T'was the night before Christmas, when all through Forks, Washington

Not a creature was stirring, not even the wolves.

My light was on, and window unlocked,

in the hopes that a Cullen would soon be there.

Charlie was nestled all snug in his bed

While visions of fishing and baseball danced in his head.

I sat in my room, not a sound being made

Just settling down with Miss Elisabeth and Mr. Darcy

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter.

I arose from my bed to see what was the matter

After falling out of bed, I scrambled to the window

Pulling back my curtain and opening the glass

The moon was bright on the new fallen snow

It gave a look of mid day to all below

But what to my wondering eye should appear out of the woods

But one sparkly marble young man, his hair standing on end.

With a flash of bronze so lively, so quick

I knew it was my Edward

More rapid then eagles his family appeared at his side

He quickly glowered and waved them off, saying:

"Stay Alice, Stay Emmett;

with Jasper and Rosalie;

with Carlisle and Esme."

"I'll just be a moment

Then away we must run

Our eyes give us away

We have a thirst for prey."

And then with a swift move, that I almost didn't see

Up the big tree to my room with a bound

As I closed the window behind Edward

I waved to the brood in my backyard.

Edward was dressed in classic black

His clothes clean and pressed

Slung across his shoulders was a sack

He looked like a burglar, at this, the home of the Chief.

His eyes dark as coal – but with a touch of gold

His cheeks hard as marble, but ice cold

His crooked mouth drawn into a soft smile

And his skin, like always white and sparkling like fresh fallen snow.

He was as always my own personal Greek deity

His hair pushed and pulled in every direction

And I tried not to worry when I saw him

But with a wink and a chaste kiss on the forehead

I knew this was a personal call, and I had nothing to dread

He spoke softly to me, explaining in detail

On how the family needed to feed and would miss me tomorrow

So on the urging of Alice they all had come

To drop off presents for me – from everyone

He carefully spread them all out on my bed so I could see

One gift from all seven of my new family

I couldn't be annoyed, it was Christmas, so no fight I had.

He spoke no more words as he emptied the bag

Then scooped me up in a tight hug

He turned on his heal to the window

But I stopped him.

I told him to wait, and struggled to hand him a new bag.

In it, gifts for my soon to be new family The Cullens, from me.

He smiled as he effortlessly took the bag and kissed me again

Giving him a nod, out the window he shot

He sprang to his family, to his team as they waved

I waved back as they all ran off, like a herd of deer

But I heard him exclaim as they all raced off out of sight:

"Happy Christmas to you, my love; And to all a Peaceful Night!"