Resolute Love

They never actually finished with their relationship; it was just too easy to keep it secret. Sam was usually in Vegas since there were few stripper jobs in Point Place. They had kept a secret relationship before they got caught making out in the basement by Eric and Donna. They decided since then that they'd leave their make-out sessions for the bedroom.

No one had a clue they were seeing each other. They were constantly bickering, constantly fighting, constantly at each others throats, even more so than when they first met. It was all an act.

It happened shortly after Hyde came back, bringing with him a new wife. Jackie was heartbroken. She was angry at herself for letting Kelso be such an asshole and for not having the foresight to see how Hyde would react to seeing Kelso there. It broke her heart even more knowing, this time, the incident wouldn't be so easily forgotten. She cried for days, not allowing anyone to see her. Donna had told her he was drunk when they got married, but that wasn't an excuse. She was done crying. She was pissed now and she would let him know exactly how much.

The day after her extremely embarrassing show at the club, she stormed into the basement, the crumbly wooden door slamming behind her. Hyde was the only one there, which at least meant they could say whatever the wanted to each other without a third party getting involved. He continued to stare at the TV until she spoke, then he turned to face her.

"What the hell, Hyde!?" She refused to use his first name. She didn't call him by her first name before they started going out, she wouldn't now that he was married to another woman. "How the hell could you get so drunk that you marry a stripper!?" she screamed at him, "and every time I brought up anything to do with marriage you did everything in your power to ignore the subject completely!?" She threw her purse at him and grabbed for one of the pillows on the couch.

As she stood there screaming, he couldn't held the urge to embrace her, to hold her tight and kiss her until she understood that she was the only woman for him. It didn't help that her face was becoming red with fury, her eyes became daggers, and that shrill voice that used to give him goose bumps now screamed with anger. It also didn't help that he found her so damn hot whenever she was so pissed off. It wasn't until her purse hit his chest that the enchantment wore off and he became immensely aware of the words she was saying.

"Are you even listening to me!?" He tried to stand up as she threw the pillow at him and grabbed another from the couch. "You could have broken up with me! You could have drunk yourself into a coma! You could have slept with fifty damn nurses! But what do you do!? You go to Vegas and marry a fucking god damned stripper!" Item after item was thrown and after several attempts to protect himself from the flying projectiles, Hyde found himself backed up against the freezer as one last beer can hit him in the head.

Hyde lowered his defensive stance to see Jackie still fuming, panting. With one arm out in front of her from when she threw the beer can. She stood up strait and stared at the ground as she waited for his response. There was silence for a moment before he started walking towards her. She raised her eyes to meet his with shear determination. She wasn't backing down, he could see that. His eyes were still covered by his aviator shades. 'Damn those stupid sunglasses!' Jackie thought as she glared at him.

He stopped a foot in front of her and looked into her miss matched eyes. He had so much to say to her, but was never able to put his thoughts into words. This was another one of those moments. His usual way of telling her something would probably get him slapped by several different women in this situation, but it was all he could think to do, and honestly all he wanted to do.

He brought his hand up to cup her cheek and delicately leaned down to kiss her lips. Jackie only stood there, surprised by his reaction to her previous tantrum. She slowly regained her composure and started moving away. Hyde wouldn't let her go though. He wrapped his free arm around her waist and placed his hand on the small of her back, forcing her into the kiss. Hyde licked her bottom lip tentatively, asking permission for entrance. She knew what he wanted but refused to give in. She didn't want to be swayed by him again. 'He has a wife,' she told herself. 'This is wrong.' She repeated these thoughts in her mind to keep herself from responding... until he suddenly took a slight nibble of bottom lip. She gasped in surprise, allowing her mouth to open just enough for his tongue to slip through. Jackie lost control as she felt his tongue explore her mouth, almost greedily. She unconsciously moaned and snaked her arms around to his neck. Her head became foggy and her pervious determination to remain stoic was lost.

He heard her moan at his touch and he felt a jolt of excitement run through his body. The kiss became more passionate as both relished in the missed feeling of their joined lips. Their breathing became heavy and soon they broke apart. Jackie's arms hung loosely around Hyde's body as his arms hugged her closer, possessively. He nuzzled his nose into the crook of her neck and spoke softly into her skin.

"I'm Sorry," he said. He knew he wronged her and that she was innocent of any wrong doing he thought she might have done. "I was stupid and rash. I jumped to conclusions even though I know you wouldn't do something like that and Kelso is just a stupid asshole." He lowered his voice even more to a barely audible whisper. "I went and got drunk and then married some random stripper that I could never truly care about."