Outer Space.

It's timeless out there – time passes, but has little meaning until sentient beings ascribe significance. We live inside Time, and our finite minds cannot function without it. Those stars have been shining since long before you and I were born, and they will continue to shine long after we are gone. They bear silent testimony to an intelligence that created Time itself – they've been there since the beginning, and they'll continue to the end.

If you were to go into Outer Space yourself, you'd be confronted with the unfathomably majestic grandeur of the heavens.

What would happen if you could? What would happen if you could travel not only across Outer Space, but across Time?

What would happen if you couldn't go home?

This story takes place far into the future of the universe, and yet, it is already over. Nothing we can do can change it. What is meant to be will happen, regardless of what we do.

It is a story of plots and dreams, fear and courage, obsession and sacrifice, loss and love, betrayal and camaraderie and family, death and life. It is a timeless saga of Good versus Evil – the kind that draws us into itself, so that we laugh when the heroes celebrate and weep with them when they mourn.

It is the story of the closing of one age, and the dawn of a new.

==For Good I==



A Time of Heroes

Through the infinite void drifts a pristine white starship, at once a commanding presence and a silent sentinel. It is the distinctive shape of an Andromeda-class StarCruiser. A number gleams in the light of the nearest star… 42.

This is no mere Universe-Protection Unit patrol craft. This is the renowned StarCruiser 42 of the legendary Team Lightyear.

Team Lightyear. It has become a household term.

When Evil is afoot, Team Lightyear is guaranteed to defeat it.

For them, it's merely another day in the life.

They are everywhere, be it in-person or in the media. In a scant nine months, they have become the most famous team of law-enforcement officers anywhere in the galaxy.

They are The Best.

Children and teenagers revere these Space Rangers as much as they do their sports heroes and movie stars. It's not uncommon for a boy to try to leap from the platform of his tree-house with the excuse that he's imitating Buzz Lightyear, or a girl desperately trying to ghost herself straight through a locked door while pretending to be Mira Nova. These children also envy Booster Munchapper's incredible strength and XR's endless gadgetry. Teenage girls swoon over mere magazine covers of Captain Lightyear, while teenage boys wish they were old enough to woo Princess Nova.

Captain Buzz Lightyear. He is a legend. Even in his cadet years, the galaxy knew that the young human was bound for something special. Nineteen years later… He is fantastic. His unwavering dedication to law and justice is a legend in itself, as are his sharpshooting and piloting skills. Sometimes, it's hard to distinguish the line between fact and fiction – the two are so ridiculously close to each other. He's also an unflagging optimist – in the darkest storms, he can always find a ray of sunlight.

Princess Mira Nova. The beautiful, spirited woman who, one day, will be crowned Queen of the planet Tangea would far rather keep the life she has chosen as a Space Ranger. And she is good – already almost as good as Lightyear. The ghosting abilities of her race make her an invaluable asset, and her common sense is a saving grace for her team, counterpointing the Captain's recklessness. And more than anything else, she's determined to do what needs to be done, even at the cost of her own life.

Booster Sinclair Munchapper. The young Jo-adian went directly from being a Star Command janitor to a Space Ranger, with no training whatsoever at Milky Way Academy – a testimony less to his skills and more to his big heart. The "gentle giant" is completely trustworthy and always ready to mediate between his teammates when bickering breaks out.

XR. The acronym stands for "eXperimental Ranger," and while the little robot is not the first of his kind, he is the first to succeed in being a law-enforcement officer (although his morals could be questioned). Those who try to accurately describe XR fail: his complex character – perhaps, ironically, more "human" than his organic teammates – defies all accurate description. It's much easier to simply read about him and draw your own conclusions.

These unique individuals together form Team Lightyear, the toughest weapon Star Command has to throw at the likes of the Evil Emperor Zurg. Even the children know that when Team Lightyear is called out, those low-down bad-guys are going to wish they'd stayed in bed. The team is not invincible, of course, but they've never lost a battle yet.

The galaxy will need their strength in the days to come. You can't even see the faint, dark outline of the approaching storm – but it is coming.

It is time for the heroes to rise up.

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