Lonelywerewolf14: Here I am again...starting a new story, this time with my old time favorite character of the Mario series, Luigi! This stories will most likely have spoilers for Super Paper Mario(but since I havent played the game, my information might be a bit off, but well, I got spoiled the best I could).

This story takes place after the events of that game, so anything that happened after that will be ignored in my story, if anything did happen at all. Well, enough with all the ranting, please read and review, or criticize, whichever comes first.

And before I forget:

Bold italic text indicate flashbacks, or dreams in the case of that last part of the chapter.

Italic text indicate thoughts.

Bold text can indicate signs that appear on the story or how a certain character speaks.

Well, that's about it, and this last part: Mario or any other related characters don't belong to me.

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"They say dreams are the windows of the soul—take a peek and you can see the inner workings, the nuts and bolts."

-Henry Bromel, Northen Exposure, The Big Kiss, 1991

Chapter 1: Nightmares, Thunder, and the Hero in Red

Luigi woke up with a start; eyes blinking rapidly, sweat all over his face, hands and feet quickly became uncovered as the blankets felt to the ground, body shaking uncontrollably, his mouth, midway opened, as if wanting to release a scream that had been stuck on his throat. The young plumber took a look around, and after a few minutes, let a sigh escape his lips. Everything was as it should be…he was in his small bedroom, on top of his bed, the window with the moon and stars overlooking the room. Luigi gave a small nervous laugh. It was all just a dream, that had could pass out more like a nightmare. He sat up in his bed, and looked back at the window, noticing it was still very dark; he groaned.

Two weeks had passed since this nightmares had began to plague his mind. Two weeks without sleep for the poor plumber clad in green.

Luigi got up from bed, knowing already that the sleep had been taken away by that nightmare, and went straight towards his closet. He opened it, and got out his formal green shirt and blue overalls—might as well get ready if he wasn't going back to sleep. Once he was done putting his clothes on, he looked back at the clock that lay undisturbed on a table near his bed, Luigi slapped his hand over his forehead. He knew it, 3 A.M., he once again was stuck guarding the house like a watchdog, hearing the constant snoring and Mama Mia's, from Mario's room. Luigi shrugged, taking his green cap that lay nearby, and smiled sadly.

"This is going to be another of those days…" he muttered to no one in particular, as he made his way out the door, forgetting his nightmare and that it was way past his waking time.

Mario looked back at his younger brother as he prepared breakfast, usually preparing breakfast was the norm for the younger brother to do, but now, as the green clad plumber looked back at the shorter man, who had recently stepped out of the shower, already in that formal clothes—red and blue for him—with that red cap resting on his very head. The green plumber spotted a troubled look upon his face, and he knew right away that something was wrong with him. "Something wrong, Mario?" he asked. Mario sighed, crossing both arms over his chest.

"I just got a call from Pepe's shop…" Luigi turned back to his egg, and moved it a little with the spatula.

Luigi recalled Pepe, the nice Toad that gave them discounts when doing jobs for the other citizens of the town, by giving them half the price for pipes, ropes, or just anything that involved fixing the bathrooms to replacing water pipes.

"And?" the younger brother asked, arguing the other to continue. The egg was turned rapidly by the spatula, before Mario spoke again.

"You know those pipes that we were going to use for the job on Toadstart's home?" Luigi grabbed a nearby plate, and with the spatula, picked up the cooked egg from the pan and put it neatly on the plate, which he placed nearby.

"Yeah...I do. Why? Pepe doesn't have enough for the job?" the younger brother asked the older one. Mario shook his head.

"Well, they're gone…stolen, actually." Luigi's hand froze over the egg that he was about to grab and turned to look back at his brother, eyes wide with surprise.


"And not only those pipes, but half the shop is gone, too…" Mario removed his cap with one hand, and scratched the back of his head with another.

"This is bad…that's the sixth shop this week," Mario nodded at his brother, who grabbed the egg and cracked it, already letting its contents fall on the pan.

"Whoever is doing it is either doing a bad joke or he just wants to make an extra gold coin for his pocket…" Mario muttered as he went towards the nearby kitchen table, grabbing a toasted piece of bread that, no doubt, Luigi had made earlier. "The princess doesn't know what to do anymore…" Luigi nodded, with his back turned.

Over a couple of days ago, a one or two thieves had decided to go around stealing pipes, mushrooms, or wood. Since the thieveries had taken place, Peach had been taking all the complaints of those affected, and was at one point, forced to ask Mario and Luigi to guard the stores, which they had done, but no thief was ever caught in the act of doing their business nearby. Both brothers were thanked and left for home, and then, the goods were stolen once more.

Luigi just sighed as he looked back at his cooking.

Another egg done, he made his way towards the table, holding a plate on each hand, with an egg each. He gave one to Mario, and he settle his own nearby on the other side. He sat down. As he glanced back at his older brother as he ate, Luigi wondered if he should tell him of his nightmares…but then, even if he told Mario about it, it wouldn't help him. He turned to look back at the plate with the egg and bread, and noticed that he had lost his appetite.

He could hear the thunder roaring in the distance, his face partly covered by a strange mask, a cape following behind him. At his feet was a defenseless and unconscious man in red, behind him, a huge turtle like monster, and next to him a young princess dressed in yellow. He heard the thunder roar again, as he made his way towards the fallen man. The strange masked man grinned, and looked down. "The Green Thunder hardly has time to forgive his enemies, and now, you are dead….Mario, my dear brother…" The man raised a hand over the unconscious man and waited, soon, the masked man's hand began to glow, and then, he raised it up in the sky. Mario opened one eye and looked back at the masked man before him.

"L-luigi…" he began, weakly. "…wh-why?"

"Because I can…" And then, everything turned black.