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Here is the sequel to Dead and Dating.

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I sat on the floor, laughing my head off at Eric. He had always been amusing, but watching him try to put together a crib had to be the funniest thing I'd ever had the pleasure of viewing.

"Can't we just pay someone to do this?"

"No, come on, this should be fun."

"The directions are wrong."

"I doubt that." I pushed myself out of the beautiful white rocking chair that Eric had bought me and wobbled over to him. Yes, that's right, wobbled. What I was doing couldn't even be considered walking. Eric tossed the screw driver down and tried to embrace me. His arms wouldn't even fit around me any more. When his hands couldn't connect I started crying.

"Oh no, come on, please don't cry again."

I sniffled and wiped my eyes with the back of my hands.

"You hate me because I gained weight. My baby bump isn't so cute now is it?"

"You're beautiful. And the fact that you are carrying our miracle child just makes it even better."

I sniffled again and buried my head in his chest. I was sick of being pregnant. It was cute at first, but now it was just annoying.

"You only have 3 more months to go." He moved to stand behind me, reaching around to rub my stomach.

"Which brings me to my next point. What happens if I go into labor during the day?"

"We have the midwife."

"I know, but I want you to be there." I was trying not to whine, but it wasn't working. I loved our midwife. She was amazing. It was a lucky chance that we found her. She specializes in 'other' pregnancies. She had tried to calm me by telling me that we could always induce my labor so Eric would be there for the main event. But the closer I got to my due date, the less comfortable I felt about everything. I was worried about the million things that could go wrong.

Eric put his hand on my back and guided me to our bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and he knelt before me. He slid my slippers off me and picked up my right foot. He ran his thumbs over the arch of my foot.

"Oh, Eric, that feels good."

He didn't say a word. I laid back on the bed and let him massage my feet. After carrying around so much weight all the time they were killing me. It finally got to the point were I was put on maternity leave at Merlotte's. It wasn't official maternity leave, considering I wasn't getting paid. It was just better than saying I had temporarily quit. I still didn't know how I'd work out the baby and Merlotte's. Something told me that my days as a waitress were long gone.

Eric finished massaging my feet and crawled up into bed with me. He let his hand slide over my stomach and up to my breasts. I immediately swatted him away.

"They hurt."

"You're no fun."

"You carry this baby around and then we'll talk about fun."

I'll admit that I had been slacking in the sex department. I had secretly been worrying about Eric leaving me. We weren't having regular sex and he wasn't feeding on me. Thankfully, I knew he wasn't feeding on anyone else. I had picked up that little bit of information while watching him down True Blood in the kitchen late one night.

I rolled over to face him. He leaned forward to kiss me. But my huge stomach was getting in the way. I could barely take it anymore. The water works started all over again. I started to wonder if getting pregnant so soon was such a smart idea. Eric slid up the bed a little farther so he could reach me. He gently placed one hand on my cheek and pressed his lips to my forehead.

"I love the way you look pregnant. I think it's beautiful. There is nothing more natural in the world."

"I know, I'm just worried that your sick of me. We haven't been having sex. You won't feed from me."

"Never, I would never get sick of you. I can live without regular sex. And I can drink True Blood. It's fine. I swear I'm okay with this."

I sighed and tried to snuggle closer to him. I knew I should take a nap. Fangtasia was closed tonight, but Pam swore she needed me to interview waitresses. Of course I had seen right through that one. It was baby shower time. I couldn't deny her if I tried. She was too excited, she had been waiting for a while to throw me a baby shower. It cracked me up that she thought I didn't know what she was up to.

"Are you coming to the baby shower tonight?"

"I thought Pam needed you to interview people."

"Eric, honestly, think about it."

He laughed. It made his chest rumble, I liked that sound.

"I think I'll skip that. Just make sure someone takes pictures. I understand from Pam that there is some kind of silly hat involved."

"Yes there is, and no I won't be wearing one."


"No, seriously, I will not under any circumstances put the stupid hat on."

"Okay. Why don't you nap for an hour?"

"Stay with me?"

"Of course."

I slid up to my pillow and rolled onto my side. Eric slid behind me so my back was against his chest. He rested his hand on my stomach, lightly brushing over it. Just then the baby kicked, and kicked hard. Eric's hand jolted back.

"Was that what I thought it was?" He looked at my stomach like an alien might pop out.

"The baby kicked." I couldn't control my smile. I had been feeling the little kicks for a while now, but this was the first time Eric had felt it. He had a huge smile on his face. He placed his hand back on my stomach, but frowned when the baby didn't kick again. The frown didn't last to long. He was obviously unable to stop smiling.

"Our baby is going to be a little ass kicker." I laughed when he said that. Leave it to Eric to think of our child kicking someones ass.

"Mhmm." I agreed. "Now sleep."

I snuggled back up against him and was out like a light. I knew in an hour I had to get up and head to Fangtasia.