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Rating: M

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Chappie 17:

Outside the Mansion:

"Hold up man," Gunn called.

Wes turned around. "Yes?" he asked with a raised brow. He was weary and wanted nothing more than to go and just do nothing, but he should have expected this—it had been brewing since before Angelus came back."Must we really do this now?"

Gunn clenched his fists. He was sick and tired of stepping around the subject. "I'm thinkin' yeah—we gotta do this now," he snapped, getting into the British man's face.

Wes let out a long sigh. "Fine. What do you want me to say?"

"How 'bout the truth, man?"

"Very well," Wes said. "Then here's the truth—yes, I'm attracted to Fred and yes, I would like it very much if she returned those feelings." He met Gunn's eyes. "There, you've heard the truth. Now, does that make you happy—to know you were right?"

The bigger man's eyes narrowed, sorely tempted to pound Wes to a pulp. "You don't get to do that," Gunn growled, stepping forward to poke Wesley in the chest. "You ain't gonna make this my problem. I thought we were friends. Friends don't—"

"And you said we were just a part time gig, remember?" Gunn looked even angrier at that and Wes ran a hand down his scruffy face as he tried to diffuse the situation. "Look, we're all tired, both emotionally and physically. I'm asking you to wait and let's have this conversation when we might be in possession of cooler heads."

Gunn's anger seemed to wilt as he said, "I told her she has to choose."

Wes nodded. "Then why don't we wait for her to do that?"

"You really think she's gonna choose you, don't you English?"

"No, I think we should let her make up her own mind and accept whatever decision she makes." Wes turned away again. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go mourn for the friends I've lost. I suggest you do the same."

Gunn watched him go with mixed emotions. One on hand he wanted to pound him into the ground, but on the other he just wanted to go back to Buffy's and hold Fred. He chose getting back to his girl.

Revello Dr.

The screaming had stopped and things were quiet, but Willow's death had sent the house into writhing mass of emotion. Xander was nearly catatonic. Wes still hadn't returned and no one really knew where he was, except Fred maybe, and she wasn't telling. She was busy trying to side-step Gunn's insistence that she make a choice right then. Giles had gone home, too exhausted to do anything more. Dawn was up in her room, crying, and Spike had gone up to comfort her.

Buffy's main concern was keeping the Potentials from staking Angelus, a task made all the more difficult as her lover egged them on, taunting them to try and 'Be All They Could Be'.

"Angelus please…" she said, pushing him back when he switched to game face and flashed his fangs at the girls.

"Oh my God, look at him—he's evil." Rona glared at Buffy. "He killed Willow! How can you sit there and not do anything?" She shook her head. "Kennedy's right—you got a thing for vamps." She grimaced. "You got no right being the 'chosen one'!"

Switching back to his human face, Angelus rolled his eyes. "Like you'd be a good replacement?" He laughed. "Right, like you could take me. I'd snap your neck in a heartbeat, little girl!"

Rona picked up a stake and Angelus licked his lips with a 'come here' gesture. "Come on—go for it, but I'd be careful if I were you. Haven't you heard what she did to the last Slayer that threatened me?"

Rona froze. "What other Slayer?" she and several girls asked at once.

"I thought you were the only one," Rona said.

Angelus turned to Buffy who was giving him a look that should have turned him to ash. He smirked, unrepentant. "Don't they know about Faith?" He shook his head and chided, "Baby, how many times do you have to learn, secrets aren't good?"

"You," she said, poking Angelus in the chest, "can zip it now." She sighed. "Faith was called after I died the first time. She killed someone and then tried to have the whole town taken over by a giant snake. Happy?" She shook her head. "I didn't think you needed to hear the story, so I didn't mention it."

"But she saw him for what he was and tried to kill him, so she couldn't be all bad," Rona said.

Buffy laughed bitterly. "No, she didn't. Actually she wanted him for herself, but when he turned her down, she tried to kill him with a poison that had only one cure—the blood of a Slayer." Buffy wrapped her arms around her middle and began to pace. "So, I hunted Faith down and tried to bring her to Angel." She ignored the gasps echoed around the room and went on. "We fought and she jumped off a roof…after I'd almost beaten her to death."

Buffy squared her shoulders as she faced them all. She had NOTHING to be ashamed of here. "When I realized Angel would die if he didn't get the cure—I made him drink me." She waited as they absorbed that shocking bit of news. "I'd do it again too, just so you know. Hurt him, and I will retaliate." Her eyes were hard, dangerous even as she faced the others. She noticed their eyes were focused behind her and glanced over her shoulder. Angelus was wearing a cocky 'I told you so' grin and she rolled her eyes at him, but she couldn't wipe the small smile off her face when she faced the potentials again.

"Well, I guess now is a good time to let you all know…I'm retiring. Up until yesterday, Faith was in prison, but…" She took a deep breath. "…I got her released." She glanced at Angelus again. "She'll be here today, tomorrow at the latest."

"But you said she was a killer! How can you do this? You're just going to abandon us?" The barrage of questions blurred together, but Buffy ignored them as she stared into her lover's eyes. She was more worried about his reaction.

"I wanted to surprise you when I told you I was retiring, but…" She gave Rona another hard look, "…some people are a bit too nosy about my personal life, so I had to drop it on you like this." She bit her lip. "Are you…happy?"

Stunned, Angelus just stared at her. "You're giving up your duty…for me?" He raised a brow and Buffy could see the suspicious disbelief written all over his handsome face.

"Not giving it up—I'll still slay, baby, sorry. But…" she said, reaching up to cup his jaw. "It won't be here anymore. You wanted to show me the world, remember? Well I'm ready to see it," she told him with a small smile.

He nodded then realized they still had an avid audience. "We'll talk about this later," he said gruffly, more affected than he wanted to show in front of anyone but Buff.

Buffy saw something that could almost be tenderness enter his eyes and she smiled, leaned up and brushed a kiss along his ear. "I love you," she whispered. When he only nodded and didn't bitch, she felt another bubble of hope blossom inside her. He was definitely coming around.

With a last loving look at him, she turned her attention back to her 'students'. "Look, you don't have to like my choices, and if you want to leave…" She waved a hand at the door. "Now's the time, but…" Her eyes and voice hardened. "If you stay, you won't be in charge. Faith will and she won't put up with your crap either, so I suggest all of you decide if you want training from a Slayer or if you wanna go off on your own." She took Angelus' hand. "Either way, I'll be leaving the Hellmouth."

Just then the front door crashed open and Kennedy stood there trembling and panting with rage. "You killed her…you fucking killed her," she snarled, stalking into the room like she owned it.

"Buff, that isn't your girl anymore, lover," Angelus murmured.

Buffy turned wide eyes on him. "Huh?"

"That's the First, babe. I can smell it all over her."

Kennedy charged Buffy. "You bitch! You let that piece of—"

Angelus growled. "Sticks and stones won't hurt me, bitch, but continue that sentence andI will make them hurt you."

Buffy deftly avoided the other woman's charge, but Kennedy was infused with the First and she spun on a dime and landed a vicious kick to Buffy's back, sending the Slayer flying across the room and face first into the wall.

Buffy stood up and brushed herself off. Then she turned and her eyes were silver. "That hurt," she said, wiping the blood from her nose. "I'm so done with you."

Kennedy charged again and Buffy somersaulted over her head. She grabbed her scythe and swung around to face the other girl. "Okay, come on…you've both been wanting this fight for a long time…" Buffy gripped her weapon with both hands, circling the former potential, looking for an opening.

Angelus glared at the other girls when they looked like they might interfere. "Do it and it'll be the last thing you do," he growled. To Buffy he said, "Finish this. I wanna go home.".

Kennedy glared at him. "Oh, I'll finish her, then you."

"Yeah, whatever you say." Angelus yawned. "She's so going to kick your ass again."

Kennedy had the power of the First Evil behind her, but she was still no match for Buffy. In moments it was over and Buffy had her on her back, her foot planted on her chest and the razor sharp tip of the scythe pressed against her throat.

The Slayer's eyes blazed at the dark haired woman. "Give me one reason why I shouldn't just kill you right now."

Angelus came to stand beside his mate. "Because it'll just jump into someone else, babe. We need to contain its energy."

Anya spoke up then. "Oh, I know someone."

Buffy and Angelus glanced her way, surprised.

"What?" she said with a shrug. "I'm over a thousand years old—I have contacts." She glanced at Kennedy. "And she doesn't seem so frightening anymore…"



Kennedy, with the First trapped inside her, had been taken off by a demonic bounty hunter. Seems the First was actually a rogue demon god that had escaped its dimension. Now it would be put to death there for its previous crimes.

Angelus came up behind Buffy and leaned down to nibble on her ear. "I hope you're not thinking we're staying here," he said, looking around the room. Most of the potentials were still either giving him hostile looks or cowering away from him whenever he caught their eye. It was annoying. "I really don't think I can stand another minute here without killing one of them."

Buffy glanced up and shook her head. "I know, it's just…with Willow gone…" She swallowed her tears—there'd be time for that later when she was alone. "I needed to be the one to tell Dawnie and I still have to talk to her about what she's going to do now that I'm leaving. Then there was the Kennedy situation…" She waved a hand, "…and all that." She sighed. "I'm just tired, Angelus. Can't we just stay for the night?"

He shook his head. "No way. Let's go home before one of your little Slayer wannabes decides they're feeling up to staking me." His eyes flashed. "I won't hold back if one of them comes at me." His eyes went to Xander. "And I really don't want to be here when he starts another crying jag." He rolled his eyes. "Fuck. I'm a demon who likes the smell of pain and tears as much as the next guy, but come on, One-eyed-Jack over there is giving me a headache." He ran his knuckles down her cheek. "I'm not being the asshole here, but it's either I leave or I do something we're all going to regret."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "You're so not going to do anything to anyone, Angelus. I mean it." His eyes widened and she softened the command with a smile as she leaned up and kissed his jaw. "Please…" she asked, "for me?"

His brows lowered and he studied her for a second. "You really think you got me hooked and figured out, don't you?" He leaned down so they were eye to eye. "You think I'm your lap-dog, baby? Is that what you think?"

Buffy didn't like the dangerous gleam in his eyes . "No. I get that if you really want to, you could go right over there and hurt him—all of them." She took his hand and brought it to her lips. "I'm just asking you not to," she said, wrapping her arms around his waist and burrowing her head into his chest.

He looked down at the top of her head for several long seconds before his arms finally went around her too. "Fine, but let's go home then. I can only take this group for so long before I start to feel peckish," he grumbled.

Buffy basked in how he'd said 'home' for a heartbeat before common sense kicked in. It was better to get him out of here. "Okay, just let me get a few things together and talk to Dawn." She headed for the stairs, pausing on the first stair. "But you have to promise we can come back tomorrow when Faith shows up, okay?"

He exhaled loudly, but nodded anyway. "Terrific…" he growled as he followed her up the stairs to her room.

Once they were in her room, Buffy started getting a few things together while Angelus prowled around the room as memories of watching her from her window and sitting right next to that bed and drawing her while she slept made him horny. His eyes lit on the bed and stayed there as a slow, carnal smirk spread across his face. Images of fucking Buff in that bed began to dance in his head and he let out a soft purr.

Buffy heard the sound and glanced over her shoulder at him. Her mouth went dry at the positively lascivious expression he was wearing. He turned those dark eyes on her and Buffy shivered.

"Angelus…?" she whispered as he crossed the room with a purposeful stride.

He leaned down to brush her lips with his. "I always wanted to fuck you in that bed." He trailed a finger along her collarbone, then down between her breasts. "I used to watch you sleep, you know," he said, watching intently as her nipples hardened.

"I know," she breathed. "The picture…remember?"

He nodded. "But did I ever tell you what I really wanted to do to you that night?"

Buffy shook her head. "Huh?" Her voice cracked and she swallowed. "I mean, no—what did you want to do to me?" she asked, wetting her lips with her tongue.

He winked. "Why don't I skip the telling and just show you instead?"

A shiver of delight raced up her spine and a slow, dull throb began to pulse between her thighs. "Okay," she agreed softly, lost in those mesmerizing dark eyes. He could promise heaven or hell with those eyes and she'd follow him to either one.

"Buff, do you know what you do to me?" he growled as he lowered his head. His lips nibbled at her own, kissing her and sweeping his tongue into her mouth quickly before darting away—teasing her. "You make me crazy—no wonder I wanted to suck the fucking world into hell…" he murmured before his lips settled over hers and he kissed her deeply.

In seconds the contantly simmering passion between them ignited and clothes began to fly as they hurriedly undressed, both of them needing to be skin on skin close. Buffy heard her bra rip as he tore it off her body.

"I'll buy you more," he muttered as he carelessly tossed it on the floor. "Fuck, you're beautiful," he growled as his eyes feasted on her naked breasts.

Buffy groaned as her pebbled nipples hardened further. "Angelus," she whimpered, taking his shirt in her hands and tearing it from his body. Buttons flew and she grinned. "I'll buy you a new one," she said and he chuckled.

"Yeah, that shirt cost two hundred bucks, baby, but if you get on your knees and use your teeth to open my zipper, I'll forgive you."

She rolled her eyes, but with a wicked smirk, she sank to her knees, surprising him with her ready compliance. "Damn, that's…hot," he growled, running his hands through her hair as she undid his pants.

"You're hot," Buffy said, wrapping a hand around his rigid penis. "So beautiful…" She leaned forward and ran her tongue along the tip.

Angelus' eyes snapped closed. "Fuck!" he hissed as her hand began to pump him and her tongue slid around the head of his cock and down the shaft. He gripped her head and began to thrust shallowly into her mouth.

Buffy relaxed her throat and began to hum. He groaned again and she glanced up. His eyes were closed and he was biting his lip, lost in the pleasure she was giving him. She felt a quivering throb between her thighs and wondered if she could come just giving him head. He looked so damned sexy, she redoubled her efforts and squeezed her thighs together, determined to find out.

Less than five minutes later, Buffy discovered she could indeed make both of them orgasm with one blow job.

Angelus pulled her up by her hair. "That was fucking amazing. You came, didn't you?"

She licked her lips. "Can't your super vamp smell tell you if I did or didn't?" she teased, dancing away.

He growled and reached for her, she giggled and crawled up on the bed. On her knees, she unbuttoned her pants. "Come and get me…" she taunted, licking her lips as she slithered out of her jeans.

His eyes raked her body; clad only in a lacy black thong with juicy red lips emblazoned on the front. He chuckled and raised his eyes. "Nice."

"You like?" she asked, licking her own lips provocatively.

His eyes went golden. "I like," he purred. He toed off his boots, kicked off his pants and crawled up the bed, growling softly.

Buffy waited, heart pounding in tune with his growls. He was like a wild animal, so beautiful, but dangerous. Her belly clenched. She loved his danger now, was addicted to it actually.

"Angelus," she groaned. "I need you—don't want to wait anymore."

He tackled her to the bed. "You're a temptress." He buried his face in her neck. "Jesus fucking Christ, I can't get enough of you," he huffed against the flesh of her throat.

Buffy spread her thighs and arched up against his belly. "Need you…inside. Now."

Normally he'd tease her, but since he was feeling as desperate as she was, he slid his hands under her hips and lifted her. "You're mine," he growled as he positioned himself at her entrance.

Buffy could only nod. He didn't need an answer anyhow. He knew she was his. "Now Angelus," she whined when he just stayed there, poised to thrust inside her.

He looked down at her and realized he never wanted his un-life to be without this creature by his side. Was this love? He didn't know, but he did know in that moment that someday he would turn her. "Look at me," he demanded and she did. "Someday I'm going to turn you, Buff. Not today, but someday. I just wanted you to know," he said and slid inside her, his cool cock gliding deep, sliding along her clit and making them both gasp out loud when he was fully seated inside her.

She had no time to grasp what he said because her body was suddenly full of him and it felt so damned good—never had anything felt this good. "Oh God, Angelus, yes, please."

His eyes flew to her face. Had she just begged him to turn her?! What the fuck?! If he wasn't inside her, with her wrapped around him like a burning vice, he might have been able to actually ponder that statement, but as it was he couldn't put two thoughts together, much less examine Buff's stunning revelation.

Buffy's breath was coming in rapid, shallow gasps. "Please…" she begged, bucking and rolling her hips in an effort to get him to move.

He got the hint. Lifting her thigh higher on his hip, he began a steady, deep thrusting inside her, angling his pelvis so on each downstroke his pubic bone hit her clit and sent shock-tingles throughout her body.

"Fuck," he growled when her muscles clenched around him. His eyes rolled and he began to pant as her heat infused him, making him as warm as she was. "Buff…so fucking good," he groaned, as he thrust deeper. It was like drowning in heat—swimming and fucking in lava that was so damned good, Angelus wanted to lose himself in her.

Buffy clung to him. Her hair was sticking to her neck and she felt on fire, burning against his cooler temperature. Sweat dripped down her brow and she ran her hands down his back and dug her nails into the hard muscles she found there as she chanted his name, "Angelus-Angelus-Angelus…" She was so close, she could feel herself fluttering around his cock. Buffy tightened her thighs around him and clung tighter. "I'm right there…" she gasped and tilted her head to the side.

Angelus felt his belly clench when she did that. His balls tightened and he knew he could come without even tasting her, but it was always so much sweeter with her blood in his mouth. His face shifted and his thrusts became wild, frenzied as he licked at his mark. "Buffy…" he growled and sank his fangs in, breaking the soft skin of her throat with a long, satisfied purr.

She couldn't breathe. It was too good. He was inside her in every way and it was like huge waves crashing against her from each and every side, pummeling her with pleasure. "Oh fuck!" Buffy cried as she was tossed head over heels into a mindless orgasm. Her body spasmed out of control and she clutched him to her sweaty chest, making small 'mm-mm oh my God' sounds.

He felt like praying too. "Buff," he groaned as his orgasm was sucked out of him. The taste of her blood, her inner walls clamping down on him so tight—it was all too much and Angelus exploded inside her with a rush and Buffy gasped at the sweet relief his cool cum gave her from the burning heat inside. Did she feel as good to him? Buffy ran her hands down his back. "Mmmmm, that was…amazing."

He rolled off her and carried her with him, still inside her. She was sprawled across his naked chest and he brushed a sweaty lock of hair back from her flushed face. "Better than amazing," he said, flashing his sexy smirk. "That was fucking perfect, lover, and you know it."

Buffy nodded and laid her head on his chest. "Totally perfect," she agreed. "I love you," she said, placing a soft kiss on his pectoral muscle, before she rolled off him and curled up against his side.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tighter to him. If Spike had told him a few years ago he'd be cuddled up in bed with the Slayer—he'd have ripped his tongue out, but here he was and the thing was—he didn't feel sick about it anymore. Maybe it was her darkness now or the demon he sensed in her, but whatever it was—this was his mate. He kissed her head. "How soon can we blow town? I have so many things I want to show you, baby."

Buffy raised her eyes and smiled. "I just need to talk to Dawnie tonight—"

"What if she throws a tantrum?"

"Well, since she was old enough to toss me out of my own home, I have to think she's old enough to be by herself for a few days." She grinned. "I called my dad today and told him I couldn't take care of Dawn anymore and it was time for him to stand up, be a man and a father."

He laughed. "See, I'm a good influence on you."

She rolled her eyes. "I wouldn't go that far, but let's just say—you helped me see where my so called friends and family liked to take advantage…I'm so done with that."

He nodded. "Good." He ran his hands down her back. "So then we can leave?"

"After Faith gets here…yeah."

He sighed. "And if she decides to try and stake me?"

Buffy chuckled huskily as she trailed her fingers down his hard belly. "She won't," she said firmly. "I already talked to her. She knows you're back and she's cool with it."

He looked down at her, brow arched. "Really? And just why is she 'cool' with it?"

Buffy crawled on top of him and folded her arms on his broad chest. "Because…' she said, propping her chin on her stacked hands. "Faith understands the gray areas. There is no black or white, good or evil—we're all shades of gray."

He shook his head and laughed. "Baby, I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm all evil—no gray, just a heart as black as sin."

She snorted. "This coming from the guy who brought back the sun."

He growled. "Don't tease me about that—how was I to know that wasn't just Soul-Boy's retarded dream?"

Buffy put her finger over his mouth. "Don't—never bring Angel into our bed. I mean it," she said and her eyes were so dark and fierce, Angelus got turned on.

"Why?" he asked, curious at how dark she'd gotten just then.

"Because he's my past." She swallowed. "A past I cherish, and he's gone and never coming back, but that doesn't mean I loved him any less. I love you, Angelus, but I won't let you belittle what Angel and I had."

"So you still love him then?" he asked with a jealous growl.

Buffy sighed. "I love you. I'm with you. Let's leave Angel in my past, okay?"

His eyes narrowed and he studied her for a minute before nodding. He shook his head at his reaction. Why the hell was he so jealous? At least it was still a version of himself she was in love with—even if Soul-Boy was a weak, pathetic version as far as he was concerned, still it was him. He kissed her. "As long as it's my name you call out when you come, I'll keep quiet about you're silly schoolgirl love for Soul-Boy."

Buffy laid her head on his chest. She knew that was as close to letting it go as Angelus would get. She ran her thigh up along his naked thigh. "Mmmmm, speaking of sin…" she said, giving him a naughty smile.

He chuckled. "Were we talking about sin?"

Buffy giggled. "No, but we should be."

He pulled her on top of him and settled her over his burgeoning cock. "Talking is overrated. I'm more a show you kind of demon," he said wriggling his eyebrows at her.

She placed her palms flat on his chest and pushed herself up to hover over his erection. He gripped her hips and guided her onto his cock. "Ooohh really?" She felt the tip slide in. "Um…do…aaahhh…" He went even deeper, "…show," she gasped, as he thrust all the way in.

"I plan to…as many times as you want," he grunted, and once again their passion for each other took over and led them into that world that only loves know…


Ireland: One year later:

The headboard of the huge four poster bed banged against the wall as he dug his heels into the mattress and lunged up, thrusting into her wildly. His body arched off the bed as he was flung into a mind-numbing orgasm. "Buff!" he shouted as he emptied himself inside her.

Screaming his name just as loudly, Buffy came with a vilont shudder, before she collapsed on his chest. "God, I want to die every time we make love," she panted, clutching him as she tried to get her breathing back under control.

He rolled her under him and leaned up on one elbow. "You know how I feel about you, don't you?" he asked, trailing a finger down her cheek.

Buffy grinned as she nodded. "You love me," she stated. "The only thing left is for you to admit it."

He tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. He'd miss her warmth—her heat. "You're right. I do," he said and let his face shift.

Buffy felt the desperation in him. "Angelus, what's—?" But then his fangs were in her and he was gulping at her blood and it was different from any other time and she knew… "No," she moaned, but he wouldn't stop this time, she knew that and with a sigh she gave in to her lover, climaxing as he drew hard on his mark. With the last beat of her heart, Buffy came again and knew why the phrase 'to die with pleasure' was coined…


He waited anxiously for her to rise, alternating between pacing and sitting by the bed. He hadn't buried her. His mate would wake up in a soft bed with him right there. Never would she have to dig herself out of her grave—once bad enough and she hadn't even been a demon then. He'd almost gone back to Sunnydale and killed everyone there for allowing that to happen to her. No, he wanted to be the first thing she saw.

Her eyes fluttered and he scooted closer to the bed. He took her cold hand and kissed it. "Buff?"

She gasped and sat up. Her golden green eyes opened with a snap and she glanced frantically around the room for a second. He waited, knowing how disorientating it was when you first rose. "Baby, I'm here. Right here," he soothed. Her eyes finally focused on his face and he held an unneeded breath. Would she have a soul? Would she hate him for turning her?

A slow smile spread across her face and he let out his breath with a soft whoosh.

"How do you feel?" he asked, pulling her onto his lap.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, purred and rubbed against him. "I feel fine, lover." She glanced up at him and her face shifted. She flashed her fangs at him and said, "The pain…it's all gone."

He laughed and hugged her tight. "Oh baby…the things I have to show you…the things we'll do…" He tilted her chin up, let his own face shift and brushed her mouth with his, enjoying the feel of her fangs as they cut his lip. "I love you, Buff," he whispered and then kissed her—his mate. He'd always believed she'd been made for him and now she really was.

The End.


Okay…guys. I was kind of sad to see this one end…there is a possibility for a sequel…evil Buff and Angelus. Well, whether I do or not, hope you loved this fic as much as I loved writing it.