He left. I am in shock. He left. How coud this happen? Every kiss, every touch… it was all a lie. I was stupid. I believed Him. Why ? Why did I let this happen to myself?

I collapsed, sobbing. I huddled against the tree I had clutched, trying to hold myslef to this earth. It was pointless. I could not go on without him. He had taken my heart and ripped it out. Shredded into pieces was now my countenance. Why would this happen? It couldn't I don't know how long I remained there, curled up, trying to prevent myself from bursting into pieces. Then suddenly, a man's russet face clouded my vision.

"Bella?" He asked uncertainly. I nodded dumbly.

"My name is Sam Uley. Charlie is worried sick. Are you hurt?" I shook my head as he lifted he into his arms and carried me out of the woods to my father's house.

"BELLA!" I heard Charlie shout. "Did he hurt her?" he demanded,

"No dad. He left me. That's it." I climbed out of the boy's arms and walked to my room, locking the door and collapsed on the bed. Sobbing again.

This is the prelude to the story. Now onto the full summary

New Moon: Edward doesn't come back, but nor does he go to Italy. Bella is accidentally attacked by a vegetarian vampire (Not Victoria) while he is hunting and she is changed. She joins his coven and sixty-odd years later, they meet the Cullens in school. Keep reading to find out what happens.