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Harry signed as he looked at the twenty men that had been put under his command, the Field Marshall had put him in charge of the garrison at Hogwarts. Though it had amazed him no end as to why someone would want to attack a school that had no strategic importance what so ever.

They were going to be introduced to the students of the school and Harry was expecting problems from two fronts, the first being the pure bloods, who by now knew of what they had done at the ministry and would try to undermine what they were here to accomplish, the other would be from the Gryffindor's that he once called friends, if Intelligence was to be believed about their change of heart towards him.

"Right, lads, you know the drill by now, we need to 'wow' these people, so no mistakes, understood?" Harry barked at the four lines of five that were arranged before him.

"Yes, Sarge!" was the shouted response just as the doors to the Great Hall swung open.

"To the left," Harry shouted, "Left turn!" As one the rank turned to face the left, Harry turned to his right to face the same direction, "By the left! Quick March!" Harry shouted and as one the whole twenty one soldiers started marching forward between the two middle tables. It was quite an impressive sight. Twenty one battle hardened soldiers marching forward in perfect time, in full combat gear with their weapons down by their left sides.

"Squad!! Halt!" Harry shouted, three paces later, the squad halted and a loud bang echoed around the room as their booted feet smashed into the stone floor as one.

"Squad! Stand at ease!" The twenty men relaxed, but only slightly.

"Now as you can see, these men are trained professionals and any attempt to get in their way will be met with severe repercussion." Dumbledore started, but Harry interrupted.

"No Dumbledore, any attempt to interfere with me or my mens actions or abilities to defend YOU from Voldemort will result in immediate action by either myself or my men. We are not here to mess around, take this as you first and last warning." Harry said in a cold and calm voice that rang out through the hall.

"Erm . . . Yes, now, let me introduce the man in charge, you all should know him," Inwardly Harry groaned, 'fucking old man', "Harry Potter!"

That announcement brought about complete chaos, people were shouting and screaming, but Harry brought them all to silence as he shout.

"Silence!" He glared around the room, "Yes, I am back, but I'm here to do a job as well, if you think I'm going to go easy on you if you get in my way, you are sadly mistaken. Now, you five!" he barked at the front ranks of the formation, "Seal the room, no one in, no one out." They nodded and in twenty seconds multiple bangs from doors slamming shut were heard through the hall.

"Harry what are you doing?" Dumbledore asked, confusion marring his ancient features. Harry only smirked in response.

"The rest of you, I want everyone, including the teachers, checked for the Dark Mark, anyone found with it is to be restrained and separated, go!" Harry shouted and the last fifteen men started to search through everyone in the Hall. Dumbledore rushed up to him.

"Harry, you can't do this." He objected.

"I can and I am, how can you expect me to keep Hogwarts safe and secure when you have Death eaters running about inside of it?" Harry smirked at Dumbledore flabbergasted look.

"But they are just children!"

"No, they are enemy personnel, and are going to be treated as such. The moment that the Dark Mark was burnt into their skin they stopped having rights and privileges. How can you even call yourself a the Headmaster of this school, if your letting murderer's inside its walls along with you students that you are sworn to protect?"

Dumbledore couldn't respond, so Harry tried another approach, not looking at the old man, looking at the growing number of Death eaters that were standing, either glaring at him ir the soldiers.

"Do you know what you have to do to become a Death Eater, do you?" Harry demanded.

He saw Dumbledore nodding out of the corner of his eye, "So you know that you have to kill three Muggles to gain entrance, and yet you still allow them into this school? If you weren't useful old man I would drag you outside, put up up against a wall and put a round through your skull." He finally turned and glared at the old man.

The gathered teachers gasped at that, most tried to jump to Dumbledore's defense, but the old man held up his hand, "I understand that I have done and allowed a great many wrong things to happen, but I beg of you, show them leniency."

Harry snorted, "finally something we agree on, but no, I will not show them mercy, they will be interrogated, and if they do not prove themselves valuable enough to keep alive, they will be executed for their crimes."

As he was speaking, three soldiers approached the group and started to search the teachers, none were found with the Dark Mark, other than Snape, who was not given any allowance, and was dragged offer to the other twenty sum Death Eaters that had been found.

"Corporal!" Harry shouted, a man jogged over to him, "You are in charge of the interrogations, I want to know the names of as many Death eaters as you can find out, I want to know safe house locations, who finances them, where their bases of operations are. I want you to get the information any way possible, once you have it, execute them all, other than Snape, I have a special event planned for him. Your in charge here, until I get back." Harry said after looking at his watch.

The Corporal nodded a grin on his face and ran off. Harry sighed, gave a dismissive look at Dumbledore and started to walk out, only to be stopped by three voices shouting his name. Harry groaned, if this was going to carry on he was going to be late for coffee with Tonks.

Harry looked in the direction of the voice and groaned again, Ron, Ginny and Hermione were rushing towards him.

"Harry!" Hermione shouted as she launched herself at him, Harry grinned and hugged her back, but glared at Ron and Ginny over Hermione's shoulder. Ron not noticing the glare walked up to him and tried to pat him on the shoulder.

"I'm glad your back ma . .. ARGHH!" The second that his hand came into contact with Harry's shoulder, Harry pushed Hermione back slightly, grabbed hold of the hand, spun around behind the red head and yanked the hand up behind his back, causing the red head to shout out and fall to his knees.

"Mate? Is that what I am to you? I thought you were the one that kept me together and that I was bound to end up doing a runner?" Even from behind him, Harry could see that Ron had gone deathly pale, as had Ginny, "what didn't you think I would know? Explain yourself!"

Their wasn't an explanation coming so he yanked the hand further up his back. The red head yell again, but still he didn't speak.

"I should slot you right now, you and Ginny, for stabbing me in the back." He let go of the red head hand and pushed him face first into the ground with his boot, "If I see either of you again, I WILL slot you, is that understood? You pair of backstabbing bastards!" Harry snarled and watched in satisfaction as the pair stumbled to the other side of the hall, leaving harry an Hermione alone.

"It's good to see you again Harry, though you have changed a lot." Hermione smiled nervously, causing Harry to laugh.

"Oh, don;t worry so much Hermione, I know you didn't betray me, and yes its good to see you again as well." Harry glanced at his watch, he was late.

"Got to go, Hermione running late! I'll speak to you tonight!" He said over his shoulder as he headed out of the Great Hall, hoping that he hadn't messed things up with Tonks.

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