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Ron knew he was not the smartest of people. It was perhaps because of this lack of intelligence that he stared at Hermione from across the common room rather ardently instead of working on his essay. It was also perhaps because of this he was doing so in such an obvious way that he should have been surprised it took her so long to notice.

"What are you doing?" She asked him, not even lifting her eyes from the giant tome in front of her.

"Trying really hard not to kiss you." He answered wistfully.

Lost in her bushy hair and lower lip, which she insisted upon nibbling as she read, he hardly registered what he had just confessed to the girl. As realization dawned on him, mostly from the appalled looks of both Harry and Ginny who watched from nearby, he desperately tried to imagine situations in which this was all just in his head. Short of that, he merely marveled at his stupidity and inability to think before he acted. He then made a mental note to bash his rather useless head into the next wall he happened upon.

It was barely a moment in which these thought raced through his mind, though it seemed like an eternity to him, before Hermione responded again. Once more not lifting her head, she responded to his answer.

"Don't be silly Ronald. You don't have to try that hard."

Now, a possibly more intelligent man would have done something, anything, other than open his rather dangerous mouth and speak again. At the very least they would have carefully thought out their words, not rush into it. After all, that was what would have gotten them into trouble in the first place. Ron was not that sort of person. Marveling instead at her words he spoke.

"What the bloody hell are you talking about? I don't have to try that hard? I don't have to try that hard?" He started rather loudly and angrily, much to the chagrin of those watching.

"Do you honestly think it doesn't take every ounce of will power I have not to jump you right now? I have sat here for the last hour and a half watching you read. I don't like reading, Hermione, and let me tell- you watching someone read is just as boring! But watching you, watching your those eyes of yours moving up and down the pages, your fingers...flipping pages and such. And...and you bite your lower lip and... everything you do just reminds me of how much I bloody well fancy you."

His voice lowered toward the end as he realized he was read in the face, shouting quite loudly in front of everyone in the rather heavily occupied room. At some point in his tirade he had even risen from his seat, leaving Harry and Ginny on the edge of theirs in anticipation. At some point Hermione had also relinquished her deep concentration on her book and looked at him quizzically.

"So...don't tell me I'm being silly for trying so hard not kiss you like an arse and ruin our friendship or tell me no one has to try very hard not to kiss you because I do have to try...quite a bit."

He remained standing, trying to remember exactly how breathing worked as she maintained eye contact for a few moment longer before smirking just a little bit.

"I meant you don't have to try that hard because if you kissed me, I would kiss you back."

Ron was not the smartest of people, but he was no moron either. It took him only a seconds time after Hermione's eyes returned to her page before he quickly closed the gap between where he stood and where she sat, fully prepared to stop listening to what his brain was telling him. After all, what did it know?

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