The Note That Started It All

Catherine: Hey Nick

Nick: Hi Cath

Grissom: Hello Catherine

Catherine: *Turns with head down*

Grissom: Hey Nick do you have any idea whats going on with Catherine. Cause she hasn't talked or even look at me in almost two week.

Nick: I have no idea cause she talks to me and the others with no problems. Did you say something to tick her off.

Grissom: No I say hi and she turns with her head down and goes to her office with the lights off. I'm going in there. Leaves in a hurry to her office and He gets there Catherine Willows whats going on *Flips Lights on*

Catherine: * Running out crying *

Grissom: Catherine come here! Looks on her desk and finds a note to him Picks it up

Whats this? He starts to read it

Catherine's note: Dear Gil

I'm sorry that I have been ignoring you but when I see what we were like before we became co-workers. It has bugged me for a while but it's really started to hurt when you and Sara started dating. All I wont is to have you back for myself and i have wanted to ask you to start dating again but I was afraid that you didn't love me anymore. Now that you have moved on to Sara it has been killing me and I can't look at you or Sara and I can't talk to you two. Please forgive me if I can ever talk to you again but if you knew how I felt about you. You would know how it kills you. Since I made the biggest mistake when I met Eddie cause I thought he loved me but he didn't and when I had Lindsey he started beating me. Since then all the men I'm with seem to turn out like that. I love you to death and always will want you to myself but I guess I will never get to. Since you now know why I have been acting the way I have you probable will not be able to make me happy again. So if I ever tal to you again don't bring this up please. Love you



Grissom: WOW I have loved Catherine the same way but I thought she moved on. I have to find her! *Runs out of her office screaming* Have any of you seen Catherine?

Everyone: Yea she went that way *Pointing towards her gets to her car*

Grissom: Catherine I need to talk to you He screamed and He gets to her car Catherine roll down your window or I'm coming in.

Catherine: Nods and rolls down her window Get in Grissom

Grissom: He gets in Hey I love you just as much as you love me but I thought you moved on and it took me ears to.

Catherine: Well it's killing me seeing you with her. What are you going to do?

Grissom: I'm breaking up with her I love you way more then Sara.

Catherine: *Nods* Ok but why for me I mean I'm a low life you see the men I have dated before.

Grissom: YOUR NOT A LOW LIFE you know your not

Catherine: Yes I am all I have dated are men who beat e and things like that.

Grissom: No you are not. All you did was make so bad choices in men. That does not make you a low life Ok. Now I have a question for you.

Catherine: What?

Grissom: Will you go out with me and never lave me?

Catherine: Yes I will with a tear rolling down her cheek

Grissom: OK let me go and break up with Sara be right back. Don't go in cause you have been crying and they might make fun of you. Well Hodges will.

Catherine: Well I was going to go in but now im not even though I was going to hit whoever messed with me or I can I hide behind you.

Grissom: Well your face is almost clear so I will wait for it to clear up.

Catherine: OK cause I want to see what Sara says

Grissom: OK Baby your face is cleared up

Catherine and Grissom: OK lets go

Both: *Laughing While walking in*

Grissom: Hey Sara come here

Sara: OK Hun

Grissom: Hey we are done

Sara: * crying * Why are we done and over with

Grissom: Cause I love Catherine way more and I have for years.

Sara: I hate you both you broke the wrong person's heart. I will get you both back.*Leaves crying*

Catherine: OK Sure you will. If you touch me I will beat you down in no time.

Sara: Watch I will beat you down before you bet me down

Grissom: OK stop you two

Catherine: OK Baby now give me some sugar

Grissom: Alright *Leans in to kiss Catherine*

Catherine: *Leans in to kiss Grissom*

Both: *They kiss*

Sara: * Runs over to them and pulls them apart*

Catherine: * Hits her so hard that Sara hit the ground*

Ecklie: Hey Catherine, Grissom and Sara my office now!

Catherine: Fine just keep Sara away from me

Grissom: OK we will I will be between you two

Sara: Fine just keep Catherine away from me

All Three: *Get to his office*

Ecklie: OK you three whats going on Catherine you first

Catherine: OK Me and Gil were kissing and Sara came and was pulling us apart by are heads so I punched her.

Ecklie: OK Gil your turn

Grissom: Mines the same as Catherine's

Ecklie: Sara your turn

Sara: Thats how it went

Ecklie: OK Sara your suspended without pay and Catherine and Gil you two are fine

Sara: WAIT! I'm suspended without pay and thy get a slap on the wrist

Ecklie:Well you started it so you get the punishment

Sara: Fine I QUIT!!!!!

Ecklie:OK turn in all your CSI stuff

Sara: FINE!

Catherine: Thanks Ecklie

Grissom: Yea Thank you so much

Ecklie:Well you have Lindsey Catherine and Gil your dating Catherine so you probable will be helping her out

Grissom: Why yes I am.

Catherine: Hey Ecklie I'm going home tonight and spending time with Lindsey OK
Ecklie: OK

Catherine: OK baby I will see you after shift right

Grissom: Yea

Catherine: OK bye y'all

Grissom: Bye baby

Ecklie: Bye