Title: Question
Author: Simply Kelp
Pairing: slight DeiTobi, because they're too precious to resist…
Rating: pg
Summary: "Can Tobi ask Deidara-senpai a question?" "Not something stupid, I hope." slight DeiTobi
Disclaimer: I wish I owned Naruto... well not Naruto, himself-- but I wouldn't object to Deidara, or Tobi...
Warnings: Tobi being himself
A/N: I really should be working on homework, or one of my other fics (btw, if you like Shikamaru, or Konohamaru, you should read Shadow), but... kyaaa; they're so cute!!!
A/N2: I'm ignoring the fact that Tobi is really Madara; I still think he should be Obito… (because Madara!Tobi completely ruins the endearing cuteness that is DeiTobi! Though I still might write something with him as Tobi in the future...)


When Deidara found Tobi, he was sitting on the grass trying to puzzle through eating ramen without removing his mask; an impossible endeavour. Deidara frowned. "Do you ever take that damned mask off?" he mumbled, more to himself than anything.

Tobi looked up from his ramen. Even though his face was covered, Deidara could feel Tobi's look: clueless. "Does Deidara-senpai want Tobi to take his mask off?" he asked innocently. "Tobi is a good boy, and will do it-- if Deidara-senpai wants him to." He set his ramen down, and began reaching for the band that held his mask on.

Deidara sat down on the grass a few feet away from Tobi, and opened his pack. "No; I was just asking a question."

"Oh." Tobi went back to puzzling at his ramen. Deidara could feel the unsettling quiet that always preceded the-- "Can Tobi ask Deidara-senpai a question?" Tobi asked, interrupting Deidara's thought.

Deidara shrugged. "Not something stupid, I hope."

"Does Deidara-senpai love his Tobi?" His tone was naive, and earnest, and curious; Deidara felt it was better suited to a child asking why the sky was blue, or where babies come from.

Deidara sighed as he looked up from his pack. "I said not to ask anything stupid; besides, you're a person, not a possession." he refrained from adding 'and if you were a possession you sure as hell wouldn't be mine.'

"Oh," Tobi said hollowly; he looked down at his bowl of ramen as if it had all the answers to life. Deidara had the fleeting temptation to say something, but it subsided quickly. "Deidara-senpai," Tobi said quietly.


"Tobi loves his senpai." Again, he could feel the look behind Tobi's mask: a rueful smile-- a stupid smile, a part of him said.

Deidara ducked to continue searching through his pack; he couldn't remember what he was looking for now. "Okay."


Why are they so cute? Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it; I would love to hear what you thought! I might just have to write more DeiTobi in the future...