Hail to you oh glorious reader. Thank for stopping by to read my first fan fiction. I'm a little nervous and kind of worried but all that aside I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing it.





He stood on top of the Hokage monument staring out at the beautiful village before him. " I wonder if anyone will notice" he said with a sad smile. Feeling a breeze hit his naked body he turns around and continues his task at hand. Placing small bookmark size pieces of paper all over his body. After placing the final few on his head he walks over to the edge one more time and remembers the biggest events that brought him to do the one thing that would finally make his village happy.


"You are the demon Naruto you are the nine-tailed fox" said Mizuki his one time former teacher. Naruto stood there shaking "You are lying everyone knows the Kyuubi is dead". Mizuki looks at the blond boy and smiles devilishly " Are you sure?". Iruka looked at naruto with true sadness in his eye's "Naruto you are not the fox you are just it's holder". Naruto shocked and hurting looks at his teacher the one person he thought truly cared and loved him and shouted with tears in his eyes "YOU KNEW AND TOLD ME NOTHING!"

Iruka looked away saying nothing. Mizuki just laughed clapping his hands. " No one can love you demon you are that unlovable, unwanted, and uncared for. You are alone now, will always be alone and will never know what a real friend is. But do not worry I will fix all that for you. Hand me the scroll and I will end the hate, the pain, the feeling of being alone, and free your tortured soul." he said in a surprising sincere voice.

"NO" screamed Iruka. "I will not allow you to hurt him no matter what." Naruto looked at his sensei tears streaming down his face. Mizuki tired of waiting took the giant shuriken off his back and throw it at naruto screaming " DIE DEMON!" Closing his eyes waiting for the bliss of nothingness that never came. Opening his eyes he only saw green. Looking up he saw his teacher looking down at him saying " Its ok naruto I will not let him hurt you now take the scroll and run as fast as you can." Shaking his head naruto stood there wishing that he would have just been hit and left to die like he wanted.

Iruka grabbed naruto and hugged him saying "I am sorry I did not tell you but, I was not allowed. Naruto you are not the demon you are just a boy who has one inside of him. You are like a prison and in it his the demon." Naruto looked up nodding to his teacher but, inside not believing him in the slightest. Mizuki started to take another large shuriken off his back naruto stood up. "I WON"T YOU HURT IRUKA SENSEI" he screamed. His once former teacher now traitor let lose the shuriken. As it got close he thought of taking this one in the head but, decided to block it. He took out a kunai and deflected it. Mizuki looked at he blond " What you going to do to stop me demon?" Naruto looked up at the man and put his fingers in a cross shape and shouted " SHADOW CLONE JUTSU". A large puff of smoke took up the clearing. As it cleared Mizuki's eyes grew wide. Standing all around where hundreds of naruto's and together they said " where goin kick your ass".

Flashback end

Naruto smiled thinking back to that moment. He had kicked Mazuki's ass so bad. Taking off his Konoha headband and stared at it thinking of another time.


Sitting on the roof of the academy after team 7 little introduction powwow he looked out over the school yard. Thinking about himself and the demon. He saw a little old lady crossing the street with a bag that was to big for her little old arms. As he stared on he watched as the bag dropped. Jumping down he walked over. "Excuse me ma am may I help you?" "Why yes that would be ….." turning around the lady looked at the boy and screamed " HELP THE DEMON IS TRYING TO KILL ME LIKE HE DID MY SON".

Naruto flinched. " HELP CALL ANBU SOMEONE HE IS GOING TO KILL ME". "I am just trying to help you please stay calm". The woman started to scream more and more the closer he got to her. When he was about to touch her she grabbed her chest and started to fall. He caught her and looked down at her. With terror in her eyes she looked at him. He then started to notice a glaze coming over the woman eyes. He watched as this poor old woman was scared to death by….Him.

Flashback end

A single tear fell from his eye on to the shiny service of he headband as he placed on a scroll. He now knew that the village was right he was a monster a demon. He had killed a poor defenseless old lady. As he looked over the edge he thought "At least I am going out with a bang". He turned to look at the neat pile of cloths with the scroll on top and smiled. As he leaned back and jumped.

He felt weightless physically and mentally. Smiling he started to spin about half way down he was facing the city flared his chakra as much as he could and said the only word that came to mind. "BANG".