Harry sat in the back of his Uncle's car, mind running a mile a minute. Should he do it? More importantly, could he do it? Could he turn his back on his friends and his family?

'Yes', he mentally decided. He had been brewing a plan since he left Dumbledore's office after the old man had told him the Prophecy. He needed to get away, have some time to himself, do something off of his own back. He didn't know how to do it, but he hoped his Uncle would help him out a bit with that. It was a long shot that the fat man would help him, but Harry was hoping the idea that getting rid of him would appeal to his Uncle.

He didn't know where the sudden need to get out on his own came from. Maybe it was the fact that he had lost the closest thing to a father he had, even of he didn't really know the man that well? He just felt a need for change in his gut.

Harry cleared his throat as his Uncle pulled out of the car park at Kings Cross, "Uncle, I'm sorry about that, I didn't know they would do that."

"So you bloody well should be boy." His Uncle said as he steered round an unloading lorry.

"Uncle Vernon, I need a favour from you, a very big favour." Harry asked nervously, fidgeting in his seat.

"It better not be for money boy, or I swear . . ." He let the threat hanging in the air, but Harry shook his head, seeing that his Uncle was looking at his through the rear view mirror.

"No, far from it Uncle. I need an idea." Harry said.

"Just what are you rabbiting on about boy?" sneered his Aunt, entering the conversation.

Harry was silent for a couple of seconds, "Well, something big and . . . horrible happened a few weeks ago and . . . and I need to get away, I need a change. I don't know what to do, I was hopping you could help me?"

The car was silent for the rest of the journey out of London. Harry was giving up hope that they would help him, but his Uncle finally spoke, "Would this change mean you would leave me and my family alone."

Harry nodded, "Yeah, hopefully we will never see each other again if it goes the way that I want it to."

"So your looking for something that would let you travel?" His Aunt asked, turning around to look at him. Harry nodded.

"It doesn't really matter what it is, as long as its a change." Harry said. Once again their was a silence in the car, but suddenly as they were going around a round about, his Uncle ignored the normal turn off and headed back into London.

"Vernon?" His Aunt asked in confusion, his Uncle shot her a grin.

"I have an idea." he said.

Silently they headed back into London, it was about twenty minutes before they finally pulled up. Harry peered out of his window, a grin forming on his face.

"Come on boy, out of the car, lets get this over with." He said as he opened the car door, harry copied his action and together they made their way towards the building, Harry reading the sign above the door.

'British Army Recruitment Centre.'

That had been roughly fifty weeks ago, he had gotten more information at the recruitment centre, deciding there and then to sign up, or sign his life away, as he was told by his commanding officer, who grinned as he passed the contract and a pen over to him. He had had to wait till he was sixteen to actually leave for the Army Foundation College in Harrogate. It hadn't been a bad thing really, it had given him time to get his medicals and fitness tests taken, which he passed with flying colours.

To say Harry enjoyed it was an understatement, this was nothing like Hogwarts, it was hard work, but it was rewarding. Nobody knew him as the Boy-Who-Lived, no, he was known as Sparky, because of the lightening bolt shaped scar that made him so well known in the wizarding world.

Harry had taken to the training like a fish to water. He loved the challenge of it, knowing that he was part of something and making friends that he would one day place his life on the line for. Harry had excelled at the training, he had learnt how to be a soldier, how to serve his country. He had shocked his instructors and come to the attention of the Brass with his resourcefulness and leadership skills.

Currently Harry was stood at attention on the parade square, it was the General Muster before they got shipped out for their first deployment. The Major was giving the final inspection to his newly trained soldiers. Harry tensed up as the Major walked up to him and looked him over, Harry noticed that the Major took a lot more time inspecting him than he did the others. Nodding silently he moved on to the next man in the formation.

After he had finished the inspection, the major marched to the front of the gathered soldiers and spoke in his gruff voice, "When you first arrived here, you were unorganised, undisciplined and lacking motivation. When you walk out of those gates, you will be soldiers of Her Majesties Army, and I have no doubt that you would make her proud. Your commanding officer will give you your deployment details. Private's Potter, Larson, Paterson, Chalker and Hyde, remain in formation, to your duties, fall out!"

With that, the formation, as one, saluted, turned on the spot to there right, snapped their left foot down, causing a sound like a gunshot to ring throughout the parade square, and marched off to their billets.

The five remaing soldiers quickly moved into a single file and snapped to attention. The Major dismissed the other occompaning officers and walked over to them.

"At ease." the five soldiers relaxed, but still kept their attention wrapped on the Major, "Now you five soldiers have proven yourselves during the training, You have shown exceptional skill in all areas of your training. And due to, certain, talents, that all you have, I have been ordered to give you the offer to form a special squad."

Harry snapped to attention and raised his arm, "Permission to speak, Sir?"

The Major nodded, "What sort of talent? How would the squad be special?"

A grin appeared on the grizzeld mans face, "Well, it was found out that all five of you are magical." The soldiers all twitched but remained in place, "Now I know that we, 'Muggles' aren't supposed to know about the magical world, and for the most part that is true, but certain areas of the government have known for quite a while. Now the Field Marshal himself has shown concern about the possible threat that the so called 'Pure-Bloods' could pose. He has ordered the formation of a tactical squad to combat this possible threat."

"Permission to speak, Sir?" Another man down the rank asked, the Major nodded, "Just how much do you know of the magical world?"

"We have people in almost every area of the government, so we are pretty well informed on current and passed events. Now, I do not know the details, only that their will be a helicopter transport arriving in," he flicked up his wrist and looked at his watch, "exactly four hours, if you want to join this squad, report back here in three and a half hours, to your duties, fall out!"

The five newly reveiled wizards all saluted and marched off, as soon as they were out of sight of the drill square they dropped all pretenses, and stared in open shock at each other.

Harry sumed their feelings up in two words, "holy . . . shit!"

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