Title: mem'ries *oh c'mon you know i suck at giving titles ne!?*

Genre: ah, angst?? idk.. you be the judge

Summary: She remembers everything.. all too clearly, but she wished she didn't

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Warning: Characters might be OOC since i write this in a hurry and my mind is floating somewhere~


She stood in front of the gates of Tokyo University. The school grounds were deserted except for a few students having their summer classes. The breeze from the leaving season of spring was blowing on her hair – it has grown a little too long for her liking but then he likes it that way, and she still haven't forgotten.

It had been five years since she last step foot on the grounds of her former university. Five years. Just long enough for someone, who has a lot going on in their life, to forget things that have happened then. But not her, never her. She still remembers everything as if it all plays right before her very eyes. From the minute she got her acceptance letter - the feeling of accomplishment it carries - to spending time with her longtime buddies – Recca, Domon, and Yanagi 'yes, they all made it in Todai, much to everyone's surprise.' All their goofing around, sleeping under that willow tree right in the middle of the campus, ditching classes and pigging outside the school, Domon's blatant and non-stop attempts at wooing her –and his looks of mock dejection whenever she turns him down- or of Recca's mock indignation whenever she'd try to give Yanagi some free advice about the ex-flame master, which would definitely turn into a screaming match. But much more than that, she remembers him, him who she loves spending time with, whether it's the quiet moments they shared under that willow tree or of him hurling insults and her throwing them back with her venomous words – she remembers it all.

She was shook out of her reverie, when she heard voices 'more like screaming' and a guy come dashing in front of her closely pursued by a girl with short hair, and tomboyish attitude.

"Come back here you jerk!!" she screamed
"If you can catch me, you're too slow for me, MONKEY!"
"Gggrrrr! You are so gonna get it Tokiya!!!"

Tokiya! Yeah, she remembers it all – smiling fondly but the memories bought her heart a tugging pain at the same time.

She was just preparing to leave when she saw a tall man, with long silver gray hair approaching her. He looks just like… No, she must not think about it. She was just thinking about her friends, so surely her mind was just playing some pranks on her, and because of what she just saw as well.

"Kirisawa Fuuko?" asked the guy, interrupting her thoughts
"Hai?" Fuuko asked, her trademark smile showing on her face. It did not bother her at all that this guy knows who she is. After all, she is Kirisawa Fuuko, international model who has appeared on almost every glamour magazine all around the globe.
"Don't you remember me?" asked the confused stranger.
"Uh, no… I don't think so. Sumimasen" Fuuko said, bowing her head in apology. She turned her back and prepared to leave.

"Mikagami Tokiya, ring a bell?" he said in a desperate attempt to make the girl in front of her stay and remember him.

She looks at him and smiled

"Gomenasai, I really don't. Excuse me" she said with finality in her tone, leaving a dumbfounded Tokiya staring at her back

Has it really been that long Fuuko..

Mikagami Tokiya… Yes, it has definitely been five years, but in truth, she can remember everything all too clearly, even if she wished she didn't!


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