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Note: If it sounds like a 14yr old wrote it it's because a 14 yr old DID write it. Yes, I was 14 when I wrote this so I understand there's a lot of illogical things and many flaws. I posted it anyway, and won't be taking it down, because at the time of completion I was extremely proud of it.

He sat on his bunk in the mid-day Vietnamese heat where it was a cool 100 degrees in the shade. The only thing he could stand to wear were his shorts. Everything else just made it more unbearably hot. Besides his shorts he wore his dog tags. He would never take them off.

In his tent there were two cots. He was the only one who slept there though. He wanted to be left alone. He didn't want to have too many connections with people. He had severed all his ties with people before arriving here. Why? Because this is where he intended to die. To die in the field with honor, just as his fathers before him had. He was Lt. Dan Taylor. A soldier with a destiny.