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My name is Ashitaka Mitsirugi. I'm a senior in High School and I'm basically your average 18 year old. Well, not so average. My family comes from a long line of priests that tend to the shrine of the sun goddess Shiranui Amatarasu. The shrine itself is just a statue of a wolf with markings covering most of its body and a tail that looked vaguely like a paint brush. Why the goddess of the sun took the form of a creature that howls at the moon is a question that I'll never find the answer to. Besides the shrine keeping, I lived a normal life. Then one day my life suddenly took a huge turn when I met a new student…

Ashitaka stepped off of the train, his white hair gently flapping in the morning breeze.

"Beautiful Day." He muttered while stepping off of the platform and on to the side walk. School was only a few blocks away from his location, it still towered above the other nearby buildings like an imposing fortress. Ashitaka always hated this be cause the imposing aura of the school made him feel small and helpless, like the jocks that unanimously referred to him as "Shrine Boy". After passing several blocks, he reached school just as the busses started to arrive. Off of the first bus came Ashitaka's childhood friend, Kutarugi.

"Hey Kutarugi." Ashitaka called out as he ran over to his friend

"Yo Ashitaka" Kutarugi greeted his friend "Did ya hear the news?"

"News? No, what's up?" Ashitaka asked with interest. Kutarugi's answer, however, was unexpected.

"Some new student chick." Kutarugi replied. "Her name's Kimiri." Ashitaka glared at his friend. "Dude, no way. Last time you hooked me up with a girl, I had to wear a cast for a week!" he snapped.

"It's not that, she's looking for you." Kutarugi calmly shot back.

"Excuse me?" Asked a surprised Ashitaka

"She was on my bus and asked me specifically if you came to this school." Kutarugi gave his trademark 'You're not telling me everything.' look accompanied by a smirk. "Have you been getting busy with a lady without telling me?" he made a motion with his fingers to emphasize his meaning. Ashitaka went red with shock and embarrassment.

"What? No, I've never even heard of her until now!" he spat back, he was pretty sure he had never met her, and his memory was sharper than a knife. He pondered this as he walked to his locker, opened it and placed his backpack into it. He asked a few more students if they knew anything about her, all they knew was that she was looking for him. One guy even glared at him, saying that he'd court her before Ashitaka could do anything. The bastard was jealous of him because Ashitaka, who had a record of not being smooth with the ladies, would have someone who'd be looking for him. When he got to class he sat down in his usual seat by the window. He stared off into space until his teacher's voice woke him up from his spacing.

"Class, be seated. We have a new student today." Mr. Hiroshi announced, waiting for every one to take a seat before he spoke up again. "I'd like you all to welcome Kimiri." The classroom door opened, and Ashitaka's eyes widened at what he saw. Kimiri was dressed in the normal female school uniform, but she looked out of place even with it on. Long ruby red hair draped down to her posterior, her eyebrows the same color. Her face had a pointed feline look to it. Her chest was "well equipped" and Kutarugi whispered to Ashitaka, "DUDE! She's a friggin' C cup!" Kimiri's curved form drew the eyes of half the boys in the class. The rest were gazing at her with their mouths wide open. Mr. Hiroshi seemed to be the only male unaffected by Kimiri's looks.

"Class, it's impolite to stare at new students. Now please turn to page 90 in your text books." Mr. Hiroshi turned to Kimiri. "Kimiri, if you would, please take a seat." Kimiri nodded and walked over to the empty seat next to Ashitaka. A disappointed groan sounded from the other side of the class. Ashitaka couldn't help but glance at Kimiri, this girl was looking for him? She glanced at him and wrote something on a scrap of paper and tossed it over to Ashitaka. He caught it and quickly placed it down as Mr. Hiroshi turned to face the class to ask if anyone had any questions about the lesson. When he returned to the white board, Ashitaka took a look at the note.


Meet me on the roof after school; do not bring anyone with you. Not even Kutarugi.


Ashitaka looked up to Kimiri. Just as he was about to ask who she was, Mr. Hiroshi told him to pay attention.


The day went by as usual, except for a couple things. Kimiri was in every class that Ashitaka took, and in every class at least one guy asked her out. And every time she politely declined. Eighth period was a different story, however. Apparently Kutarugi had the balls to ask Kimiri for a date, but she declined him with a swift kick to the shins. Ashitaka had to hold his mouth shut to prevent him from laughing when that happened. The moment the last bell of the day rang Ashitaka sighed, the day had ended and the weekend had started. However, he saw Kimiri standing over by the doorway. She jerked her head towards the door, the universal sign for 'Follow me'. Ashitaka then realized she had wanted him to meet her on the roof. Picking up his bas he followed her down the hall. As they passed through he noticed that people were whispering about him. He caught little snippets of conversations like "Oh my god, Ashi's got a girlfriend." from a group of girls, "Lucky S.O.B." from a guy and he could sworn he heard an "I'll kill you Mitsirugi!" After climbing the stairs to the roof Ashitaka walked out the door and on to the roof. A small click noise behind him told him that Kimiri had looked the door.

"Alright, what do you want?!" Ashitaka demanded; he wanted answers now. Kimiri turned to face him, and he noticed that her eyes were starting to tear up. "Eep! I'm sorry!" Ashitaka started to apologize, but Kimiri ran to him and threw her arms around him.

"Ashitaka! Oh how I've missed you!" She exclaimed in joy, catching Ashitaka off guard. After a second of shock, he suddenly realized that he had never even remembered meeting Kimiri at all before today.

"Ummm, sorry but I think you have the wrong guy." He told Kimiri, gently pulling her off of him. Kimiri looked at Ashitaka quizzically, like he had told a joke she didn't get.

"Are you not Ashitaka Mitsirugi?" she asked in a cute and unsure voice.

"I am, but…" Ashitaka started to stay, but Kimiri smacked her face with an open hand.

"Damn it, DAMN IT! I came a day early!" she started spouting out "Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!!" This sudden reaction from Kimiri started to scare Ashitaka. He was trapped on the school roof with a possibly psychotic girl. This fact made him really uncomfortable.

"Um, what are you talking about…" he started to say, but Kimiri hushed him by placing a finger on his lips.

"No time, tomorrow go to the location on this map and be there by ten o'clock." And with that, Kimiri unlocked the door and disappeared down the stairs, leaving Ashitaka alone.


On the train ride home, Ashitaka began to ponder about what Kimiri had told him.

'Why would she want me to go to the edge of town?' He thought, while looking at the map. 'She might be trying to kill me by throwing me off of the cliff! No, that doesn't work, she was so happy to see me. Maybe she wants to 'get it on' and then throw me off the cliff! No, those were real tears.' No matter what scenario Ashitaka thought of, nothing seemed to fit. A talk with Kutarugi over the phone on the walk home yielded no answers, only a perverted comment from his friend. At dinner, he asked his parents if they had pulled any engagement strings behind his back, but his parents denied doing anything like that. He even prayed at Amatarasu's shrine for answers, something he rarely did, but the answers still did not come. The question hounded him even as he went to bed. 'WHO IS SHE?!' he cried in his head, before passing out on the bed.


Tokyo is always loud at night, its Japan's own 'city that never sleeps. However, amid the sounds of the city, a rather unfamiliar sound stood out from the usually city sounds if someone listened well enough. It sounded like faint mewling, as if a kitten had lost its mother and was crying for comfort. If someone followed that noise, it would lead them out of town and to some cliffs about a half of a mile out of town. And when they've found the source of the noise, they would be treated to an astonishing sight. A young lady was making the cat like mewls. But even more astonishing was the cat ears that protruded from her head, and a tail sticking out of her rump. She was sobbing into her arms, like she had been heartbroken. And if someone was quiet enough, they would hear her saying,

"How could you forget, Ashitaka? How?".

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