[Disclaimer: I don't own Anastasia.] In the spirit of the holidays, I've decided to give my (Anastasia) readers a present. This project is a two-pack of oneshots, and both involve an A/D Christmas. (Sorry if you don't celebrate it; I just thought of that...) This first oneshot takes place on Christmas Eve, 1927, a little over a year since the film. It's kind of their first official, settled Christmas together, and they're back in Paris. Read, enjoy, Merry Christmas (or happy holidays), and leave me a review just like you leave Santa cookies. Second chapter coming in 2 days or less. :D



The snow fell softly on the other side of the glass, filling the darkening sky with thousands of fluffy white flakes on their way to the ground. The layer on the street, crisscrossed with toboggan tracks and footprints, sparkled slightly from the faint, far-off glow of the Eiffel Tower.

Anya felt her best friend's arms slip around her from behind, but she didn't turn around. Not yet. "Isn't it beautiful?" she said.

"I definitely like snow better from this side of the wall," Dimitri replied by way of agreement. "Aren't you gonna turn around?"

"In a minute." The scene held her in a trance, almost.

Dimitri wasn't that patient. "Oh, so snow is more interesting than me?" he joked.

"Snow melts. You, however, will still be here when it does." She had tried to keep evidence of her smile out of her voice, but it wasn't working so well.

"Come on," he begged. "I didn't want to say anything, but your mutt got himself stuck under the tree. And we both know he won't listen to me."

He had a point. Anya sighed, sad to have to leave her windowside seat. "All right, all right." She got up and walked over to the massive, decorated conifer Vlad had brought them, and dropped to the carpet on her hands and knees. "Pooka? Here boy!" She peered under the thick green blanket of needles in search of her wayward-as-usual pup. "Come on, Pooka, I don't understand how you even---"

Anya stopped. It was pretty obvious now that there was no Pooka, at least not in there. That wasn't what stopped her, however. The sight of a small box did, wrapped in gold paper and tied with a red ribbon bow.

She picked it up and slowly brought herself back to a sitting position on the floor. Dimitri dropped to his knee beside her. "Here. The knot can be kind of tricky. I'll do it."

She placed the box in his hand, staring at him. "But I thought..."

"I know, I know," he reasoned, pulling a loop of ribbon free from itself, "we agreed to wait until tomorrow. But if I waited, I wouldn't be me, now, would I?"

Anya felt her own face being pulled into a smile just like the one he wore. Resistance was futile.

She expected him to move at some point, to at least sit down or something, but he didn't. Instead, he stayed on one knee while he pulled the paper away from the little box.

"Honestly, I had no clue what to get you. At first, anyway," he was saying. "I felt like there was no way I could get you something you didn't already have. But then I thought about how we got here, about that night we decided to elope, and I realized there was one thing you never got."

The paper was gone now, and all that remained was the little black box in Dimitri's hand. He pulled the lid back on its tiny brass hinge, and, to Anya's shock, its content was a diamond ring.

A proposal. The one thing you never got.

"Anya, will you marry me?"

She could barely breathe. In a million years, she would never have expected this. Her look of pure surprise faded back into a broad smile, and her eyes blurred a little before she wiped them dry. "Too late," she laughed.

"You know me," Dimitri grinned, thoroughly enjoying her reaction. "Always doing things backwards." He paused a second. "You've still got a line."

"Yes," she stammered, throwing her arms around his neck. "Yes, I will, absolutely. I will, er, I did."

"You're babbling," he laughed.

"It's okay, it's your fault." She leaned in, then, and kissed him for a long, long time. "Thank you," she said when she pulled away.

He took her hand and slipped the ring onto her finger. After a moment, Anya began to laugh uncontrollably, and Dimitri just looked at her. "What?"

It took her a moment to be able to speak. "What I got you is gonna seem so pathetic now...."

He grinned. "I win, then."

"That was your plan, wasn't it?"

"Nah, just a fringe benefit." He kissed her again, and then said, "You wanna go back to the window now?"

"We have a window?"

Dimitri laughed. "Merry Christmas, Your Highness."