A prompt from the pokanon kink meme: Ruby looooves to sew and design shit, right? So let's have him totally redesign someone's entire outfit, and of course, that person has to firmly believe that "THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH HOW I LOOK, DAMMIT!" ...lulz. Don't really care who gets remodeled, hell, it could even be GEHTSIS. Have fun, anons~!

I probably would've skipped this one over had the OP not mentioned Ghethis ^-^. I ended up writing it on the fly and now I'm reposting it here. Except here I just changed a few things to make the story flow better.

Chapter Title: In which Ruby is awesome
Ghethis and Ruby
Uh, nothing canon...

Ghethis's smirk was momentarily hidden behind his collar. The fools were gathering around him now, wondering what the commotion was. He coughed into his hand before slipping into his mask of regal, firm kindness, and dramatically swept his arm to the side, allowing his cloak to flap in the wind.

"People of-"

"What on EARTH are you wearing!"

Ghethis's eyes flashed to those who were as red as his own. A boy in his young teens was pointing at him. He tried to continue his speech, but the boy's voice was proving to be louder than his.

"Honestly, if you mean to make a speech right now, we MUST get you some new clothes! How is anyone going to take you seriously with you wearing that multicolored snuggie? The patterns and colors on it are hideous!"

There was quite a few who chuckled at his words, and Ghethis was particularly incensed when he heard one of his grunts giggle as well. He told himself that that particular grunt was to be severely punished later.

"Yes!" the boy cried out, his eyes sparkling as he twirled his backpack around and pulled out what appeared to be a sewing kit. "I must design you and your men some new clothes! What you are wearing now are nothing short of abominations! Who designed those, anyways?"

As a matter of fact, Bronius designed the Sage robes as well as the Grunt armor, but Ghethis wasn't going to mention that as he noticed that this rally was quickly turning into a joke. Most of the people had walked away and the ones who remained were amused and curious to see where this boy would go.

The boy had gone so far to climb onto the stage and actually grab his robe, putting it up to his face to better examine it. Ghethis wasn't sure when the boy had put on a pair of glasses, but he had to put a stop to this ridiculousness right away.

He yanked himself free and barked out, "I most certainly do not need a wardrobe change! There is nothing wrong with how I look!"

The boy pouted before turning to the grunts. "Raise your hands, who honestly thinks this man looks completely ridiculous. And raise your hands if you think that you look ridiculous as well."

The grunts looked at each other, their faces showing their growing self-consciousness. The boy's smug smile told volumes.

"Please leave now, you are interrupting a most important speech!" Ghethis all but screamed at him. The boy's had plugged his ears with his fingers at the harshness of Ghethis's voice, but he let out a sigh.

"Alright, you can do your speech, but I insist on talking to you afterward about those hideous abominations you call clothing," he said before skipping down the stage.

Ghethis took a deep breath. There were still a fair number of people around to make an impression on.

"Dear people, I must speak to you about releasing your Pokemon-"

"What on EARTH are you talking about!"

Surprise surprise, it was the same boy. Ghethis tried to continue.

"Have you ever asked yourself if they truly want to be with humans-?"

"If you're a decent person, of course you know if they want to be with you!"

In a flash of light, a regal, serpent-like Pokemon stood beside the boy and immediately began to affectionately nuzzle his face. "Awe Mimi," the boy crooned, stroking its head.

He then turned to Ghethis, a different kind of sparkle now lighting up his eyes. (Where did that microphone come from?) "Behold, my beautiful Mimi! Even when I abandoned her, she still came back for me in my time of need! She really loves me, so that's why I love her so much! She's a special being that I will always be together with!"

He then turned to the crowd, saying, "If you're not sure if you're Pokemon loves you, just ask it!"

Ghethis's blood was now truly boiling as people called out their Pokemon, asking them directly and being answered with hugs and nuzzles. The boy looked at him directly, a look of sadness and pity in his eyes.

"You really must not know Pokemon very well if you believe that they'd be happier separated with humans. I guess your fashion sense is the only thing you'll need help with."

The other people were staring at Ghethis now warily now. He bit back a curse before raising his hand, signaling his grunts that it was now time to leave.

Ruby watched their retreating backs, wondering just what was up with that peculiarly dressed group. He shrugged, a bit sad that he wasn't able to do anything for their clothing or their mentality towards Pokemon. Oh well.