This started as an LxLight endeavor and the plot bunny morphed into LxMisa instead. Go figure.

That said, be warned, it is Beauty and the Beast-ing from here on out. It's... not so good. Haha. I'm sorry?

I'll fix any mistakes you spot if you drop me a line about 'em. If anyone actually thinks this is good, then you're a saint, really. -wanders off-

Beauty beauty is the beast, locked inside his tower.
Beauty beauty is the girl who holds the rose.

There was something about Misa that drew L's attention like a moth to a flame, and the detective could not help watching the girl when he was sure Misa was too busy talking to Light to notice him watching her.

He couldn't see why she was so in love with Light, when it was obvious that Light didn't give two craps about the poor girl.

Ah, 'young love', he supposed. Not that he was that much older than either of the two, but still. He was still older. Pity Misa was so blind as to believe Light loved her, when she could have looked elsewhere and found someone who really did (not that he loved her, of course).

Denial tasted like sugar cubes and lipstick.

Papa picked a pretty rose and Beauty paid the price. Oh, poor poor Beauty, your Beast is not a prince, whatever shall you do?

While he thought it shouldn't have been possible for Light, as cold and cruel as he was, to have women falling all over him, it was indeed happening. It made no logical sense, and L was always baffled as to how Light could tell Misa he never wanted to see her again and Misa would respond with a cheerful smile and a promise to 'go on a date without that pervert!' every time.

Ah but Beauty, Beauty, your prince does not love you, whereas the Beast loves you so. Won't you consider the lowly Beast?

Misa was a self-destructive force, to be honest. Like watching a hurricane rage against itself only to peeter out and cease to exist. He could feel the guilt every time he encouraged her to chase that ever elusive dream of 'Mrs. Misa Yagami'.

Irony at it's best when he sat to think about it.

Beauty beauty is my beast, he's no prince.
Ugly ugly is my prince, he's just a beast, cold and cruel as the Queen

It came as a surprise when Misa approached him one night, and instead of calling him a pervert and demanding he let her go on a date with Light, she kissed him on the cheek and said good night before walking away.

He couldn't forget the smell of cinnamon and lipstick for the rest of the night.

Beauty, Beauty your Beast is dead, slain by your prince in a moment of cold blood. Poor poor Beauty, what shall you do now?

Death wasn't so bad, he decided.

It smelled of cinnamon, and tasted like sugar cubes and lipstick.

Papa picked a pretty rose, and Beauty paid the price.
What a pretty price it was.