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Summertime became the most wonderful time of the year. Usually I hated summer, but now, it was just amazing. Who could turn down sex, or drugs, or just the fact that I got to see Edward naked every day? No one. And that's how Edward and I usually spent our free time. It was like:

E: Hey you want to go fuck?

B: Sure.

Or, sometimes, well, most of the time, I'd be the one to just initiate it. Couldn't help it. The feeling of Edward's cock fucking me over and over again just made me go ballistic. The entire five days when I was on my period made me very pissed off. Edward and I would never have period sex. That was just disgusting. But I did pay a lot of attention to him that week. And then after, it was my turn.


I don't think so. We fit together like that. Physically. And not to mention, we were together now, and I knew every which way to please him, and him me. And it never got old.

Especially since he didn't mind the fact that I got to hang out with Alice and experiment a little more.

He he. Besides, Alice was a good kisser. No need to put that to waste.

But I really didn't care about the sex with Alice. Edward was all that counted. And now, I was kneeling down in front of him giving him a mind blowing blow job while the other people in the house party went along their fine business.

His fingers weaved at my hair as he controlled the speed he wanted to be taken. He groaned a lot, a sound so hot, it was amazing. He thrust into my mouth and he groaned when my lips reached his base, the tip touching the back of my throat. And then he came into my mouth. Some women think it's degrading, I think it tastes good. So, fuck off.

After that fun, Edward and I returned back to the crowd downstairs, the party he'd been holding at his house. We'd only been gone for a little while, not a completely big deal, but everyone downstairs seemed to be doing exactly what we were doing. Edward smiled and I turned around and kissed him.

"Mmm. I think we should go back upstairs," he said.

I laughed. "What? You're not into exhibitionism." I smiled. "So hot."

He gave me that Don't-Go-There look. Other than Alice, Edward was a really selfish person; he wasn't too keen on sharing.

But we hung out for a while.

I tossed that whole giving up coke idea out the window, so Alice came up to me, flashing me a little baggy full of yellow tinged white powder. I grabbed Edward's hand and pulled him with me.

Sitting in one of the guest rooms, Alice, Jasper, Rose, Emmett, Edward and I sat in a circle on the floor, talking and snorting lines, getting so high I could see stars. Of course, doing shit like that makes everyone horny, so the entire thing turned out to be something like an orgy. Alice and Jasper fucking on the bed, Rosalie blowing Emmett, and Edward and I going at it on the floor. I was on my hands and knees, Edward's balls slapping my wet core, making delicious sounds that my knees felt week. And every time I grunted, he went deeper, hitting a spot I hadn't even known was there. And then I came all over his cock, his hands gripping my hips and hair. I screamed, and then collapsed to the floor. I hadn't known that Edward and I were the only ones in the room, but he did, and he pulled me up.

He lay me on my back, his hard cock easing at my entrance. I squirmed beneath him, bucking my hips to try and get him inside. But he leaned down, kissing my neck and then sheathed himself in my wet, hot, pussy. It was slower, every movement deliberate, and amazing, and I could feel everything coil inside my body, and then everything unravel in my body, slowly, like molten lava coming out of my body. And what started out to be something hard and fast, turned out to be kind of nice. We didn't have like that all the time. It just didn't happen. And I realized I liked it. My body liked the way Edward was all over me, almost to the point of suffocation. And I couldn't help but want more of him.

But whatever.

After several moments, we got dressed and joined the party downstairs. I parted from Edward and went to dance with Alice and Rosalie.

Oh, it's amazing to have such great friends like these.

Edward and I went into the living room of his house, sitting on the sofa. we talked a little. Nonsense stuff, kissing and touching and being affectionate.

But then, the music shut off. I pushed Edward down on the sofa and stood up to go investigate, until I saw a blond with huge tits try to make her way to him. I stepped in front of her.

"Don't waste your time bitch. He's mine," I said with such ferocity she blinked and walked away.

But when I went into the next room, I realized it was only because Emmett was changing iPOD's to get a different mix. And then the music was back on. I went back to Edward, and we just chilled a little bit, making out and talking.

Eventually, everyone had gone home, and Jasper was the only one to stay. We, Edward, Jasper and me, sat in a circle and lit up the weed. That, was good shit.

Oh, hell yes.

I was a giggler, so I sat there, laughing at whatever Jasper and Edward was talking about.

I crawled over to Jasper and sat down in his lap, feeling his growing hardness nudge my butt. That sobered me up quite a bit. I looked at Jasper and then at Edward, then at Jasper again, an idea sparking in my mind.

But before I could say anything to Jasper, I wanted to make sure it would be okay with my Edward. He was all right with it. Then I told Jasper what I wanted to do. The guys looked at each other and then grinned. I could feel myself become wet between my thighs. Edward was almost all ways too much for me. How was I going to handle two cocks? That was just impossible.

But impossible it was not. I stood up, pulling Edward with me, then Jasper. We didn't even move from where we were. We stay in the living room. And then suddenly, there was music, but it was blaring. Closer, by Nine Inch Nails was playing. I could come at that song. I was between Edward and Jasper, facing Jasper. So I was like, what the fuck and I kissed Jasper full on the mouth. Edward was behind me kissing my shoulders. I was wearing a tube top, no bra, so with a tug of my top, my tits were pressing against Jaspers chest, the feeling so immoral. And then Edward pulled off my underwear from under my skirt. I stepped out of them and the indulged in the feeling of Edward's hands all over my body, over my ass, and then my tits. Jasper gave my ass a squeeze and I whimpered. He chuckled.

"Stop, stop, stop," I said. "We need rules, so, umm, when I say . . . 'vampire' it means 'stop and get the hell off me'. And I think that's it. Oh, Jasper, you need to wear a condom," I said.

"What? Why?"

"Because I' don't know where you shit has been. And if you want to fuck me, then that's how it goes."

"I'm clean. Alice and I took tests last weekend. And I didn't bring any condoms."

Wow. He really didn't want to.

"I don't have any either," Edward said. And I knew that for a fact, only because I told Edward he didn't have to use them. So what's the point in buying them?

"You sure, Jasper? If I get anything I will kill you. And mark my words you horny son of bitch," I threatened.

Jasper grinned. "I like it when you talk dirty."

I rolled my eyes.

"So how are we going to do this?" Edward asked.

"I thought I could be in the middle, like I am now, if you know what I mean." I grinned at them both. Touching Edward with my hand, I could feel a light shudder ripple through his body.

"And who's where?" Jasper said

I didn't know. I hadn't ever had anything go up my ass before, but apparently it felt good; Alice told me her and jasper had done it a few times. So why not try it. And since I trusted Edward more and he knew how to handle my body, I put him behind me, leaving Jasper to fuck my pussy. I moved my hips so when they went forward they met with Jasper, and when they went back, I felt Edward's hard cock wanting release.

"Sounds good," Edward said. And we got down to dressing each other. We were all kneeling on the floor. Jasper was kissing my mouth, his tongue so delicious, while Edward played around with my pussy, his fingers delving into it, rubbing circles around my clit. I moaned into Jasper's mouth.

"That's right Bella," he said. "Say my name"

I pulled away from Jasper to comply. "Edward," I said into the air. He pulled my hair, so my head was thrown back, my neck exposed. I liked it. He kissed my neck and rubbed me harder, making me burst all over his hand. He licked his fingers, and I turned around, undressing him from his clothes, alternating between him and Jasper, whom both were fully dressed.

They helped me, and the first one done was Jasper. I leaned down, licking the tip of Jasper's cock. He groaned. I took him into all of my mouth, swirling my tongue over the shaft, then licking him from base to tip a few times. And then I got to work, as Edward was working my pussy with his dick. He thrust so hard it was throwing me off of what I was doing, since all I really wanted to do was breathe. Edward smacked my ass, and I got back to work on Jasper's cock. I sucked hard and mercilessly, enjoying the sound of my name coming from his mouth and the sounds Edward was making. If only I could see his face.

Just that thought alone had me coming like I hadn't before, sucking hard on Jasper. He came into my mouth and I swallowed, whimpering at the feeling of Edward's cock gliding up and down my slit, making my ass wet so it would be easier. Then he stuck a finger in me, stretching me some.

Edward chuckled. "Damn, Bella. Is there any pace you're not tight?"

I just moaned for him to continue when he added another finger.

"Oh, Edward, I need . . . you. I need . . . oh, God, I need you to fu . . . fuck me." It was the best I could do; Jasper was playing around with my chest, kissing and licking and sucking my tits. It was definitely go time.

Just by my body language, the boys knew it was time to start. We were all kneeling again. I took a deep breath, Jasper kissing me and slipping inside. He started slow, experiencing what he was about to do. And then, I felt Edward's fingers disappear and be replaced by his huge cock. I panicked, but the way he caressed me and said, "Relax Bella. I'm going to make you feel good. I'm going to fuck you like you want me to, and you're going to like it."

And as I shuddered at his words, he slipped inside of me, spitting down to make me wetter, while Jasper pounded away.

It was awkward at first, having them both in me, but then they found the rhythm. I held on to Jaspers hips, urging him on, wanting him to fuck me hard, while I leaned my head back and let Edward kiss me, throwing all of the passion he was feeling into that one kiss. Edward was taking his time with me, making sure I was alright, while Jasper fucked me. And I paid more attention because of that, because Edward was taking his time with me.

When Jasper came, I hadn't yet, but I was so close, just as close as Edward was. He moved fast but measure, as his hands played with my breasts, massaging them, and gently playing with my clit.

"Edward," I said to him, and then we came together, Warmth spilling through me, and down my thighs. I screamed, arching my back, pulling away from his kisses.

"Bella, Bella," he said. I moaned again and fell to the ground, disconnecting our bodies.

Jasper had left, all his clothes picked up and absolutely no sign of him.

Edward and I didn't care. We just fucked to our heart content. And let's just say that our hearts were mighty greedy.

Wonderful night it was.

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