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A/N2: This is an AR fic, while it does follow some cannon and some IS actually taken directly from cannon...it's still AR.

This fic is set in season 4 of Ats and season 7 of BtVS. Everything that happened before that--happened.


Buffy looked around the cave she was shackled in. The three 'Shadowmen' were watching her. "What is this?" she asked.

One of the Shadowmen stepped forward. "We are at the beginning—the source of your strength. The well of the slayer's power."

Another said, "This is why we have brought you here."

Buffy looked confused. "I thought I brought me here…" she said. This couldn't be good. "Listen you guys, I'm already the Slayer, bursting with power. Really don't need any more," and she tugged at the chains again.

The one in the red turban looked at his fellows. "The First Slayer did not talk so much."

The shadowmen began tapping their staffs on the ground. After a moment the red turbaned one brought a box into the center of the circle where Buffy was chained. "Herein lies your truest strength."

Another shadowman spoke up. "The energy of the demon—its spirit.

The third said, "Its heart."

Buffy's eyes widened. "This is how you—?"

The man holding the box nodded. "Created the slayer? Yes," he said and opened the box.

Buffy watched as a demonic energy came out of the box and whirled around the cave. "No!" she said, her head whipping around to watch the inky black demon force.

The red turbaned Shadowman who'd released the energy said, "This will make you ready for the fight."

Buffy wasn't buying it. "By making me less human?"

"This is how it was then. How it must be now," the red turbaned man said.

Buffy was trying to avoid the energy from getting inside her. She fought against her chains. "Make this stop!" she screamed.

The red turbaned one watched impassively as the demon energy hit the Slayer full force in the chest. It knocked her to her knees then slithered into her body through her nose, ears and mouth.

"This is what you came for," he said.

Buffy fought the demonic force pushing its way inside her. "No, this isn't the way…" she whispered, panting with exertion.

The one who opened the box stepped forward. "Do not fight this," he said, putting his hand under her chin. "It is the only way…"

Buffy screamed as the power surged through her—in her…


Her eyes opened. The pain was gone.

Buffy jumped to her feet. "Wow, you guys really know your mojo—"

"How do you feel?" the red turbaned Shadow man asked.

Buffy smirked. "The pain is gone—I feel just fine."


Chappie 1

By drawing energy from Kennedy and Anya, Willow finally gathered enough power to open the portal and she nearly wept with relief when Buffy tumbled through it.

Buffy got to her feet. She ignored the stunned faces of the rest of the Scoobies and turned to Willow. "Thanks for bringing me back—again."

"It's alright," she said. "That's what I do."

"I know," she said and to everyone's shock she turned and headed upstairs without another word.

"Well, that was—odd," Spike commented, trying to put his finger on what was off about the Slayer.

"And rude. Don't forget rude," Anya piped in. "The least she could do was say thank you or…" she stopped when Xander rolled his eyes. "Well, she could—considering Willow almost sucked the life right out of me to get her back, I think a thank you would have been nice!"

Dawn shrugged. "Well, you're okay—Buffy's back. Big ugly demon is dead and back through the portal and Willow used magic without going all—" Her words trailed off when Kennedy stomped out of the room, apparently upset that Willow had drawn power from her.

Willow shrugged, but it was obvious she felt bad. "It wasn't on purpose—it was just she and Anya…" She looked at the ex-vengeance demon. "Well, you guys were the most powerful—and that's how it works."

The phone rang and Dawn answered it. "Oh, hey, Wes—how's things in—what? No, we've had our own sitch here, but nope, no fire falling from the sky…" Her eyes got wider and wider as she listened. "You had to WHAT?" Dawn sagged against the couch and looked sick. Willow took the phone from her.

"Hey, Wes, it's Willow. Hi—yeah nice to talk to you too, so—what's happening?"

When Willow hung up the phone, her hands were visibly shaking. "Dawn, go up and get Buffy…now."

"What's going on?" Xander asked, already beginning to sweat. 'Great, anytime word from Dead-Boy's crew came, it was always bad.' "Willow, we're kind of waiting here. What did Watcher Jr. say?"

Willow looked around the room. "There's something really bad attacking LA. It's called the Beast, and Angel was almost decapitated fighting him. They, uh—well, they realized that all memories of this Beast guy and how to beat him had been erased from this dimension, so they had to—they, um…" She sank down on the couch, wringing her hands nervously.

"Today would be nice, Wills," Xander pressed. "What did Dead-boy do?"

"They released Angelus—" she whispered.


Buffy tossed her bag into the back of the Jeep.

"I'm going with you," Spike said, following her around to the driver's door.

"No, you're not," she told him. "Try and get in this car and I WILL kick your ass. Are we clear, or do you want me to draw you a picture?"

"What makes you think you'll be able to kill him now?" Spike said with a raised brow. "You've always had a soft spot for the ponce…" He moved closer. "Vampires in general really…" he murmured suggestively.

Laughing, she shoved him back. "Correction—I have a soft spot for one vamp—ONE." She shrugged. "You were just convenient—"

Spike's eyes widened and he growled. Buffy laughed.

"Oh stop, you knew that. I was messed up—we had a thing—get over it. What I need you to do now is watch Dawn. The First is still here. I know you'll protect her. I can handle Angelus…"

Spike made a face. "Yeah, that's what I'm worried about…" he grumbled.

"Jealous?" Buffy asked with a raised brow. "Don't be—" Spike's expression softened until she said, "You have no right. I've always loved him—never lied about it—so deal." She opened the door and hopped in. "Just make sure you watch Dawn—don't let her out of your sight." Her hazel eyes hardened. "If something happens to her—consider yourself expendable!" Then she shut the door in his face and started the engine.

Spike watched her back out the drive. "Expendable?!" he narrowed his eyes as she drove away without looking back. "I'll show you expendable…" He trudged back towards the house. "The soddin' poof—he's the one who's expendable. I've been here—I didn't leave. No, I stayed and fought by her bloody side, but what do I get? I get the brush off as soon as Peaches calls…"

Suddenly a chilling thought sent shivers up his spine. What if Buffy didn't take Angelus out? Something was just—off with her and if she didn't dust the poncey bastard then Spike had no doubt where the prick would head first—right here. Angelus never forgot a betrayal and that whole Acathala thing—well, that was a betrayal of the highest sort, one Angelus would waste no time avenging. Just the thought made him feel like a fledge again as images flashed across his brain in horrifying slow motion of all the ways Angelus could torture, but not dust you. He hesitated on the porch and part of his brain screamed, 'Go, get the hell out of here before the git comes back to town and skins the bloody hide off your arse!' He sighed and tossed the thought aside as he opened the door. He'd stay and protect the Nibblet—after all, he was still love's bitch—even when the bitch he loved had made it perfectly clear a soddin' psychopathic prick was more important to her than he was!


LA. The Hyperion Hotel:

Angelus paced the length of his cage, trying to keep himself busy. Wes had just left with his tail between his legs. Soul-boy's crew were SO fucking predictable. He'd especially loved the Watcher's face when he talked about the skinny Texan…Fred. Didn't have nearly enough curves for his tastes. No he liked 'em petite, curvy and blond.

"Little Fred looks like a boy, if you ask me" he muttered, then smirked and looked up at the camera. "Maybe that's what you're into though, huh, Wes? All those years in boys' school…did it rub off on you? Is that why you want her? You like buggering boys?"

Suddenly his belly tingled. Angelus froze as he FELT her coming…His body tightened and he got hard just thinking about her. His mercurial mood shifted again and just like that he was content to be here in this cage. His Slayer was coming…

The AI crew watched as he seemed to be listening to something. They all looked at each other in confusion when he threw his head back and laughed.

"Okay, why does that make me feel really creepy?" Gunn said.

Wes nodded. "I agree—but Angelus is a master manipulator. He will use anything to throw us off, we must remember that."

Angelus settled down to wait. He could actually FEEL her pull now. She was close and getting closer. He purred. Anticipation at seeing her had put him in a mellow mood. "Well—" the dark demon said with a smirk. "It looks like this party might get interesting after all!"


Buffy parked in front of the Hotel. She got out and smiled as she looked up at the four story hotel. It was so Angel; grand, but with a gothic, old world feel. She pulled her bag out of the back, grunting as she hefted it over her shoulder. She'd brought most of her weapons—this big Beastie guy sounded like a whole lot of trouble—not to mention the trouble Angelus could cause, she figured she might need an arsenal. She couldn't stop the tingle that raced through her—she was going to see Angel—or –she reminded herself, Angelus, again. Either way, she could FEEL him, and she wondered if he could feel her, too.


Angelus stared coldly at the little puke Angel had somehow sired. He just hoped the little prick had enough balls to actually come up to the cage, but…his belly did a flip flop and he knew—she was here. Finally. "Come on, Connor—don't disappoint Daddy…" he taunted.

"Connor." Cordelia said coming down the stairs. "Go upstairs," she ordered.

Angelus watched in amusement as the momma's boy predictably turned tail and ran upstairs. He watched her unplug the camera before she approached the bars. Despite his disgust, he had to admit he was intrigued as to what she wanted from him. Correction, he thought with a grin. He KNEW what the selfish bitch wanted—he was curious as to how she thought she was going to get it!

"Cordy, Cordy, Cordy—just couldn't stay away," he teased, playing her game—let the cow think he was interested. He was distracted though, beginning to ache—Buffy was here…fuck, his cock was throbbing, making his body tense and his voice husky.

Cordy looked at him warily, but he could smell her arousal. "You and I are going to make a deal."

He smirked, his eyes going to the stairs then back to the brunette in front of him. "Did you practice that in front of the mirror a few times? Let me guess—you wanna know about the Beast…?" 'And go a round or two in this cage with me,' he thought wryly. 'Sorry, Queen C—my dance card is all full' he thought, tingling from head to toe now...she was here. He could almost smell her and his body hardened further. Only one creature had ever made him feel like this—Buffy.

He responded to Cordy by rote, but he was waiting… "And in return I get what? A new car? I hear the new Mustang is nice," he teased, almost licking his lips as his body went into hyper alert.

"Something better," Cordy said and Angelus wanted to laugh in her face, but he continued to play along.

"Really? What's a better ride than a Mustang?" he asked, and then he did lick his lips because he heard the basement door open…

"Me." Cordy stated.

Angelus did laugh then. "You?"

Cordy nodded. "No more stalling, no more games, that's the offer. You tell us what you know about the Beast—you get me."

He shook his head, almost telling his Slayer to come down already. He grinned. "There must be some confusion, Cordy—you took out the soul—still got the brain and I can tell you what would be a better ride than the new Mustang AND you…"

Cordy's eyes widened. That wasn't the answer she'd expected. "And just WHAT would that be?" she asked angrily.

He leaned forward, "My Slayer…" he said softly, then grinned at the affronted look on the seer's face. "Come on, Cordy—all that Slayer stamina—oooh…" He shuddered dramatically. "Gives me tingles just thinking about it!" He waited, then rolled his eyes as Buffy's footsteps resumed. "So, how far were you gonna let that go?" he asked as Buffy finally came into view. He winked at her. "C'mon, lover, you weren't really wondering what my answer was gonna be, were you?"

Buffy shrugged, but gave him a smile just the same—it was electrifying being in the same room with him again. "Call me childish, but yeah, I was…" She eyed Cordelia up and down. "Wow, Cordy—eat much since you've been here?"

Angelus chortled and Cordy gasped in outrage as she rounded on Buffy. "I'm not fat, and what are YOU doing here, anyway? We so don't need you—everything is fine, so you can just go back to Sunnyhell where you belong!"

Buffy looked at Angelus, then Cordy. "Yeah, I can see how fine everything is here. Angel's gone—the Sun doesn't shine, you've got some big Beastie boy running around town killing everything in sight—and as your last resort, you wanna sleep with my demon ex for intel." Buffy shook her head, crossed her arms and gave the seer a sarcastic smile. "Wow, if that's your definition of fine, Cor, I'd really hate to see what trouble looks like!"

Cordy puffed up even further with rage. "Not that it's any of YOUR business—but me and Angel—we were—are in love now, so you can just—" She made a shooing motion. "Go away—you know, vamoose your way back to the Hellmouth—I'm sure there's some big ugly waiting for you there anyway—like always!"

Buffy's eyes widened and a small corner of her heart shriveled even more when she saw the gleam in Angelus' eyes and knew the bitch wasn't lying. Angel had fallen in love—with…Cordelia? It made her nauseous, but she stuffed it down along with all the rest of her suppressed Angel baggage and with a sigh she admitted, "Yeah, there is—as usual, but still you and Angel's, um—er—love…" She swallowed the bile that rose up in her throat. "Doesn't explain what I walked in on—that—" she motioned to Angelus, "isn't Angel, so why were you offering him your, uh—obvious charms."

Angelus laughed. "She was selling—I wasn't buying. Soul-boy may have been an ass—me, I'm not the dim bulb that he is. I may like something around the hips to grab onto, Buff—but…" He looked at Cordy and rolled his eyes. "Come on." He wiggled his brows at her. "Now, if YOU'RE selling—I'm all ears…" he purred, gripping the bars and inhaling her scent. "Mmmm—vanilla. Damn, I missed your scent, baby. Come here and give daddy a kiss," he cajoled, winking at her.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Daddy?! Dream on—and if I remember correctly, the last time you saw me, lover…" She paused and raised an eyebrow. "You were trying to kill me. So what's with the love now?"

He shrugged—he didn't understand it himself, but something was VERY different about this Buff—he could smell it. "Temporary insanity—I'm over it…Now, come'ere, lover."

She went to the cage and stopped just at the red line. Angelus smirked and his eyes dared her to come further…

"Don't step over—okay" Cordy said as Buffy stepped over the red line. "Fine, get yourself killed, see if I care!"

Buffy ignored her and stepped right up to the bars. "Close enough?" she whispered.

"Skin to skin wouldn't be close enough," Angelus growled, reaching through the bars to touch her.

Buffy allowed him to cup her face and pull her forward. They stared at each other—enemies—lovers—somehow in the last three years the lines had been blurred. With a soft moan Buffy gave in to desire and kissed him.

Angelus slammed his body against the bars. His arms snaked through them and went around the Slayer. He hauled her up against the cage, pulling her as close to his body as he could get. He kissed her ruthlessly, taking her mouth with a passion that had festered for years—especially after the Marking…

Cordy watched the two with disgust. "Figures!" she muttered and stomped up the stairs and out of the basement.

Several long, wet kisses later Buffy finally pulled back. "Okay—that was—different. What's with the love, Angelus?" she asked.

He shuddered at the sound of his name of her lips. She'd ALWAYS called him Angel—his demon name sounded good in her breathless, sexy voice. He couldn't wait to hear her scream it when he was inside her! But he'd be damned twice before he ended up a lap-dog like the soul…

"Love?" he muttered. "Who said I love you, baby—I was thinking—test drive. I didn't say anything about buying the car."

Buffy laughed, but the sound was brittle and sarcastic. Moving faster than the eye could follow, she reached inside the cage, grabbed the back of his head and banged his face off the bars, causing him to shift to vampire face and snarl at her. "What the fuck are you now?" he snapped. NO Slayer he'd faced had ever, ever moved like that.

She ignored his question. "Well, I suggest you start feelin' the love—" She gave him a sweet smile. "That is, if you ever wanna get out of here without Angel being shoved back inside you…"

Now THAT got his attention…


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