Well, here is the FAQ, I know you guys had some questions, and it was my first fanfic, so I know I wasn't as clear as I should have been.

Q. Why did Matthew go to Bella, not Edward, after they learned about Victoria?

A. Edward wanted Matthew to go because he was incredibly stressed, and he didn't want Bella to see him like that, and also because he wasn't quite sure how to comfort her.

Q. Human blood couldn't bring her back to life you idiot! She was dead!

A. Head's up, she wasn't dead. She thought she was. She was just incredibly weak, as if she hadn't hunted in years.

Q. Why was the battle scene so rushed?

A. Because I was so rushed. Don't worry; I am definitely reposting it soon.

Q. Is her family living with her, or are they visiting?

A. Bella moved in with the Cullens, but she sees her other family a lot. As in a few times a month or more.