Best Student Council and Mai Hime: The Visits


Shizuru Fujino was DAMN attractive, Kaori Izumi found herself noting as the attractive brown haired woman stepped out of the limo at the gates of the academy.

Nanaho Kinjo stepped forward to greet her, smiling warmly. "Welcome to Miyagami Academy, President Fujino." she said, the other members of the Executive beside her.

"Thank you, Vice President Kinjo," Shizuru said, her voice carrying a charming drawl.

"Please, call me Nanaho," she said charmingly.

"Then just call me Shizuru," she purred back. She smiled at the others, "Now, I believe some introductions are in order?"

"Of course," Nanaho agreed, "This is Rino Rando, Kuon Ginga, Mayura Ichikawa and Kaori Izumi, all of whom were selected by our council for this meeting."

Kuon pushed her long hair back as she noted, "I'm certain you were briefed on who we were by your intelligence chief, Yukino."

"Of course," Shizuru smiled calmly, "but it's just good manners." They set off on the tour as she noted, "You are in charge of intelligence, Mayura is treasurer, Kaori is with your assault squad and Rino is secretary."

"You've been well briefed," Kaori conceded, smiling as the martial artist kept a wary eye out on their surroundings.

The school tour was rather exhausting, as Miyagami Academy was somewhat larger than Fuka Academy. Of course, it had been built on a nearly unlimited budget, so that fact wasn't surprising. Impressively Shizuru didn't let herself get intimidated by the face, instead asking intelligent questions about the students and their education.

"I'm very impressed by your facilities," Shizuru conceded gracefully as they arrived at the main buildings once more.

"We don't mess around here," the puppet on the one girl's hand said proudly.

"Ah, the famous Pucchan," Shizuru noted as she added with a smile, "I wondered when you would speak up."

Rino looked sheepish, "He can be shy around strangers."

"And DAMN are you hot," Pucchan added enthusiastically, "how about you and I..."

The puppet's continued comments were muffled by Nanaho clamping her hand over it's mouth. "Sorry about that," Nanaho sighed.

Shizuru chuckled softly, "I'll take it as a compliment.

The group then headed for the student council rooms, where Shizuru was introduced to the other members of the council. Everything was going well, which made Kaori feel kind of nervous. She was a pessimist, maybe, but whenever things were going this well SOMETHING was going to go seriously wrong.

"Relax," Rino said quietly as she smiled at Kaori.

Kaori gave her friend a withering look, "I can't relax. She's the visiting president of another school! If something should happen..." she shook her head.

Rando shook her head and said, "Come on! She's here, safe, in the middle of our campus. What could go wrong?"

"Don't SAY that," several women chorused.

Shizuru bit back a chuckle. "I understand you've had some trouble with the Iwazakura Conglomerate?" she asked mildly.

"You're well informed," Nanaho acknowledged. "Yes, the heir of the conglomerate wants to marry Kanade for her money."

"Despicable man," Kaori muttered.

"Thankfully, we have certain measures we can take if he dares to rear his head once again," Kuon noted mildly.

"But please don't use IT," Mayura added quickly, "it wreaks havoc on my budgets."

Shizuru raised her eyebrow curiously as the others chuckled. Smoothly Nanaho asked, "Was there anything you wanted to bring up, Shizuru?"

"I'm quite impressed with the academy facilities, as well as all the activities that are available for students," Shizuru smiled, "but all the extracurricular activities also concern me somewhat. With all these distractions how well are students really being prepared for college or university?"

"We are one of the top rated schools," Kaori started to answer defensively.

Kuon raised a hand to stop her junior as she said to Kaori, "It's a reasonable question." Turning to Shizuru she smiled, "Academy students are expected to maintain a certain academic standard, and can be banned from club activities if their grades drop."

Mayura nodded towards Rino as she pointed out, "In fact, even our student council members aren't exempt from that."

Rino nodded sheepishly. "I've had to do some pretty intense cram sessions to stay on the council," she admitted.

"Ah see," Shizuru started just as a alarm wailed.

Kuon raised her hand to her ear, in the process revealing a concealed earpiece. "Oh dear," she murmured as she heard a report.

"What's going on?" Nanaho demanded as a screen descended from the ceiling, showing a tactical map of the academy.

"Cool," the normally quiet Cindy noted.

"We had it installed last time we had a emergency," Mayura sighed. "It's EXPENSIVE."

Everyone ignored that comment as they focused on the screen. "Looks like someone is landing forces on the beach," Nanaho said flatly.

Several rafts were landing on the beach, men and women in military camo spilling out to advance carefully. They carried only small arms, but moved with the surety of well trained soldiers or mercenaries.

"All right, who pissed off, annoyed or irritated someone with a private army?" Rein Tsunomoto noted wryly.

"That would be me, I'm afraid," Shizuru sighed. She looked apologetically at Nanoho, "It appears SEARRS has seized the opportunity to try to capture me."

"Then it appears we will have to take steps," Kuon noted calmly.

"You don't need to trouble yourselves," Shizuru started to say, "I have no wish to bring violence to your academy. I'm certain if I leave they will follow, then..."

"No," Nanoho stood up, looking around at the council, "you are a guest of Miyagami Academy. And we will NOT allow you to be forced to leave."

"Yes," Kuon nodded firmly as the others agreed.

Nanaho activated the school wide public address system. "Miyagami Academy students! Assault Squad! Covert Squad! Your school is being invaded! Non-combatants, retreat to the dorms! Anyone else, delay or stop the invaders!"


Tomoe Marguerite, former student at Fuka academy and now a mercenary for SEARRS, advanced with the rest of the troops. She hated having to resort to such measures, but she was determined to save Shizuru from the corrupting influence of Natsuki! So she was here to kidnap her, hand her over to SEARRS and hopefully deprogram her.

"Things seem to be going well so far," John Smith noted as they advanced cautiously. He would have preferred a larger force, but all he could shake free from the higher ups was forty men. Still, it should be enough.

"Be on your guard," Sergei Yuuichi, the disgraced cousin of Tate Yuuichi noted, "I've heard some odd things about this academy."

"Exaggerations," Smith waved it off.

Just then a massive canon was extended from the top of the academy. They watched in shocked disbelief as it fired, launching a shell that took out in one shot the heavy transport that had ferried their troops here before boats had landed them on the beach.

"Maybe not so exaggerated?" Tomoe said as they neared the dorms. A cute little girl was sweeping the front steps, and looked up curiously as they neared. "Hello," Tomoe smiled at her engagingly, "could you tell me how to get to the student council?"

"I'm sorry," Maachi smiled, "but I can't do that." She suddenly used her broom to sweet the legs out from under Tomoe, then clobbered her over the head for good measure.

"Crap!" Sergei yelped even as several girls burst out of the building.

Kotoha Kutsuki's brown hair swirled around her face as she tossed knives, driving the troopers back. Ayumu Oume followed up, pinning two men to nearby trees with her shuriken.

Smith watched girls swarming his men nearby and ran, even as he used his radio. "Status report!" he yelled.

"We're being overwhelmed!" one man's voice yelped, panicked.

"There's too many of them!" another voice yelled.

Then another yelped, "What the hell is up with the puppet?"

"Oooh," Tomoe moaned as Sergei tried to haul her off, their troops getting their asses kicked by innumerable girls. Sadly, as well trained as the mercenaries were, there was a momentary hesitation when confronted with shooting a little girl. Which these girls were expertly seizing on, damn it!

"I think we're going to have to cancel the operation," Sergei said as they saw Smith nearly get run down by a redhead in a car.

"We can still...," Tomoe managed groggily.

"Leaving so soon?" Kuon asked with a cool smile as she stepped out from cover, taking up a martial arts stance. Behind her Sayuri was beating up men with her wooden sword, clearing the beach along with the fiercely attacking Kaori.

"Hullo," Shizuru said from behind them. As they spun around on the path to face her she casually used the borrowed naginata to conk both on the head, knocking them out.

"Well, that was fun," Kuon noted cheerfully as teams of students mopped up the attackers."Do you think our president is having as much fun at Fuka?"

"I hope not," Nanaho said wryly as she jogged up. "Everyone all right?" she asked.

"Fine," Kuon smiled.

Shizuru shook her head, "You have a odd idea of fun..."

To be continued...

Notes: the giant canon is actually out of the Best Student Council anime. I ain't making it up!