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Naruto opened his eyes groggily. He didn't know where he was, or how he got there. All he knew was that he had a major headache, and his ass was sore. Naruto sat up quickly but fell down promptly. His head hurt too much to be doing anything anytime soon.

He rolled over to lie on his back, since he was on his right side. A sharp pain entered his left… cheek. Naruto snapped back onto his side. Now his ass was even sorer, and his headache was worse. What a wonderful morning.

After lying and trying to piece his night back together, Naruto decided to get out of bed and find the source of discomfort in his nether regions. Stumbling into his bathroom, Naruto supported himself clumsily on the counter and looked into his mirror.

The red in the whites of his eyes was fading quickly, and his hair was even more disheveled. Blinking his eyes a few times, Naruto turned around and gently pulled the left side of the back of his boxers down. Written in black ink were the four most unexpected words-

Property of Sasuke Uchiha.

What… the… hell. How did that get there?! Naruto pulled his boxers back up and jutsu'd himself to Sasuke's house. Peering around Sasuke's house, Naruto wondered if the bastard was even home. When Naruto got a hold of him, he would wish he didn't exist.

Sasuke emerged from a room, giving Naruto a confused, sleepy look. Naruto flashed over to the poor boy and grabbed him by the front of his shirt.

"What is the meaning of this?!" he demanded, pointing to his backside. Sasuke shoved Naruto off of him and craned his neck to Naruto's backside.

"I don't see anything," he replied, "Just your lame ass ramen boxers."

Naruto punched him. Hard.

"Your name is tattooed on my ass." Hissed Naruto, glaring at Sasuke.

"Oh, that." Sasuke said nonchalantly.

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