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I've been so distracted lately as I've fallen in love with many stories on fanfic, and all the authors are so good at updating and publishing, much better than me...so today I find zero update alerts in my inbox and I saw it as a sign to finally pub this one. Its my first BxE, Im excited as this feels like something I would really want to read on here.

Sooo, much more to come on this one I've been tooling around on this at work for i don't know 3-4weeks now, and I just want to have the first chapter up so I have more modivation to add on here with chapters to come, sorry about the abrupt ending, others will be longer. Lemons to come, as always.

I swayed with the music, it was really hitting me now, I could feel the sweet mixture of alcohol and drugs start to take over my body. Faintly I noticed someone's hands gliding along my hips, tentatively sneaking their fingers into the waistband of my pants. Where my friends were at this point, I had no idea. We had done bumps in the bathroom then split, Alice swore she saw some blonde god-like creature by the bar, I thought she was just cracked. The pickings in Forks were not that lucky, in fact I think the presence of three gorgeous girls with obviously loose morals was a heart stopper to every plaid wearing male in this crappy run down bar.

Lulling my head to the left as I began to feel the music more deeply I glanced at my other friend Rose at a half broken jukebox, a small group had gathered to watch as she bent over in search of the next song.

Rosie, Alice and I had met in college up in Seattle, hell bent on getting out of our respective bumble-fuck towns, we bonded instantly. We also happened to have rich, smart and beautiful in common and we all knew it. For my part, a car accident had taken my mother when I was just two, leaving me a large fortune; unfortunately it had also spared my father. To say we were not close was an understatement, the two of us barely spoke, and I spent my childhood being cared for by family friends and nannies.

Now I had my girls, and they were my family, we all new we were lucky for that. Recently the three of us had been kicked off campus due to drug use, whatever, but the kicker was when we were suspended for not attending classes. This made us all laugh, we all had high "A" averages, showing up only for the exams, and they still found a way to boot us.

So here I was back in Forks my home sweet purgatorial-home, for now. Charlie had offered to take me back into his home after the suspension, not one for kind gestures; I knew he really just wanted to keep an eye on me. An easy job when you can direct an entire police force to follow your own daughter and her friends around. I had conceded with a compromise, renting a beautiful old house on the outskirts of the town for me and the girls to wait out our suspension in. So here we are, doing lines in a sad old truck stop bar's bathroom to keep our evenings exciting. We had fun making the boys Levis tighten, but fuck did we need the drugs to cut the nights up.

Now on the dance floor, (or should I say the floor area where some nice gentleman had moved the tables away after I exclaimed 'I want to dance!') I knew whoever this was creeping his fingers down towards my panties thought he had a chance. I decided to toy with him a bit, hell I might even give him a ride, I was that bored. Swaying my hips more deeply to the beats of Rose's most recent jukebox pick, I took my own hands and trailed them up over the soft curves of my hips. Reaching the hem of my shirt I quickly ripped it from my body and tossed it over my shoulder landing it on his head, I laughed a little too loudly at this. Now only in a black sheer lace bra and skirt with tights, I was pretty sure most of the patrons had a good look at my nipples straining against its fabric, I could care less.

The guy I had been dancing with was on me again, pawing at my now exposed flesh. Leaning closer to me I could smell him reeking of whisky and Polo Sport, disgusting. He screamed in my ear over the blaring music; "I'm Mike, you are hot!" Oh gawd; hi my name is 'hot.' I realized now through my haze, he had gone to high school with me. Deciding to play dumb to get him to back off quietly, I squinted and yelled back "Wow I'm wasted, I have to find my friends," with that I pried myself from his grasp and started across the room.

"Now hold up baby!" he had grabbed my wrist tightly before I could get two steps away from him, "You and me, we have some unfinished business to take care of," He gestured with his other hand towards a sad bulge in his jeans, "…and from what I can see poking through that little bra of yours I think you need it too," It was about to get quite literally hard on him, I was cocking my fist back, ready to punch the idiot and leave him with two aching heads, I was nobodies 'baby.'

As suddenly as I had blinked he was on the floor, clutching at his nose. Boy was I ever wasted; I felt nothing, not even the slightest tingle of pain in my fist. The logics of this ran through my head before I looked up to see my hand still cocked, a new hand wrapped tightly around my wrist holding it in place. Trailing my eyes down a pail but muscular arm I made eye contact with my 'savior' of the moment. He had the most brilliant green eyes, flecked with gold slivers, they were smoldering with anger now as he stared down the crumpled Mike.

A large group of men were looking on in shock, their fallen comrade splayed on the floor before us. While I felt a surge of excitement run through me, in anticipation of the fight ready to break out, his hand around my wrist remained steady and calmed. Before Mike could conger so much as a response I felt myself being pulled towards the door at a hastened pace. "Come on, you're getting out of here," I mildly wondered how my friends would make it out, but I knew Rosalie was more than capable of that, we had found ourselves in worse situations.

Making it through the front door, I saw what was a constant in the good old town of forks; torrential rain. I leapt into the rainfall, I loved it, the cold drops against my skin made me feel a rush and I knew I was alive. As a child I had stood in the bath of these downfalls until I caught pneumonia, that earned me a psychologist at a young age.

Looking straight up into the sky as the clouds let go of the heavy sheets of precipitation, I awaited this knight to offer his coat, although I knew I would reject it. To my bemused surprise the offer never came. He simply gripped my wrist again leading me to his car as he covered his own head in the slick black hood of his rain coat. I let out a gasp as we approached his vehicle "Fuck me."

"You wish, little girl." Plastered on the back window of a pristine silver Volvo were the unmistakable stickers indicating the City of Forks police department.

"You work for my father, what he sent you here to pick me up?! Gah!" I was infuriated, here I thought Id let myself be taken by what I thought was a knight, when in reality he was one of my fathers monkeys.

"Hardly, that would be my older brother, protecting and serving, and I'm not 'picking you up' I'm pretty sure I just saved you a whole lot of pain back there, now get in." My stomach flipped at his smooth and decisive words. He used hardly any inflection making it difficult for me to read him, and I could read everyone. It seemed like an okay excuse, It wasn't like these were my new in laws, and his indifference attitude made him that more appealing. He was like a beautiful flame I needed to touch, ignoring the licks of heat that threatened to engulf my hand.

I quickly shook my thick brown locks out, whipping about like a dog, before slipping into his passenger seat. He hadn't so much as glanced at me since leaving the bar, now his perfect green eyes were fixed on the road. Just as my door clicked closed, his foot was on the gas speeding down the stretch of highway that bordered our small town.

The speed excited me, and while he was scowling at the stretch of road before us, I caught him more than twice glancing at me through his peripheral. His acceleration was reaching a dangerous speed, danger had always been a friend of mine, the rush of fear always excited me further but I was no where near afraid.

As I thought vaguely that it could be the drugs and alcohol numbing my senses, I knew more than anything the overwhelmingly safe feeling that was washing over me seemed to be emanating from this man next to me. The adrenalin rush cock blocker not withstanding, I felt my body begging for the sensation of fresh air. Feeling up the passenger door I quickly found the automatic window button and punched my finger into it, sending the offending glass fully into the car door. At this the pale muscular man beside me gave only a small sideways glance before refocusing on the road.

The cold air on my wet skin was chilling and I laughed at this, reclaiming the exhilaration making me once again giddy. My skirt had become soaked in the down pour that was now reduced to a drizzle whipping in from the gaping window. I slowly shimmied the soaked material form my hips but before reaching my thighs I felt the cool grip of his strong hand wrap around my wrist.

"What are you doing exactly?" he said coolly, never removing his gaze from the road before us.

"Who needs a wet skirt?" I shrugged, and with that I swiftly completed my task removing my skirt entirely, on a whim tossed it through the open window. I was now much more comfortable in a pair of sheer black stockings, a seam running up the back of each leg. While the stockings came up just above my natural waist my electric blue panties were very visible, this was fine by me, the matched the electric blue pumps I had decided to rock that night.

I stuck my head out the window at first, feeling the icy drops of light rain dance across my cheeks, then I let my arms free as well feeling the whoosh of air speed past my finger tips. As more of my body demanded the rush of cool night air, I was suddenly aware of a hand resting on the back waistband of my stockings.

"Are you pushing me or saving me?" I asked, glancing over my shoulder at this he chuckled, finally finding a slice of emotion in him, I too chuckled to myself.

Before I knew it we had stopped, it was then I realized I hadn't given him the address to our little rented house, we had stopped outside a large colonial. It was the house; I let out a small gasp.

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