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The last week for Naruto had been something out of a horror film between running from place to place and learning about his sister it had been a nightmare not to mention being signed up for the upcoming Chunin exams. His day would usually consist of training from six in the morning till noon, then he would have lunch at his house with his girls and his sister, at around one he would head to the academy trying to finish getting through telling all the students their affinities, then he would leave there at two to train more, and finally around six he went home to spend time with his ladies till he finally passed out in his room. What had made the week harder was that he was not aloud to have sex at all. Anko said it was a way to build him up for the coming exam so that he was tougher.

That had only been his day to day routine that was not even adding in those days where something would happen. In the past week he had been called a liar from villagers. They had stated that there was no way that the great fourth Hokage would put a demon in his son. There had only been one person to attack him.

It was a middle aged man who had come at him with a knife aiming to stab his heart. It had been the last thing he had ever done. Hinata had snapped his neck twenty yards away from him and she did it with a smile on her face. It had scared her to no end at how fast she had done it and that she felt nothing at all doing it. Naruto had taken her to his room that night and held her in his arms whispering 'thank you' and about how much he loved her.

The two most annoying things that had happened in the last week were that Kakashi had come back from a month long mission and that Sasuke had started to show up…everyday. Kakashi was not really that hard to get rid of compared to Sasuke. He had walked out to the gate opened it told Kakashi that he was a disappointment to not only his sensei but his team to. Naruto had tore Kakashi a totally new hole to use to stuff his mottos of teamwork and partnership in.

Sasuke had been a whole different story. He had shown up one morning demanding to see the Namikaze clan library. Naruto had walked out and said no that he had no right to demand anything. Sasuke had said just cause he was a Namikaze now did not make him better then the dobe he was. Then he pushed past him into the compound grounds the event that had taken place had been a total movie moment.


"Move dobe." Sasuke said as he pushed him out of the way.

Alexandra happened to be standing with him when he answered the door and moved up to grab the Uchiha when she saw Naruto shake his head. She looked at him a second then nodded and stepped back.

As Sasuke walked towards the front door he felt a slight feeling of foreboding. As he made it to the half way mark the ground started to shake then it exploded into ruble knocking him back towards the gate.

Sasuke looked to where he was standing to see the ground smoothing out back to the way it was. He jumped up running toward the same spot right before he walked over it he jumped up and over it. When he made it over he turned back to Naruto and smirked that's when the shit hit the fan. Fireballs started to cascade down from the sky above him.

Moving quickly he ran in a zigzag pattern towards the front gate. He dodged, rolled, slides, and skidded from many near hits getting slowly closure to the door. When he finally made it to the front of the door he turned back. "Not even the great fourth Hokage is a match for an Uchiha elite." he said reaching for the knob.

When Sasuke touched the knob nothing happened. Smiling he turned the knob then it happened. A small seal appeared on the door then it turned into a hug boxing glove and smashed into Sasuke's face knocking through the yard and right out the open gate.

Naruto walked outside the gate to see Sasuke stuck in the wall across the street. He walked up to him and kneeled down in front of the Uchiha's upside down body. "The security of my compound is amazing isn't it? The really funny part is that it was only set to stun and only on level two. If it were on kill you would have died when you walked in. Next time you try to enter my compound I will set it to kill and to level it up to ten." Naruto then stood and walked inside shutting the gate.

Turning to look at Alexandra he saw her smiling face. "You should have killed him." she said walking up kissing his cheek.

"I know but, maybe he'll learn." he said as he walked back into the house.

Flashback end

That one event had been the true shine of his week. It had made going through the terror known as training much easier.

During the week he had also been talking to Tsume and her children explaining to them what was to happen. Kiba had surprised them all by being very supportive. He told his mom that there was no one better then Naruto for her. When she had asked him why he had said that he knew that with Naruto being with her she would always be protected but also be treated like a queen. When he had said that she was upset till Naruto explained it to her in detail more. After ten minutes of explaining she had understood. Hana on the other hand had not been as easy he remembered that conversation very well.


Naruto had just been pulled into the first floor study by Hana Inuzuka after being asked to talk alone with her. Naruto turned to the young woman smiling noticing that she was almost as beautiful as her mother. "What can I do for you Hana-san?" he asked.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked sounding angry.

Naruto sat in one of the small chairs by the door then motioned for Hana to do the same. After Hana was seated comfortable Naruto stared at her for a minute. "Do you love Iruka?" he asked.

Hana blushed hard at that. "How did you know about that?" she asked.

"He is my teacher and I covered for him the day he asked you to marry him." he said smiling.

"What does that have to do with this?" she asked still a dark red.

Naruto smiled at that. "Please answer the question before I say more."

She looked at him a minute seeming to be sizing him up. "I love him with all my heart." she said sounding completely sure of the statement.

"That is very good and I believe you will be amazing together. To answer that question I have to ask another question. I am sorry for that it makes me sound like I am talking in circles. Do you know what I am?" he said watching her.

Hana looked at him for a second like he was slow. "Yes I know what you are. You are a boy asking to marry my mother and take her away from her family." she said sounding angry again.

"Let me set one thing straight to you. I am not taking her away from her family you can come see her anytime you wish. You are welcome and I actually hope you do come over often. She will be just as free as she is now she will just be married." he said sounding slightly angry.

"Yes but you are forcing her into a marriage she does not want." she said a little louder.

"No I am not. I offered her just a straight alliance and even offered to destroy the contract with the marriage clause and write just a straight alliance contract." he said to her keeping his voice as normal a volume as possible.

Hana looked at him for a second then spoke. "You are the head of the Namikaze clan and son of the fourth Hokage. Along with your sister you are all that has survived of the clan." she said in a low tone.

"That is all you know about me." he said.

"Why is there something else I should?" she asked.

Naruto looked at her a moment thinking of he should tell her or not. After a moment he spoke up. "My name is Naruto Namikaze and I am the container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune." he told her.

Hana looked at him a moment then slowly nodded. "That explains a lot with the villagers and ninja attacking you so often. That does not explain though why you are asking to marry my mother." she said evenly.

Naruto was a little shocked that the young woman across from him did not freak out. "I am asking to marry your mother because she deserves it more then anyone." he said.

"What do you mean?" she asked confused.

Naruto sighed then spoke. "Your mother is in my opinion what a real woman of strength is. She raised two children alone for most of your lives, a clan head who looks out for not only her clan but the good of the village, a ninja feared through out the nations, and most of all she stood up for me."

"So where in that is the reason you are going to marry her?" she asked looking at him with a dead pan look.

Naruto smiled at that. "Your mother deserves love and to be happy. She threw out the want of love after what happened with your father and to better raise you and Kiba."

Hana looked at him a little shocked. Her mother had told him about her father something the older woman detested bringing up at all. "You believe you can make her happy?" she asked.

Naruto nodded. "I am sure I can. Your mother is a strong and truly amazing woman but no matter how strong she needs someone to love her." he said smiling.

Hana looked at him a minute. She then remembered something Iruka told her about him. It was that he always kept a promise no matter what. "I will agree to this if you can promise me you can make her happy."

Naruto did not even hesitate. "I promise on my headband."

Hana was in awe at that. To swear on ones headband was the greatest thing a ninja could do to show their trust worthiness. "You do know that to break a promise on ones headband is to be foresworn?"

Naruto smiled at the older canine-like female. "I know but I believe that your mother can find love and happiness with me." he said.

Hana looked at the young Namikaze for a few moments taking in what he had just said. "Where is the contract?" she asked.

Naruto walked over to the desk. After opening a few drawers he pulled on a scroll and gave it to Hana. When Hana received the scroll she opened it and read.

When she was finished she looked up at Naruto. "What is with the small tare in the side?" she asked holding it up showing it to him.

"Your mother thought I was just after sex so she asked me if I would ripe it up and just do the alliance so I held it out and ripped that little bit to show her that I would." he said looking her right in the eyes.

Hana looked at him for a moment then looked at the contract seeing her mother's signature. "Do you have a pen?"

Naruto walked over to the desk grabbed a pen and handed it to her. Hana looked at him a moment more then signed the document. When she finished she rolled it up then handed it back to him. She then stood and walked to the door. When she reached it she turned back. "If you hurt my mother no matter what the cost I will kill you." she said as she walked out the door.

End Flashback

That had been a really interesting conversation for him. The next day Hana became clan head and her mother decided to stay to show her the ropes till the end of the second part of the Chunin exams.

Then there was the promise he made at the academy which he found out were Hinabi who came in first, Konohamaru that came in second with Moegi and Udon getting third and fourth. He had done as he promised and trained them only day. He did not teach them anything crazy but he did teach them better work out tips and also a single D-ranked jutsu of their choosing.

When the other three had left he had taken Hinabi to the large library on the third floor which was filed with low ranking jutsu from C and below. He had Hinata come in and explain everything to her then talk to the young girl. When Hinata had come out Naruto had sat down with Hinabi and discussed about her dinner plans.


Naruto sat across from Hinabi in the living room with Hinata sitting next to him. He stared over at the girl with a smile. "I have decided to add you on to the house seals so that you may come and go as long as someone his home to be with you till you are a genin." he said.

Hinabi brightened up at that with a large smile. "So I can some here and see my sister anytime I want?" she asked.

"Yes or you can come here and study but you must follow the rules of the house." he had said getting a vigorous nodded from the young girl.

Naruto had then dived in to explaining the rules to her but included that one of his ladies or himself had to be there and that anyone she brought with her had to be okayed before being brought through the gate. To which she nodded again. Naruto had taken some blood from her and placed it on the seal then explain the emergency button on the back of the gate.

Flashback ends

Since that day it had been impossible to keep Hinabi away from the compound. She would come and go during weekends and on week days was shut out till the academy was over.

Now Naruto stood in front of the academy for today was the day of the Chunin exams. Standing at his sides was is lovers and teammates. Hinata stood to his left while Ino was to his right each holding a hand.

Naruto looked from one to the next then smiled. "Are you ready to go?"

Both nodded and they began there walk into the academy. As they walked they noticed many of the teams moving up the stairwell. As they followed the teams they noticed many stop and move off towards class rooms to the side of the stairs. When they reached the area they saw many of the teams standing in front of a class being guarded by two young men.

Naruto looked up at the class number he saw 301 he looked back at the stairs then to his girls. When he made eye contact with them he flashed two fingers and they both nodded. His team started moving up the stairs when Naruto looked back to see Sasuke's team walking up the stairs. He smiled making eye contact with both Kiba and Shino.

As team seven made its way up the stairs they came to the third floor. Walking down the hall they saw room 301 and made their way towards it. When Naruto reached his hand out it was slapped away. Looking towards his hand attacker he saw Anko then looking to the left of her he saw Haku and Alexandra standing there. "What are you all doing here?"

Anko smiled her evil little smiled and flashed her new slightly forked tongue. "I am here to make sure you all showed up together and we came together to wish you luck." she said.

At that point each girl came up hugged him then gave him a kiss. When they were all finished Naruto looked to Alexandra. "Stay with Haku for me please ok Alexandra? She does not know all the people who might try to get to her to get to me." he said.

Alexandra smiled and nodded. "Yes master."

"I still do not know why you choose to be a slave for him instead of being a queen for me." said a voice from behind them.

Naruto turned to see Shino's team walking down the hall towards them. He then looked at the speaker to see the last loyal Uchiha. "I could give you anything you ever wanted." he said smiling.

"I do not want anything from you. What I want is to be with my master and make him happy." she said to him.

Naruto smiled at that and gave Alexandra a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for coming and thank you for wishing me luck. I will see you in a few days so be good and no hurting people." Naruto said looking at Anko.

At that the three man team known as team seven opened the doors to room 301 and entered. When Naruto shut the door behind him he turned to see everyone in the room staring at his team. "Hi." he said waving to the room.

Hinata and Ino looked to the lover and teammate and shook their heads. Grabbing an arm each the girls dragged him further into the room towards three people they knew all to well. When they reached them Naruto put his hand on one of their shoulders. "Hey Shikamaru didn't know you guys would be here. How is your new team coming?" he asked.

The young pumpkin head looking boy turned to the smiling face of Naruto. "Troublesome really but we have been able to incorporate are new team member in fairly well." he said looking at the blond.

Naruto smiled he knew that if anyone could find a way to change something new into something truly helpful it was the guy in front of him. He opened his mouth to speck when the door to the room opened. Looking over he saw Shino walk in with Kiba and the Uchiha behind him. That's when he heard it. "Sasuke-kun!!"

He saw a blur of pink shot past Shikamaru and run to the Uchiha. Naruto watched with a smile as his old female teammate ran jumping on to Sasuke's side. It was in his opinion the dumbest thing she could do. Any good genjutsu artist in the area would be able to use this one small bit of information to distracter her and that would end with her death most likely.

Naruto turned from the view of Sakura seemingly dry humping Sasuke to a commotion he heard behind him. Looking over he saw a rather large man with what seemed to be a rather large axe on his back talking to someone Naruto could not see do to said man blocking his view. After a moment he heard the voice of his sister so putting two and two together he guess the person the large man was talking to was his sister.

Naruto got up and walked over towards the man when he reached the man he felt two people standing next to him. Looking over he saw his teammates standing near ready to be back up if it got ugly. At this point Naruto raised his hand and placed it on the man's shoulder which happen to be up higher then his head.

"I suggest you leave her alone." said Naruto give a slight warning with his tone.

Without turning around the man knocked Naruto's hand a way and spoke up. "This is not your problem. This is between Iwa and this Namikaze bitch. So leave before you get hurt mister hero." said the man in a deep gruff voice.

That's when Naruto heard a slap and saw the head of the Iwa nin turn slightly to the left. Naruto could see the anger on the man's face right before it turned back and he raised his hand in a fist. As he saw the hand begin it's decent towards his sister he made his move.

Naruto moved in front of the man and reached his hand, now with clawed fingernails, up a wrapped it around the bigger mans neck. As if on instinct the man stopped and looked down to his attacker with a shocked face.

Naruto looked up at the man eye's glowing red and frowned. "If you ever raise your hand to my sister again I will take it from you and give it to her as a gift."

At this he released the man throat and turned to his smiling sister. "Thank you, big brother."

Naruto smiled finding he could not hold it in when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning to look at the owner of the appendage he saw the big man standing there looking at him with rage. That's when the man made his move. Using his other hand he grabbed on to the back of Naruto's head and yanked hearing a loud crack. The man released the younger boys head gave a cry in victory.

All around the man people stared at him in confusion wondering as to why he was screaming like he won something. Naruto turned back to his sister and her team smiling.

"Ok now that that is taken care of I wish you luck Anita and your team." he said as he leaned in and hugged his sister then walked away toward the other Konoha genin rookie teams.

As he neared the team he heard the sounds of the man's team trying to release his genjutsu over him. He could not help but smile at this sure he had given something away but nothing to great.

On his way back to his team something caught his actually it was more like someone. It was a girl but what confused him about her catching his eye was that she looked like a normal ninja girl. Her hair was a normal shade of brown and went past her shoulders. She was covered in bandages most of her body in fact both arms and legs were covered also her forehead and neck were rapped and under her left eye.

Naruto made a turn to head towards the girl when he felt a hand grab his shoulder. Looking to the hand then up it to the offender he saw an older boy with glasses and silver hair. The boy smiled then spoke "You should not attack other people like that you are giving away what you could use to surprise your enemy in this type of exam."

Naruto smiled at the boy. "If you do not remove your hand you get his treatment." he said point over to the Iwa nin that was now shaking peoples hands thanking them for making him the hero of Iwa.

The silver haired boy removed his hand still looking at the crazy Iwa nin. After a second he turned back to Naruto and smiled. "Like I said before you should have kept that a secret now everyone know you are good at genjutsu so they can prepare for it."

"Good I hope they do it makes the fight that much more fun." he said turning back around and walking towards the bandaged girl.

As he walked up to the girl he smiled. When he reached her he put his hand out. "Hi I'm Naruto. What's your name?" he asked her.

The girl looked at his hand for a second then put her own out shaking it. "My name is

Isaribi." The girl said with out any emotion.

Naruto looked at the girl while shaking her hand. He could see she was hiding not just something physical but also herself. "It is nice to meet you Isaribi-chan I hope to see you in the final part of the exam." he said as he turned away with a smile.

All he wanted was to touch her for some strange reason and now that he had he knew that she was something special.

Isaribi watched as the boy known to her now as Naruto walked away. She felt something when she touched him and when he called her chan. It was the first time someone had called her that.

"Do not forget our mission here. We are here to support the sound team do not forget that your cure is on the line." said the white haired man next to her.

She looked to the man and nodded. She had to help them get to the Uchiha if she wanted the man next to her to put her back to how she was before he and the snake man kidnapped her and turned her into a monster. She nodded to herself knowing that nothing mattered but this.

When Naruto started walking back to the group he saw that Sasuke was talking to the silver haired guy from earlier. As he reached his team which was right next to the two he heard his name.

"That's no fun you know there names." said the silver haired boy as he shuffled what looked to be playing cards in his hands then pulled one out.

"Rock Lee is a year older than you. He's done 20 D-rank missions and 11 C-rank missions. The squad leader is Gai-sensei and his teammates are Tenten and Hyuuga Neji. His hand to hand combat skills have increased dramatically this past year, but his other skills are terrible. This is the first time taking the Chunin."

The boy then pulled out another card. "Gaara of the desert completed 8 C-rank and 1 B-rank mission and returned from all his missions unharmed. This is his first time taking the exam."

The boy then pulled out a final card. "Naruto Namikaze is from your year. He has completed 10 D-rank missions and 1 A rank. His squad leader is Anko Mitarashi and is teammates are Hinata Hyuuga and Ino Yamanaka. Is said to hold a new Doujutsu but has not been confirmed as of yet." said the silver haired boy.

The boy then placed the card back and smiled. "Something else that is note worth is that the participants for this bi-annual Chunin exam include: Fire Country, Hidden Konoha (Leaf Village) - 72 participants, Wind Country, Hidden Sand Village - 30 participantsGrass Country - 12 participants, Waterfall Country - 12 participants, Rain Country - 21 participants, Sound Country - 3 participants, and Ocean Country - 3 participants."

Naruto stared at the over knowledgeable boy in front of him. The boy seemed to have too much information on not only him but people from other countries. As he thought about this he heard Sakura speck up.

"I have never heard of sound village. I guess their a small new village." she said sounding a little high about the fact she came from a big village.

Naruto moved to in front of Sakura with a kunai out with Ino and Hinata blocking other weapons with kunai. The three blocked the attackers then pushed them back.

As Naruto looked to the three attackers he noticed that they all had headbands on depicting a musical note. He then looked down from the note to see their faces. The one that had been blocked by Ino was a few inches taller then himself with black spiky hair and black eyes. He seemed to be wearing a dirty yellow baggy shirt and black pants.

The one that had been blocked by Hinata could not be identified by facial characteristics do to the bandages covering everything but his left eye. Naruto did notice one thing though it seemed that the sound nin had some sort of thick metal plating around his right arm.

The final one was actually a girl and she was beautiful. Her hair was red and long nearly touching her butt. The eye's staring back at him were amazing they were brown but they seemed to be dark around the pupil then got lighter till they got to the whites. She wore dark brown long baggie pants, a tunic tip chest covering, and a hat covering the top of her head.

The girl just seemed to stare back before she spoke. "What the fuck are you looking at you piece of shit leafy?"

Naruto could not help but chuckle at that. "A very beautiful girl. How about you?" he asked.

"Some piece of shit wannabe ninja who would rather think with his shrimp dick then his pea size brain." she said blushing.

Naruto began to laugh at that. He could not help himself the way she said it just made him want to laugh. After a moment he calmed down and looked into her beautiful eyes and spoke. "I am sorry for what the loud mouth pink tart said about your home. I understand that it is your village and to hear someone else call it a small is like saying it is nothing."

Tayuya looked at the young man in front of her. He was younger then he but she had to admit that age meant nothing when you had eyes like his. She felt like she could be lost in them but shook her head staring back at the blond. She then looked over to the pink haired girl who was behind the boy and scowled. "Your lucky shrimp dick here saved you or else you would be dead." She said sheathing her kunai and turned around.

She started to walk away when she heard the blond call out. "My name is Naruto Namikaze. What's yours?"

Tayuya stopped moving at thought to her self. 'I should just keep walking but he did offer his first.' "Tayuya" she said as she kept walking.

"I hope I see you later Tayuya-chan." he said out loud.

There was another loud clang of metal on metal at this. Naruto looked down to see the red headed Tayuya staring at him in anger with a kunai nearly to his heart but only being stopped by his own. "Just Tayuya shrimp dick. No chan not ever." she said as she was getting ready to push away when a puff of smoke was seen in the front of the room.

"There will be no fighting in this part of the exam unless I say so. You got that peons?" said a man wearing all black including a black bandana on his head who sported a wicked scar from the corner of his left eye to over his lips and chin. Then another from under his right eye to his right side of his face. To say he looked intimidating would be like saying snow is white. It was a no shit moment.

Tayuya and Naruto pulled away from each other then looked to the man at the head of the room. That's when they heard the laughing of another person in the room. Looking to the laughing Naruto saw that it was Iwa nin once more.

He could not keep himself from laughing at this point and started to nearly cry. Then he heard someone call to him. "Naruto Namikaze if you are done do you mind letting him out." said the man from the front.

Naruto looked up and smiled. "Of course Ibiki-san." he said as he walked over to the Iwa nin.

When Naruto reached him he activated his eyes and dispelled the genjutsu. He looked at the taller man and his teammates smiled then turned an walked away. He could hear as the mans team explained to him what had happened.

When Naruto made it back to his team he smiled then turned to face Ibiki. That is when the explaining to the group about this part of the exam. It seemed that they had forty-five minutes to finish the written portion and that they could not cheat or something then came their seating assignments to which Naruto was very happy of his.

Sitting to his left was Isaribi and to his right Tayuya. It was like being between two positive magnets and being a negative one. He could not help staring at one then the other but that came to an end when Ibiki called out. "Start."

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