Title: Gift from Heaven

Summary: After a fatal accident, Dr. Robert Chase is offered one more chance at life, but this time, he has a gift that he can't comprehend. Very AU. Character Death…in a way.

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A/N: So, I must warn you, this has a religious theme to it, so please don't be offended by this.

Chapter 1

For the past week, Dr. Robert Chase had been working his ass off. There had been a storm rampaging through Jersey, causing multiple car accidents, which kept Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital working 24/7. As the intensivist, Chase was the one that the doctors turned to for help in the ICU. Chase found himself running down the halls to different rooms scattered in the ICU to answer codes. This day was his record. 10 codes and 1 fatality. His legs hurt, his body screamed for sleep and before he knew it, Chase found himself dozing in his boss's office. He barely got 15 minutes of sleep when his pager went off again. Another patient was coding. Just his luck. Chase didn't take a moment to jump from the couch and head to the room. As he walked in, he saw the female patient in v-fib. Grabbing the paddles, he rubbed the gel on the steel and placed them on her chest. "Charging…clear!"

The paddles sent a jet of electricity to her heart, causing her body to spasm. Chase looked at the heart monitor and saw she was still flatlining. "Going again!"

He placed the paddles back on her heart and shouted, "Charging…clear!"

Chase did it over and over and over again. It wasn't until the sixth time that she finally got a pulse again. The nurses quickly left the room, followed by Chase. He was exhausted. He was just about to head back to his boss's office when the dean of medicine, Dr. Lisa Cuddy, stopped him the hall. "What are you still doing here?" she asked.

"I'm on call tonight."

"You've been on call every night this week. Have you gone home AT ALL?"

Chase shook his head. He was too tired to answer her. "Is House keeping you here?"

"There have been several car accidents and the ICU is packed. The doctors have ASKED me to help out around here."

"Well you're barely hanging in. I'm going to tell them I've sent you home. You need to sleep."

As much as Chase wanted to give in, he replied, "I can handle it…"

"That wasn't a request, Dr. Chase. You're going home. You have the rest of tonight and tomorrow off. Get some rest."

Before Chase could counter her, she stormed off to the doctor's lounge. As she walked away, Chase then began to wonder why he was arguing with her in the first place. He was heading to his boss's office to get some sleep and when Cuddy tells him to go home and sleep, he refuses? His brain wasn't functionally properly. He had been up for 48 hours straight surviving off nothing but the coffee the hospital supplied them. His comfy bed and warm bath tub sounded inviting to him and he quickly headed to the parking garage to head home. The rain continued to pour down on the city as Chase managed to get into his car. It was a good thing his house wasn't that far away. He could feel his eyelids starting to get heavy. Turning on the music loud enough to keep him awake, he turned on the engine and slowly pulled out onto the street. As the car gained momentum, the rain came down faster and Chase had to put his windshield wipers on high. The signs were barely visible. After all, it was 1 o'clock in the morning. He continued down the main drag when he noticed he forgot to take the left down to his apartment. Cursing himself, he took the next left and decided to take the back way.

The back way took longer, but worked all the same. After all, it did put him where he wanted to be. All he had to do was the take the back alley between the café and the grocery store and then take another left to get onto his street. The streets were dead. No traffic moving up or down the street. He was all alone on that street that night. He was just passing the first alley when a truck pulled out from the alley and headed straight for Chase's car. The truck couldn't stop in time and T-boned Chase on the driver's side. Chase could feel as his door went crashing into his side as the collision pushed him across the road. Finally, the truck came to a stop a few feet from where Chase's car was. Chase's car continued to slide as finally inertia kicked in and he came to a sudden stop when the car hit the building wall.

The airbag had already inflated and Chase could feel the side effects of a concussion. Blood dripped from a head wound and he could feel a few of his ribs had been broken inward, one of them pushing against his lungs. Breathing became difficult as he tried to get open his car door. However, moving was painful. Both of his legs were trapped beneath the steering wheel. His left arm felt pulled out of his socket, clearly dislocated. As a doctor, Chase knew how to tell what injuries there were and he could tell that there was no way he was making it out of this one alive. He was bleeding internally. He became woozy and nauseous as people began to emerge from the buildings around them. The truck driver jumped from his seat and pulled out his phone. Of course the truck driver was fine, what damage could Chase's little car do to a semi?

Everything became fuzzy. The world began to spin. He was fading. There was nothing he could do. People tried to help get Chase out of his death trap, but it was no use. The car door was jammed in place. It would take the strength of Hercules to pry it from the car. This was how it was going to end. His final moments in life would be stuck in a car after a severe accident. What would his team mates say when he doesn't show up for work tomorrow, but instead, arrives in a gurney? Would it be Cameron or Foreman who would find him? All these thoughts were playing in his mind as he took his final breaths of life.

As he gave into the darkness, he could faintly hear the sound of sirens arriving, the murmur of shocked people, the landings of people jumping from the ambulance, and the sound of someone saying his name loudly in his ears. His final moments and soon, that was all he remembered.


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