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Anko looked up at the crack in her ceiling, but not the normal way she usually did. She was arcing her head backward as she carefully, purposefully "rode" her brand new husband. She opened her eyes long enough to register the ceiling scar, that reminded her so much of the scar that vertically bisected the skin north to south, around her husband's left eye. As she thought of his left eye, she looked down at his face – the face of the only man she'd ever loved. His eyes were closed tightly, his scar wrinkled, concentration written all over his face. He's trying not to let go, she thought as she gazed at him breathing heavily. She noticed the perspiration studding his upper lip. She could see his jaw tightly clenched. She decided to give him a moment, a "bonbon" moment so he could collect himself so he wouldn't have a mind numbing orgasm too early. She slowed her purposeful bouncing down to steady, agonizingly slippery strokes.

Up . . . pause . . . down . . . pause . . .

Kakashi almost lost his mind and his control anyway. He thought to himself she's slowing down because of me, but I think this might be worse! So . . . agonizingly . . .guh . . . bonbon, bonbon, bonbon, . . . he repeated over and over in his mind trying to envision the small chocolate covered ice cream treats that Anko was very fond of. He tried anything to keep his mind relatively off the incredible sex he and his wife were having, so he could last a bit longer.

Anko was still recovering from a torn disk in her back that she sustained while fighting her former sensei. Ultimately, with Kakashi's assistance, they dispatched him. Since she was still healing from quite a painful injury, she thought that taking it easy on Kakashi would be best, especially since her back still ached a bit. She didn't want to aggravate it, or re-injure herself, and Tsunade did tell her not to even attempt any honeymoon sex until after at least a week of healing treatments.

Anko lasted five days.

It had been five days since the village was attacked, Orochimaru was executed, and Anko and Kakashi were married. There were a million things going on in the Village all around them, but Anko and Kakashi didn't care. They were too busy consummating their marriage for the first time at that moment.

Kakashi was losing control quickly. His mind continued to race to try to distract him from the inevitable. He thought, kittens, nuns, grandmothers, Pakkun shit, maggots, nothing was working. He was about to give in and go with the flow to the point of no return when he thought of the one thing that would slow him down. Genma. The overflow of testosterone slowed and he almost lost his hard-on at the thought of "that fuck."

Anko noticed immediately. She said, "Tell me you didn't just think about Genma."

How did she know? "Just wanted to slow down a minute. How's your back?"

Anko lifted herself off his still semi erect penis and said as she slid back down it, "Stiff, but good so far. You?" She lifted herself up again, and could feel him stiffening back up again as she sat back down.

"Better than ever. I'm making love to my wife."

Anko's heart fluttered when he said that. His wife, she thought as she felt a sudden outpouring of emotion. She felt so connected to her husband at that moment. They were not having incredibly spontaneous hectic sex this time; they were sharing the love two people who were meant to be together shared. This is what making love was; the ultimate connection between two people in love. Anko wanted to burst – in more ways than one.

She carefully leaned forward close to Kakashi's face, and while not stopping what she was doing, she whispered to him, "I love you," then she kissed him on the mouth. It was one of those rare times when she uttered the words out loud. He knew she loved him, and she knew he loved her. They'd established that, but hearing it – always did something to both of them. It pushed the importance of what they were doing much higher and made it that much more satisfying.

As she kissed him she felt his hands grip tightly around her hips and hold her down. Kakashi was then completely engulfed in a spontaneous need to thrust hard and fast, while deep inside his wife. He held her still, as he bucked his hips upward, the heated friction causing him to lose all control as he spent himself inside her.

His breathing hitched in her mouth. Anko smiled against his lips. Then Kakashi did something she didn't expect. As they continued to be connected, mouths, and other places, he reached his hand between them, and put the pad of his thumb against the ridge of her clitoris and pushed – hard.

Anko sat upright, inhaled a sharp breath and her eyes shot open as her own orgasm rocked her to her very core.

Anko didn't even have a chance to warm up her guttural growl before she shuddered to an orgasmic stop. Instead, she hummed musically, with just a hint of animal lust around the edges. She took another large breath and purred as she leaned forward again. She lay on Kakashi's chest as he breathed into her ear, "I love you too." She felt his arms around her back, as he pulled her against him tighter.

"I don't want to move," Anko said after a few gloriously long moments.

"Then don't."

"But you know we have to."

"We're both not scheduled to get back to work until two days from now."

Anko picked her head up and said, "I want to get out of this apartment. We've been cooped up in here for five days. I'm getting stir crazy!"

Kakashi eyed her and said, "You don't like being cooped up with your husband?"

Anko softened again and put her head back on his chest. "Of course I like being cooped up with my husband, especially now since we can be as naughty as we want to be."

"I like that part too."

"I know. But I want to see other people,"

Kakashi pushed Anko up by her shoulders and said, "WHAT?"

She said, "Huh? No, NO! Not like THAT! I mean, I want to see Kurenai and Asuma, and I want to thank everyone for everything they've done. Don't you want to know if Jiraiya and Shizune are ok now?"

Jiraiya and Shizune were pretty bad off from the collapse of the Shinto shrine that Anko and Kakashi tried to be married in. Neither had any idea what the status of them, as well as anyone else was. All they both knew was that there was a flourish of activity going on all around them, yet they participated in none of it – under Tsunade's orders.

Kakashi said, "I guess we should check and see if Shizune and the old perv are ok. He'd better be ok, he's got more Icha Icha to write for me. And I suppose I should go see Asshola and thank him for trying to throw us a good wedding. I should see if he's recovered yet."

Anko said, "What are you talking about? Asuma wasn't that injured."

Kakashi smiled and said, "Remember how I went 'commando' at the wedding?"

Anko nodded at his reference of showing up sans underwear.

"When we rescued him, I squatted over his face, and . . ."

Anko burst out laughing. "YOU MOONED ASUMA!"

Kakashi giggled as he said, "He saw a lot more than a full moon. I think it traumatized him."

Anko lifted herself up off her husband finally and said, "You'd better check on him then, make sure he didn't go blind or anything." She stood up and stretched her arms upward; giving him a sight he wouldn't soon forget.

He smiled and said, "Do that again."

Anko said, "What? Do what again? You?"

"Eventually. Do that stretching thing again. It makes you look all long and lean and sinewy with just the right amount of curves and things sticking out and,"

Anko walked right by him and out the door saying, "Later. Perv."

Kakashi called after her, "I know what I like!" Then to himself, "And you're it." He smiled to himself and lay back in their bed, a satisfied smile on his face.

It had been only five days since The Village Hidden in the Leaves had been put through a serious test. Orochimaru had invaded with summoned fire breathing snakes, rogue ninjas, Sasuke, Kimimaro, and even Manda – all with the goal of turning Konoha to rubble. Luckily, things had not gone as he'd planned. The village protectors, all the shinobi available rallied and drove back the invasion, with Temari amazingly causing severe damage to Manda. The Village owed her a huge debt, which Tsunade said she would recognize her for. Now that the smoke had cleared, the task of rebuilding and refortifying the Village was the top priority of all the citizens and shinobi alike. Anko knew this was going to be the case, and she wanted to help. And she'd make her lazy husband help too whether he wanted to or not.

Anko stood naked in her kitchen after a short trip to the restroom and called to Kakashi, "HEY! I'm cooking, then I'm getting a shower. I want to venture out today. You getting up? Want something to eat?"

Kakashi groaned and sat up in bed. He rubbed his slightly stubbly face and said, "Yeah, I could eat. But nothing chocolate covered right now ok? I need something that will sustain me. No sugar."

Anko got a disappointed look on her face as she put the chocolate sauce she'd reached for, back in the refrigerator. "OK! Why don't you shower then while I get this ready? Then we'll switch."

"Alright," Kakashi called back as he rummaged through a drawer for some clothes to wear. Luckily their apartment had been spared from the onslaught that had destroyed entire sections of the Village walls, as well as a few streets where houses and shops had been leveled. As Kakashi pulled open his drawer, his "Love Machine" shirt looked back at him. For some reason, even though it had five very distinct finger holes in it, he just couldn't let it go. He'd had trouble letting a lot of things go from his past, and this was one part of his past – a gift from an admirer, though he couldn't even remember her name – that he still held on to. It was almost as if it was verification that he actually HAD a past. He did realize that it was healthy to let go of things that should remain in the past – the deaths of his friends and sensei and his father, all the disappointment and loneliness he'd felt all his life, he'd successfully let most of it go. But little pieces he was having more trouble with than others. Rin for example. She still played heavily on his mind. After finally finding out what had happened to her, and then watching her violent death moments later put him on the verge of sensory overload on more than one occasion. A loud clang and his wife shouting, "I'm ok!" from the kitchen brought him back from his melancholy memory. He smiled to himself and pushed the "Love Machine" shirt back in the drawer, and decided to live his life in the present, with maybe even a look toward the future once in a while, instead of being stuck in the past. He had a future now. It was time to start living the present to get to it.

"Will you get out of bed?" Anko yelled from the kitchen.

"JEEZ you're bossy! I'm going already!" Kakashi said as he walked, just as naked as she was, to the bathroom to shower.

Anko giggled to herself as she continued to throw together something to "sustain" them for a few hours. As soon as it was finished, she dished out two portions, and quickly threw one down her throat. She almost couldn't wait to get out of the apartment. It had been a joy spending uninterrupted time with Kakashi. The only interruptions they had were the two times a day that Tsunade or Sakura would stop by to administer healing treatments to her back. Kakashi was so easy for her to be with, and now that they were officially married, she sighed audibly, it was even easier. But even the best of friends and closest of soul mates need air once in a while – even if they took that air in together. She wanted to make sure the rest of her friends were ok, and she wanted to tell Tsunade that she'd be happy to help in any way she could. It was time to get on with her life with Kakashi, but that meant, making sure the Village was taken care of first. She smiled to herself and stretched again, noticing that her lower back muscles were a tight. I'd better be careful or Tsunade will put me in the hospital.

She heard the shower go on in the bathroom as she cleaned up after making their "sustaining" meal. She took the opportunity to run into the bedroom and open her underwear drawer. Per usual, her mound of underwear burst out toward her, and she used her left hand to push them back down. "Let's see," she mumbled as she forced her right hand into the silky, lacy, cottony pile, and dug around for a pair to wear. "Eenie, meenie, miney, HA!" She yanked her hand out and of all things, her "Monday" undies were gripped firmly in her hand. "Hmmm. Not Monday, but they'll do." After cramming the underwear back in their prison, she rummaged through her other drawers finding some comfortable clothes to wear. It wasn't necessary for her to appear on the street in full uniform because she wasn't working. But she never left home without her favorite jacket that was more like a light coat. It was like a security blanket for her. Plus, she kept more weapons stashed in it than a small army could carry. It was a coat of convenience as well as security.

She chose her clothes as she heard the water stop. She went to the bathroom and opened the door quietly, just wanting to drop her clothes inside so they'd be there when it was her turn to shower. She looked up and caught sight of Kakashi twisting to one side, using a towel to wipe down the right side of his ass and the back of his thigh. She liked what she saw. "I could help you with that if you like," she offered.

"We'll never leave the apartment if you do."

"So you don't want any help?"

He straightened up, "Of course I do. But you know what it'll lead to."

"So?" Kakashi smiled at her as she stood there in the doorway, still as naked as she had been. She said, "I'll leave you alone for now. You food's ready when you are."

Kakashi, still drying the water beads from his skin turned toward her and said, "You sure? I enjoy your company so much."

"When we get back later. My turn in the shower now." She walked right past him toward the shower stall. He flicked his towel at her, trying to snap her in the behind with it. She managed to evade his antics and got in the shower and closed the opaque door before he could follow her and attempt to snap her again.

"Fine. I'll just go eat then?"

Anko turned the water on and practically danced around in it. She said, "Yeah! Make sure you put some clothes on. Can't walk around naked outside!"

Kakashi mumbled something about 'why not,' but he put the clothes on he'd intended on wearing. He was soon in the kitchen eating the "sustaining" food Anko made for him, while she soaped up, and scrubbed her hair, wanting to look as good as she felt right then.

She was happy. Everything about her radiated that. She almost positively glowed with enthusiasm and joy. Her former sensei was dead, which meant she could get on with her life with her husband. Speaking of that, she'd gotten to marry the only man she'd ever truly loved. Her village had survived a horrible attack that she helped thwart. She had some of the very best friends a person could ever DREAM of having, and on top of all that, there was chocolate syrup in the fridge. Life was very good for Anko and she knew it. And she intended to keep things that way. If only my back were 100 percent, everything would be perfect then she turned in the shower to let the hot water pound against her lower back.

It wasn't long before both "on-medical-leave" shinobi were ready to venture out into the Village. Kakashi looked at Anko and said, "Are you sure you want to do this? Isn't Tsunade or Sakura supposed to be here soon to do your back treatment? They did say you weren't supposed to come back to work for seven days. It's only been five. Do you really want to go out in public now?"

Anko looked at him like he'd grown a horn in the middle of his head. Then she turned to the door and said, "We're going, or I'm going without you."

"Understood." Kakashi leaned forward and opened the door for his wife.

Anko stepped into the hall and breathed deeply. "Yep. Still smells like a boring old hallway. Let's go." They were outside in moments ready to see what was going on in the village they both loved.

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