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Toby stepped out of the off-ramp and looked about him. Quickly he scanned the thick crowd, his blue eyes searching for a familiar white head of hair or an overly large Freddy. Sudden movement out of the corner of his eye made him turn. Lance was weaving his way through the crowd, Todd, Freddy, and Pietro in tow. At the sight of the slender speedster, weaving through the crush of people, almost effortlessly, Toby felt his heart thump.

'God he's gorgeous,' Toby thought, 'he moves like a dancer. So graceful.'

"Hey long time no see Toby," Lance grinned, thumping Toby on the back, "how was LA?"

"It was lacking a certain something," Toby said, not taking his eyes of Pietro.

"Don't fucking look at me like that!" Pietro yelled, causing a few people to turn and look in their direction.

"Sorry," Toby said, casting his eyes down and blushing slightly.

"Did you bring me a present Toby?" Todd asked, hopping up and down like an excited child.

"And me?" Freddy asked, "what about me?"

Toby laughed, and grinning he hugged the two mutants, "I've missed you guys so much!"

"That's great Toby," Todd said, "but presents!"

Grinning still Toby let Todd and Freddy go. "I got you all something."

"Me too?" Lance asked, looking a little stunned.

"Everyone," Toby nodded.

"Ooh, givey, givey, givey!" Todd said.

"You have to wait till we get home," Toby smiled, "now tell me guys, how is everything in Bayville?"