Ok so , i really wanted to post these stories because i think that they are pretty amazing .

Pretty much they're Rose and Jordan stories , from back when they were kids , and then eventually when they're older.

So if you read Anyone but Me or Manly Diary ...... i know you'll love these becasue, i know you love Jordan.

ANd if you didnt , and dont want to , you can still read .

Goodness knows james and the rest will be making several appearences .

SO i was just wondering if anyone was interested in reading these .

this is kinda my way of stalling while i work on the sequel for Anyone but me

Soooo enjoy!!


Rose felt a big splash of water hit her leg as she stumbled through the puddles.

This was all her mother's fault , if she would have let her come outside the day before she would be walking on piles of solid snow and not muddy mush , that made her loose her balance every couple of steps.

It was a good snow too . She watched the annual snowball fight from her window. Her team lost , their aim was really off, had she been out there she would have destroyed James' team , like she did every year.

But no.


Rose set fire to the Christmas tree ,so Rose has to stay inside .

Complete rubbish .

It was Teddy's fault anyway . He really was a bad influence on the kids , but Christmas wouldn't be the same with out the chaos that accompanied him .

She didn't really know why she was out here , maybe it was because she loved the snow and missed it so much yesterday, but this wasn't snow , this was _

" WHOA" Rose screamed as she stumbled forward and fell flat on her face "STUPID BLOODY ICE!"

She tried to stand back up , but found that she couldn't , her foot wouldn't move it was stuck in a giant sink hole.

" Oh great" she moaned as she laid back on the snow .The whole situation was becoming increasingly uncomfortable ,as the ice cold wetness seeped through her many layers of clothing. She had no choice but to lay there. Grand dad Weasley was still sleeping and everyone else was in the orchard playing snow quidditch , and god forbid her mother find out that she had snuck out of the house . So basically she was screwed .

" Well , well , well what do we have here?" Rose heard a voice say .

She struggled to look over her shoulder to see who it was .

" Oh Jordan thank god!" she said .

" What happened ?" he asked plopping down next to her on the " snow" , looking more amused than concerned .

" My foot is stuck!"

" Do you know why your foot is stuck?"

" Because life hates me?"

" No because your not supposed to be out here , and so therefore the snow gods are punishing you"

" The snow gods?" Rose asked laughing .

" I really wouldn't laugh if I was you."

" Jordan there are no snow gods! "

" Maybe not , but your still stuck in a hole which really isn't all that funny....... for you anyway."

" Yeah ha, ha , now will you please help me?"

" Hmm, I'm going to have to think about that one." he said standing up.

" What!"

" It's just , this isn't really a position many people find themselves in, sure I could be a good friend and help you , but I could also black mail you or call over your rather obnoxious relatives to harass you and get praised for being a comedic genius."

" Come on Jordan quit playing around this is serious!"

" I am being serious."

" I'm freezing to death here! "

" Well that's a tad dramatic."

" I'm not joking anymore!"

" No your jokes usually suck."

" Come on!"

" No really their always corny and no one ever gets them. "

" Jordan I'm like three seconds away from getting frostbite! "

" Really ?" he said smiling " One."

" Come on!"

" Two."

" Will you please _"

" Three."


" Well your not dead, but I'm not really sure what frostbite usually entails. Do you die or_"

" Forget it I'll do it myself !"

He smirked as she tried to stand up only to sink right back down .

"I got this!" she said , trying and failing again.

" Right , well let me know when your done ' doing it by yourself ' so I can help you"

" Your actually going to help me?"

" Of course , why wouldn't I ? Now give me your hands!"

She obeyed , but screamed in pain when he started pulling her up , and immediately let her go.

" OWWWW!!"

" What?"

" Don't rip my arms out of their sockets !"

" I didn't! "

" You tried"

" Do you want my help or not ?"

" Yes_ just be more gentle. "

" Gentle? Rosie your foot is stuck in a sink hole , how else do you expect me to get it out?"

" Fine, just hurry up!"

Again Jordan grabbed her hand and pulled , and after a few minutes of struggling , she was free........ well almost.

" Oh my God!" she said hopping up and down on one foot " My boot! Get my boot!"

Unfortunately when Jordan pulled Rose out of the hole her boot chose not to leave with her.

" Jordan im freezing , get my boot!"

" It wont come out!"

" Well what am I supposed to do? I cant hop to the house!"

" Walk."


" Actually it wouldn't be your bare foot , you do have a sock on ."

" GOD !" she rolled her eyes and started hopping towards the house, but much to Jordan's amusement didn't make it really far .

" COLD, COLD, COLD!" Rose screamed as she fell to the ground , holding her exposed foot in the air and supporting herself with her hands .

" How you doing there?" Jordan asked , smirking as he walked over to her .

" Help me." she said , giving him her famous sad eyes , the ones that always got her what she wanted from her father.

He looked at her , trying not to laugh , but also feeling rather guilty " Alright" he said " stand up."

" Easier said then done!"

Jordan helped her stand back up and then moved to stand in front of her " Jump on." he said

" What?"

" Get on my back!"

" No way!"

" How else are you getting back then?"

Rose sighed and reluctantly climbed up on his back , surprisingly she wasn't afraid anymore , he felt like he could handle her weight , and she trusted him.

" Don't drop me!"

" I wont"

" I know. "

Jordan smiled " So have you learned your lesson about sneaking out of the house?"

" Nope! Why worry about trouble when your always there to bail me out? "

" That's nice."

" Go faster , I'm freezing !"

" Relax , we've only got about ten more feet!"

Once they reached the door Rose sprung of his back and into the house where she laid on the floor in front of the fire .

" You okay now?" Jordan asked .

" Yes, thank you "

" Alright well I gotta go get James an extra broom from the shed_"

" Wow! I feel so special !" Rose said

" Why?"

" Because usually nothing comes before quidditch !"

" Yeah well _ don't get used to it _ that was a one time thing."

" How sweet."

" I am aren't I?

Rose smiled at him as he closed the door leaving her to defrost her foot .


SO if anyone is interested in reading more , let me know!!