Hello! This is my very first oneshot, and it was inspired by one of Ripper22's stories! I hope you enjoy it!

~Lost and Maybe Forgotten~

You know when your time is up. You know when you're doomed. But, do you know if someone is coming to save you, even if they're forgotten by the world? The hope you'd never bother feeling: the hope of the last resort; coming, even though you turned your back, when you didn't mean to…

. . .

Every Smasher had a purpose in saving the world, whether it was helping the battle against Primids, rescuing each other, or simply reviving another's trophy. All of them started alone once, but then merged into mini groups, bigger groups, super groups, then into one last mega gang of super powerful heroes consisting of every fighter.

Well, minus three, but who was counting?

Mario was used to Luigi not being around, so he shrugged it off when he wasn't present. It wouldn't matter if he wasn't anywhere near. Not many knew of Ness; he was a prodigy, yet he sort of humbly kept to himself. Nearly everyone didn't even know he was one of the heroes for the longest time! Nevertheless, he was lost among a rubble of rocks and memories. King Dedede; he had one of the biggest roles ever! However, whenever he had tried to help, someone would think he was the bad guy and attack him. No one even bothered to ask why he was collecting trophies in the first place. The penguin eventually just retreated to his hideout with the few figurines he had. Just as he equipped them with his special badges, the next thing he knew he himself was trapped in an unanimated state, after giving up his own ticket to safety.

Three fighters, lost and, by most, maybe forgotten.

The Smashers that were there the first time they encountered Tabuu hadn't really thought about if every possible person was accounted for. They all were dangerously focused on defeating Tabuu so all the madness wrecking throughout the universe would finally stop. Naturally, they weren't strong enough, and Tabuu unleashed a shockwave so intense that it turned all the heroes into statues-just like the others. Now, with all the smashers as trophies, no one could revive them. No one would come. No one would save them.

Or would they?

In a miraculous blast of light, two lost heroes awoke from their dreaded sleep, Luigi and Ness. Ness pulled the badge that saved Luigi off the plumber's nose and examined it, finding that it had King Dedede's face on it. If the other Smashers knew that he was just trying to prevent the fate they were now in, maybe they would have listened. Ness understood though; he was one of the lucky ones. He thanked the king by reviving him, and he and Luigi both received a hug. Together, they knew everyone needed their help and they were obviously the only ones that could do the job.

They set out to save the ones that forgot about them. The memory of them lost.

The three darted around, tapping every shiny gold base they came to. Many of the fighters were shocked to see them; they had forgotten they even existed. Ness glanced over and spotted Lucas. He was a bit hesitant; after all, Ness had saved him before and all Lucas did in thanks was run. Either way, Ness still helped his friend. When Lucas came to, he looked up in Ness' eyes, jumped up, and hugged him, apologizing very deeply for deserting him. Ness couldn't refuse an apology like that and forgave his friend. They both glanced around, hearing his, Luigi's and King Dedede's name brush excitedly and gratefully through the crowd.

They were now the heroes. Without them, there would be no stopping Tabuu after all!

Everyone was revived, Tabuu was defeated with everyone united as one, and Ness, Luigi, and King Dedede gazed over the edge of the cliff into the sunset with proud faces among their friends. Even though they didn't get to help in the little things, they did do one big thing that made them found, and always remembered.