgruntled Ike whom is grunting to himself 'I'm gonna come... I'm gonna come...'

He is leaned over by both of the men as they pump themselves to completion and release their essence of orgasm over the prince's open-mouth, awaiting face.

With a clear blush, Marth turned his head to look back, towards the floor.

The entire audience stand in ovation, a roaring applause filling the theatre. There even seems to be those moved to tears over how graciously he took the semen in his stride, licking the spatters upon his upper lip greedily.

They cry out to him with admiration, voices wobbling with the sheer awe.


"You are an inspiration to us all!"

It were nights like these where he would smile to himself and nod at the crowd, thanking them all for watching.