Junior's wedding was a normal affair; probably the only "normal affair" in Ennis Del Mar's life.

He led her up the aisle on his arm, that Troy- wait, Kurt- kid waiting at the altar. Ennis didn't like being so much the centre of attention, even when everyone was instead staring at the girl – the young woman – on his elbow, and so was glad when he could finally step back and be invisible again.

The setting was the same as it had been some twenty years ago, the last time he had been an active participant in such a ceremony, and there were constant reminders of the short but long marriage he had lived, which had produced naught but his two daughters.

He had loved Alma, and he still very much did, and he had more than devotion for Alma Junior and Francine. Hell, he even would go so far as to say he tolerated the greasy-haired convenience store owner Alma had remarried to, if only for the fact that it kept guilt off his ass.

He shifted from foot to foot in his spot. Christ but he needed a smoke.

He didn't like it in there. Troy- Kurt's family were nice and all, but Alma's kept staring at him.

He had said it once to Jack. That he'd just go out into the street and people would be staring at him, like they knew, and Jack had grinned and shook his dumbfuck head and told Ennis that he was just scattier than an alleycat.

There was always that image in his head, of Earl in that goddamn irrigation ditch, face beaten in and dick ripped off.

"This is just a one-shot thing," Ennis had rumbled after that first, drunken night. He didn't want to be found dead in some hole with no balls, or worse, "I'm no queer."

Jack had fervently agreed, and Ennis had believed him.

He knew better now; damn-near twenty-one years after. He may not have been queer, after all, he liked women and still did, but there was something about Jack.

He wasn't a pussy; he wasn't going to spout some fairytale shit about them being 'soulmates', or whatever the hippies hammered on about these days. Because Jack was so much more and yet still so much less.

…Even if the retard had been found on the road with no face.

Ennis was jerked out of his thoughts by clapping, realising the goddamned ceremony was over, sheepishly following his daughter and the roughneck.

"Daddy," Alma said laughingly, later, "You were sleepin on yer feet like a horse!"