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Summary: Acton's viewpoint in the forest.

No Human Never

A chance glimpse of off-coloring, just a patch of shaded green to the side of his vision, caused him to blink and turn just slightly in his saddle.

A woman?

She was standing stalk still, mouth frozen into a thin line as she stared up at him, dark eyes as wide as a full harvest moon. Dark eyes alight with surprise, as if she was a child caught stealing mouthfuls of sweetened bread from their mother. Her hair was the antonym to the shock of his blonde, and it framed her face in a halo of wildness.

She was beautiful, uncommonly beautiful, and it was the wild beauty of her that made me smile that sideways smile he always used for courting.

Yet, it did not feel like courting, just then, when her lips parted briefly and she smiled back. The way she stared at him, it sent a prickling feeling from where his hands grasped firmly onto the reins, up his arms and to the very core of him.

As if she had committed some terrible sin, her face began to rearrange itself back into a stony mask of resolute weariness.

But she had given away herself to him, and they both knew it.

He winked at her.

At his action, she seemed to be going through a terrible inner conflict, her eyes glassy and her face falling even further into a downturned frown.

This pleased him, for the look was so misplaced upon her beauty and she held his gaze so firmly that he was tempted to forget his course of action and stay with her a while under the canopy of trees; where the light glinted off her hair in obsidian wavelengths.

His smile grew, and although it took every ounce of strength within him to stay upon his saddle, he was able to just raise a hand in farewell. A small, simple gesture.

I'll see you some other timeā€¦

In some other time, perhaps.

Acton rode off into the enveloping trees.


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