Title: Impressions
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Bella is a single, shy, and timid writer. Edward is an engaged, charming, and handsome businessman. What do you get when Bella has to cover "Seattle's New Couple?"
Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer I own nothing.
Comments: AU, AH. I couldn't get this plot bunny out of my head. It demanded to be written. And if there are spelling mistakes, please forgive them. I've tried to correct them myself and spell checker helped.

Chapter 1

Bella's POV.

Today was a good day. There was a hint of sunshine in the autumn air and the sky was relatively clear. I was on my way to work and checked my watch, 7:25 am. Hmm, I was early. I'm hardly ever early but I wasn't always late. I had time to stop by a local "Starbucks" before work. Rounding the street corner I drove into the underground parking facility. I paid for parking and snagged my "unofficial" parking spot.

I was now walking along the sidewalk. The ever day business people with their smart suits and briefcases. Why do people always seem like they're in a rush? Everyone of them looks the same. The men with their distinguished looking ties, the ladies with their black pumps. So bland. Ugh. Who am I kidding? I'm one of these boring everyday people. I fit right in with the morning business crowd. Dressed in a black pant suit and midnight blue short sleeved top completed with black pumps.

I made my way inside of "Starbucks." The line wasn't very long. No more than five people. I checked my watch again 7:45 am. Still had time. I opened up my purse ready to get out the amount of money for my coffee. I knew what I wanted. I wasn't picky. The line was moving at a steady pace. It seemed everyone knew what they wanted. That is, almost everyone. There was only one person in front of me now. But this person seemed to be taking a long time in deciding what to get. Doesn't everyone know what to get at "Starbucks?" Ugh. This guy has been staring at the freakin' menu for minuets now. I looked forward a bit, even the girl behind the counter was getting impatient. I looked at my watch again, 8:00am. God, I had to be in a meeting in 10 minutes. I had to do something.

"Hey! Look I don't mean to be rude or anything, but could you possibly hurry, I and I'm sure the rest of the people waiting have places to be." I rushed out, hoping it sounded polite enough. The guy in front of me turned around then, and I instantly regretted what I just said. Standing in front of me was probably the most handsomest guy I had ever seen. He was tall possibly a little over 6'0'' with messy bronze colored hair and gorgeous emerald green eyes.

"Oh I'm sorry, miss. I'm afraid I don't know what to order." he said smiling at me.

Damn it. His voice was smooth and velvety. Ultra sexy indeed.

"I'm really sorry take your time." I stammered.

He addressed me again, "Since I don't know what to order and since you seem to be in a rush, why don't you help me? Please?"

Oh my god, how can someone so handsome be so nice after what I just said? I collected myself, "Umm, sure yea thanks."

He stepped slightly to the side allowing me to move up next to him. "Ladies first." he nodded forward with crooked smile.

"I'll have a regular black coffee, grande." I said to the girl behind the counter. "Make that two please." said the tall handsome stranger.

I attempted to hand the girl my money when in a flash the stranger standing next to me handed over his card.

"Oh no, you don't have to so that.." I began but he interrupted me "Please, it's the least I can do for making you wait so long. I apologize." he said kindly, his green eyes staring straight into mine.

I nodded, "thank you."

"Name?" said the girl behind the counter.

"Pardon?" answered the stranger.

"What are your names so we can write them on your cups? We'll call out your names when your order is ready." the girl clarified.

"Bella" I said.

"Edward" said the stranger.

The girl nodded then told us to wait. I walked over to the side a bit and waited. The guy, Edward walked right next to me.

"Look, I'm very sorry for being rude earlier like that it's just I have this meeting and I can't be late."

He looked down at me and smiled kindly, "No need to apologize, I'm sorry for making you and everyone else wait so long." He said his green eyes twinkling. I smiled back and nodded. Our names were called and we collected our coffee.

"Well it was nice meeting you. Thanks for the coffee." I said giving a small smile.

"It was nice meeting you too, Bella." Good luck in your meeting." Edward replied with that smile on his face.

I walked out the door and looked at my watch 8:10am. Shit. I was late.

"It's nice of you to join us, Ms. Swan"

I managed an "I'm sorry" to the Editor, Mike Newton.

Mike looked up from his papers and laughed. "Have a seat and let's continue our meeting everyone."

For the next 45 minutes or so I sat down there sipping my coffee. Coffee that Edward the most handsome guy I've ever seen pay. Coffee that he shouldn't have paid for because I was being a bitch.

"Isabella did you hear me?" said Mike from across the room. I looked up, every one's eyes were on me. Oh shit what did I do now?

"Uhhh." I started.

"I thought so." Mike smirked. The he addressed the rest of the people. "Alright that's it, let's get to work shall we?" he said dismissing the lot of writers and photographers. I got up to go to my cubicle. But was stopped.

"Isabella a word?" Mike called. I inwardly groaned. I turned around and put on my best "fake" smile.

"Yes Mike?"

"Are you clear on your assignment?" he asked.

Crap. An assignment? I must have missed that part of the meeting.... I grinned sheepishly "can you tell me what it is again?"

Mike laughed and put an arm around my shoulder in friendly way "Isabella what am I going to do with you?" he asked himself. "I'm giving you a different assignment, I know you normally cover travel but your work is so descriptive and you pay attention to detail a lot that I've decided to give you a bigger more featured piece."

"Oh Mike, really?" I asked. In all honesty I wasn't that jazzed about this. I covered "travel" for the magazine and hit the local places and tourists places around Seattle giving my review and critique about said establishments.

He smiled and said "Jessica normally handles this type of stuff but she's sick so I decided to give it to you."

"You know I write "travel" don't you?' I said with a little bit of worry in my voice.

"Yes Isabella I do, but you're really the only one I can see handling this particular piece. It's not that hard. It's the "couples news" for our Holiday issue and if you haven't heard local businessman and philantropist Edward Cullen has just proposed marriage to antique dealer, Tanya Willows. His family is prominent in the upper class community and they will be this magazine's featured "couple". And hey look, I already gave you your headline." he said laughing.

"Mike can't you get someone else? I don't know what to do..." I replied.

"Isabella, how hard can it be to meet them, interview them, and write an article on their relationship?" he asked. "Besides you're our only other female writer that I see capable for this." And with that he left me stunned.