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Chapter One- Lost Hope?


The unusually bright Cleveland sun shined into my face as I woke up from yet another dreadful sleep. I groaned and rolled over, desperately searching for my love.

Still gone.

Six years. The war in Iraq has been going on for six years, and my husband has been there for five years, 40 weeks, and three days. I don't know how I lasted this lone. I met Edward, my Edward Cullen, on a blind date set up by my best friend Alice, who happens to be Edward's cousin. We dated a lot after that. We were in love. I can still remember the day he proposed…


"Edward, please tell me where we're going! You know I hate surprises!" I was starting to get frustrated. I've been sitting in this god damn car for four and a half hours now, and still not a peep out of his mouth.

"Relax, babe. I promise you'll love it." And of course he had to throw in that famous "Edward Cullen Crooked Grin". That can make anyone fall for his schemes.

Since we live in Cleveland, Ohio, I had no idea what was so special around here. Of course there was the amazing Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but he's already taken me there before. Let's see, what states are around here? There's Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky?

"What are you thinking about so hard?" he asked with clear amusement in his voice.

"Just trying to figure out where we're going!"

"Well, don't worry. We're here now."

I looked out my passenger side window and was amazed at what I saw. We were located on the Ohio River. There's a little restaurant on the river with twinkling lights and a patio outside with classical music coming from the speakers. No wonder it took us five hours to get out here! We drove the whole state of Ohio!

"Oh Edward, it's beautiful! Why'd we come all the way down here?"

"Can't I just take the love of my life out to a special place every now and then?" Looking in his eyes, I could tell that wasn't everything.

He took my hand and led me into the restaurant. He had reservations. We got a beautiful view of the river. It's no ocean, but it is still marvelous. I ordered mushroom ravioli and he ordered the steak, medium rare. After dinner he stood up, held his hand out, and said "May I please have this dance, my lady?"

I giggled and took it without a thought and we strolled up towards the dance floor. He knows I'm not a good dancer with my two left feet, so he naturally lifted me up and planted my feet on his. We did this on the first date we went on, and ever since we've been doing it. Our song, I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith came on. I looked up at Edward and saw he had a big goofy grin on his face. When I looked up, he suddenly got a nervous look on his face. This isn't like him? I thought.

"Edward, what's been bothering you today?"

He took a deep breath and looking straight into my eyes. "Isabella, you're my life. I don't know what I would do without you. You bring the sun to my cloudy days; you bring the life to me! Before I met you, people would have thought I was catatonic. I met you, and you lit up my sky. You brought me hope that I couldn't find before." I was staring at him in complete shock and confusion. Where did that come from? What's going on?

"Edward...?" I was cut of by his sudden movements of placing me back on my own two feet. I stared in confusion more. Suddenly, he bent down onto one knee. Oh my god! My hands flew to my mouth in shock. Tears started to well up in my eyes. He took out a tiny, black, velvet box and opened it. I have never seen such a beautiful diamond in my life! I've been waiting for this day forever! Even Alice was dropping hints, but I was too stupid to figure it out. Now that it's happening, I can't even move.

"Isabella Swan, I promise to love you forever and always. Will you marry me?" I stood there, frozen. Why can't I say anything! Damn it, Bella!

Tears were now streaming down my face. By the look in Edward's face, I could tell he was thinking I was going to reject him.

Unable to make him think that, I three myself at him and hugged him fiercely.

"YES! Of course I'll marry you!" Edward then stood up with a huge smile on his face. He gently slipped the ring onto my ring finger on my left hand and kissed that knuckle.

"You don't know how happy I am, Miss Swan" his voice sounded like pure velvet. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him with as much force as I could. That was the most romantic and slightly erotic nights of my life.

(End Flashback)

I was brought back to present time by a clatter in the kitchen. I slipped into my pink, silk robe and slippers and made my way down the hall. It pained me sometimes to look at the pictures on the wall. The ones of Edward and me the day he got shipped out brought the worst memories.

I continued down the hall and stopped in my tracks when I looking in the kitchen. I saw two of the people I love most, standing backs to me, making pancakes. They didn't know of my presence yet, so I yelled and ran forward.

"Esme! Alice!" As soon as they heard my, they turned around and I engulfed them in the biggest hug I could muster. Esme is Edward's mom, and Alice's aunt.

"Oh Bella, honey, I hope we didn't wake you. Alice and I thought it would be nice to cook you breakfast. We have some news too!"

I felt my heart skip a beat. Was he back? Alive?

Alice must have seen my hopeful expression, because she was at my side before I could blink. "Oh Bella, I'm sorry honey. It's not news about Edward." I felt my heart drop yet again. Why wasn't I used to this yet? Every time I get my hopes up, they just get crushed.

"Oh, well, I guess I get my hopes up too much." I mumbled. I looked around at them and saw they both had somber faces.

Just as Esme was about to speak, I heard the little pitter-patter of feet running towards me.


"I'm in here, baby." Chelsea, our daughter, was now five years old. Two weeks after Edward was shipped overseas, I found out I was pregnant. He doesn't even know she exists. She was the only thing that made me feel connected to Edward still. She looked exactly like him. She has small, bouncy, bronze curls, shining green eyes. Her face even looks like his. She got my furious blushing and clumsiness, which could be a curse.

I had no way of telling him he had a daughter (AN: I know there are like, webcams and e-mail and letters and stuff, but I didn't want to do that. There had to be some drama.) Every once in a while, Chelsea would come home and ask where her daddy was. I never really had an answer.

"Mommy! Mommy! Something's wrong! This fell out of my mouth!" She ran in the kitchen with a horrified expression. I looked down at her opened hand and saw something small and white. Oh my! It was a tooth!

"Oh baby! You lost your first tooth!" My little girl is growing up! She didn't even start kindergarten yet.

"I didn't mean to! Mommy, I'm sorry!" Alice and Esme were snickering behind me, and I was trying my best not to laugh hysterically at how cute and innocent she looked.

"Silly girl," I said as I ruffled her hair. "That's supposed to happen. Remember when I was telling you about the tooth fairy?" I saw her head move up and down a little, so I continued, "Well, she gets to visit you now! You're a big girl." Her face broke out into the brightest smile ever.

"Big girl?!" she started jumping up and down. Only then did she realize that her grandma and aunt were here. "Hi GranGran! Hi Auntie Alice! I'm gonna go tell my dollies!" and she sprinted out of the kitchen to her play room.

"I love Chelsea so much." Alice said with a look of awe in her eyes. Her and her husband, Jasper, have been trying for a baby, and it has been unsuccessful so far.

I nodded. "She's my life." I've got to stop this depression shit. "SO, what's the big news?" Esme and Alice both got the same look in their eyes as they glanced at each other. It was the look of awe like with Chelsea.

"Well," Alice started with a dazzling smile on her pixie-like features, "Jasper and I went to the doctor yesterday. I had an appointment and I got some blood work done because they didn't know why I was getting sick constantly…" She trailed off with the big smile still on her face.

Well, that's nice? I thought. Why so happy if you're si-

I screamed "Oh my god, Alice!" I jumped off my spot on the counter and straight over to where she was standing. I pulled her into my arms and we began jumping up and down. "Really?! Are you?!" She nodded and smiled brightly.

"Oh Bella! You don't know how happy I am. I'm so excited! I'm finally going to be a mommy. Chelsea gets another cousin, too!" I nodded aggressively.

"How far long are you?"

"Only five weeks. Let me tell you, those five weeks suck! Ugh! Who knew I could throw up so much." I laughed loudly.

"Only you, Alice. Only you. We need to celebrate!" Just as she was about to respond, there was a loud knock on the door. I heard Chelsea run to me.

"Mommy, there's two men out there that look like those guys from that one movie you and Auntie Rose and Auntie Alice were watching. The one with the booms! I don't know…" she trailed off, deep in thought.

"Honey, what are you talking about?" I asked patiently as Esme went over to the living room window to see who it was.

"BELLA! GET OUT HERE QUICK!" I've never heard Esme yell that frantically before. It was starting to worry me. I picked up Chelsea and walked towards the front door, Alice right behind me. As soon as I saw a glimpse of the kitchen door, my stomach dropped. Camouflage, there were two men in camouflage. They both had tan boots on slightly over the bottoms of they pants. They had black hats on, but I could tell they had buzz cuts. They were in the army.

"Isabella Cullen?" the one man asked. He was slightly taller than the other man. He had dark skin and the whitest teeth I have ever seen. Both of their expressions held the same worried look.

I couldn't move my mouth at all. What happened? I could only nod at them.

As soon as I nodded, the other man's face changed from worried to happy.

"He's back"

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