Disclaimers:The characters and the setting do not belong to me, they belong to the brilliant Terry Brooks. This story takes place after The Heritage of Shannara Book III: The Elfqueen of Shannara. Please remember to review!

What could have happened?

Child of Shannara

Queen of the elves

Wren Elessedil

To a few, Wren Ohmsford

She doesn't know who she is anymore

She sat under the Ellcrys

The wonderful trees

Which sat in the garden of life

Clutching the ruhk staff

Staring at the Loden

Little did she know

That someone was watching her

Waiting for what felt like an eternity

"My Lady?" he asked

Causing Wren to jump

Wren looked towards the castle

There stood Triss

The Captain of the Home Guard

Worry set in his face

Concern evident in his eyes

Triss walked toward Wren

Uncertain of himself

"Sit down" Wren said

Patting the spot next to her

Smiling at him in joy

He sat down

Looking around as he did so

They sat in silence

Staring at each other

Wondering what they should say

Triss was about to speak

When he heard a noise

Like a rifle being shot

He quickly shielded Wren with his body

Just barely missing the bullet

Whoever it was

Left in a hurry

Leaving Wren and Triss together

Trying to gather their wits

Wren wedged between the Ellcrys and Triss

"Triss?" Wren asked


"Triss?!" Wren cried

"It's alright, I'm still here,"

Came the answer

She turned then

Grabbing Triss and holding him close

Triss sat in shock

Before he wrapped his arms around Wren

Holding her close while soothing her

Day turned to night

As they sat under the Ellcrys

Thinking about what might

Have happened to them

Had they lost the other.