Summary: A set of Romanian twins, have been called in. To help discover some truth, to what has been happening in Wolf Lake. Putting everyone on edge.

Warning: My spelling mistakes and horrid grammar.

Rating: T- for violence and Language.

Chapter 2: Friend or Foe part II

Later that Night:

Sitting, in Sherman's living room. Demi and Van, started to ask him the usual questions. Sherman had told them the whole story, at least his side of the story. But it kept coming back to the same people; Vivian Cates, Matt Donner, Tyler Creed, and the Silver Lake pack.

Van and Demi, right away eliminated the Silver Lake pack. William Cates murder, had been to clean for an outside job. The twins were convinced it was an inside job. But the trick was, to find the correct killer. And not the decoy, which at this point, seemed to be Tyler Creed.

"Sherman?" Demi asked, "Can you arrange a pack meeting, tonight?"

"I don't see why not," he answered, "But why, so soon. I was sure, you would want to play around, before stepping out of the shadows."

His response had both of the twins laughing. "Normally we would, but as you mentioned earlier. We have an emergency to attend to later. So we would like to put, the names to faces, so to speak," answered Van. Sherman nodded understandingly, "I'll get right on it."

At the Meeting:

Everyone was a little riled - up, about the meeting. Usually, it was the packs alpha, that called the meeting. But rarely, was it Sherman, the packs keeper. Something was going on, you could smell it, in the nights air.

As soon, as every one of the members had taken their seats. Sherman stepped up, towards the podium. While the twins, sat back in their seats. Overlooking, the members and making comments to each other. Getting a laugh in response, or a dangerous smile.

The pack, were making their own comments about the twins. Why where they there? Who were they? What purpose did they have? These thoughts along with other, ran threw the pack. Causing some to whimper and others to growl, at the strangers. Only a few members, remembered seeing them earlier in town. Matt and Tyler being two, who had taken a strange interest in them.

"What's this all about Sherman?" yelled a voice from the crowd. Along with a chorus of "Ya's!"

"Well, if you would all settle down. Then I could tell you," Sherman said with a small smile. That immediately had the packs attention. The noise stopped abruptly.

"Thank you. I know, your all wondering about these two. And why their here," he said, "These are our guests, Van and Demi Smith. They have come to visit, for awhile. And I know, we'll treat them with respect and welcome them all to Wolf Lake."

With that said, both twins, moved towards the podium, as Sherman stepped down. They looked out at the crowd, then smiled at each other. Demi leaned back, against Van, as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Hello. I would just like to say, if you respect us, then we'll respect you. And you'll have no trouble, from us, during our stay," Demi said, with a sweet voice. "But mess with us, and there will be hell to pay," Finished Van, with a strong voice, that promised much more.

That was when Vivian Cates, stood up. Acting as the alpha, it was her job to welcome the twins to Wolf Lake. To represent how powerful Wolf Lakes, Alpha truly was.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I am the packs alpha, Vivian Cates," Vivian said, with a fake smile and sickly sweet voice, "But you may call me, Vivian."

"It seems Cates, that you have no idea how to act like an alpha at all. Do you?" asked Van, his voice hard as the look in his eyes, "Seeing as you can not even, listen correctly."

This shocked the pack, that the guest had just disrespected the alpha. But it shocked Vivian even more. No one had disrespected her like that, since she had married.

Lucas jumped up, to defend his mother, "How dare you-" but was cut off by the girl.

"Silence, pup!" Demi shouted, "How dare you, disrespect my brother. I should skin you alive," she said, her eyes glowing a lighter shade of green, "If your mother was a real alpha, then she would have raised you to respect those who can kill you, with out a second thought," she said, as a sinister smile, slid onto her face, "and just might."

Both of the twins words, shocked and scared, the pack, and Sherman. While the pack, started to calculated both twins. Sherman, was more concerned if Demi was really considering killing anyone, right now. He really didn't want his pack slaughter, if she decided to kill the teen-packs alpha. And the elder one, decided to attack. It would only end badly. More so, for Wolf Lake.

"Sherman, they may look like a pack, but they act more like common mongrels," said Van, with a grin. But, neither him or his sister took their eyes off the pack. Which gained a chuckle from Sherman. "Please excuse Lucas, he's still a pup," Sherman said, still hoping Demi wasn't serious, "You know how they are, always rebelling and such."

"The perhaps we should nip, that lil problem in the bud, right now," Demi said, with that smile still on her face. Giving her a dangerous feeling. Her would had the pack stilled, everyone held their breath. Awaiting, the twins first move.

Van, who had his arms still around Demi, "But then what's the fun, in the hunt Demi?" he said, into her ear. Then gently nudged her cheek, with his nose. Earning a laugh, from his counterpart, "Your quite right, brother," she said, tossing a smile at him. She then looked towards Luke, "I will remember your sent, pup." her eyes flashed silver, making some of the pack jump, including Luke.

"Well that was quite a welcome," Sherman said humorless, "But lets give it some time. Demi and Van, are investigators. That will be treated with respect."

Demi and Van, both tossed a lop sided grin to Sherman, as a thanks. "Don't even try to run, we are the best. Anyone, that tries to run, will be punished accordingly. We will find out the truth, to what's happening her in Wolf Lake," Van said, very calmly, with a serious edge, to his voice.

The same smile that, had been on Demi's face, only moments ago. Slid back into place, as she looked directly at Luke. "Oh, please do run," she said in a sweet voice, "Its makes the hunt, so much more enjoyable, for me at least." Sending chills, of fear, up the spines, of the pack. Except Tyler and Matt, both males, seemed to be drawn to the young woman.