This is my first attempt at actually publishing fanfiction, and I feel fairly certain that my writing style could use some improvements, so please feel free to lend me some constructive criticism, since I would love to get better.

This takes place at the very end of the original "Final Fantasy."

An ear-splitting roar echoed throughout the confines of the deepest part of this unholy place. Well beneath the surface of the earth, four young warriors' battle for their lives, and for the fate of the world, had just come to an end.

Chaos, once a Cornerian knight by the name of Garland, now a foul demigod of a beast, brimming with elemental energies stolen from the four magical crystals of the world, had been defeated. With one final stroke from the valiant knight's Masamune, even this king of evil could no longer continue the struggle. The two-thousand year time loop had been broken, and this paradox would cease. No longer could Chaos send his fiends into the future, and they, being defeated, could no longer send their elemental energies back to Chaos.

Heaving a great sigh of both relief and exhaustion, the knight allowed himself a moment of rest, a chance to catch his breath, confident in the victory that had finally been won, after so many months of trials. The martial arts master knelt, tending to his wounds, as the white wizard used what weak magic she still had left to bring healing comfort to her comrades, while the black wizard kept a stone-cold gaze fixed upon the dying Chaos.

"It's over," the knight coughed out. But just as the words were escaping his lips, an odd sensation washed over him and his companions. As Chaos's life ebbed out of his golden, dragon-like body, the world seemed to shimmer, and start to lose substance.

The beast replied in an unearthly voice, "More than you realize, young meddler."

Fear at what unknown horrors were about to be released gripped the young warriors, as the spacetime binding them to the temple of fiends began to unravel.

"You may have defeated me, but you will still lose. You have changed history; the world that brought you together will no longer have existed, without my influence. All your accomplishments, all your efforts, they will be annihilated with me, and you will become no one. No one will remember you or what you have done, not even yourselves."

With each ounce of life Chaos lost, the world stumbled further into a shimmering incorporeal dream, undoing the world of evil he had created.

The knight did his best to calm his nerves, steadying himself for his fate as he replied, "You do not understand, Garland. We did not do this for power, or for glory. We fought for the health of the earth, and for the freedom of her people from your destruction. As long as you are destroyed, we have no need to be remembered as heroes."

The others stood beside their friend, holding hands to prepare for the end, and standing by what their leader had said.

"I'm afraid… you're wrong… young fool." The fading voice of the corrupt beast echoed. "The people need legends of heroes to give them hope. Without memories of your great deeds, without this legend, your will shall be undone. Because even if you destroy this body… you can never destroy what… I… am."

"What are you?" the rapidly disappearing knight called out through the growing void to his victim.

With a sickening grin, it called back from the abyss its final words, "I… am… Chaos."

Thanks for reading. As I said at the top, this is my first attempt at publishing fanfiction, so please let me know what you thought, and how I can improve my style in the future. Thank you.