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Edward's POV

As I sat in lunch distracted by thoughts of Alice's and Jasper's relationship I turned in response to the sound of my name being called, though it was actually being thought, just to meet a pair of chocolate brown eyes in a pale heart-shaped face staring right back into my coal black ones.

I knew that face well, it had been on the thoughts of nearly every human in the school today, it was the face of the new student Isabella Swan. Bella. She corrected everyone who used her whole name. Chief Swan's daughter.

Soon after she looked away I recognize the voice that had thought of my name. It was none other than Jessica Stanley. She had been quite annoying back when she had been constantly having fantasies about me and her together. Just the thought of it made me sick.

I told Emmett about Jessica giving Bella all the gossip there was on the Cullen clan. He laughed quietly.

Hopefully it's nothing bad and she's making it interesting.

"She's not being very original," I replied loud enough just for him to hear me.

What does she think so far? Is she disappointed?

I tried listening for her thoughts but it was as if there was no one in the seat next to Jessica. I quickly looked to see if she had left, but no she was still in the same seat, she hadn't moved and inch. At that same moment the bell rang and my family and I picked up our trays, threw them away and went to class.

As always I was the first one to get to class. I sat down patiently waiting for the class to begin. Students were quickly walking in the class and taking their seats.

I looked up to see Angela walking to her seat and saw Bella glanced over to where I was as she walked in front of me to get her paper signed. At that same moment I was caught of guard by the most beautiful scent making the venom pool in my mouth.

It was hers. It was Bella's scent.

It was mouth watering, delicious, no there were no words for it.

Feeling my body tense up just thinking about how good she smelled the one thought that could ruin everything for me and my family came to my head.

I wanted to simply drink her blood until she was completely drained.

She swiftly sat down next to me, since it was the only open seat left. Perfect for my plan I thought.

NO! I yelled to myself. I could not do that. I couldn't destroy everything Carlisle had built for me, for my brothers and sisters by killing a one ordinary human. I stopped breathing, my body still tense. At that moment I think she noticed that how tense I was, and I was a little frightened that she was catching up on my plan.

She looked at me and noticed I was glaring at her, as if she knew what she had done to make me feel this way. I saw the blood rise to her cheeks as she quickly flipped her hair over her shoulder to make a dark curtain between us.

Sadly, I made the mistake of inhaling her deep luscious scent. Taking in once again her beautiful scent, and without even thinking about it, I got out of my seat, locked the door and attacked everyone in the classroom, splatters of blood hitting every wall. I think that was the worst part about it, the smell of the blood made me even more crazier to get to hers.

I had left her for last.

Once I was done getting rid of any witnesses, I then turned to look at Bella who was frozen in place staring at me with fear, because of what she had just seen me do.

Her eyes wide, frozen in shock, and finally having my chance to drain her dry, I leaned down as if I was going to kiss her, and swiftly changed my course down to her neck and bit her.

I drank her blood almost draining her, but something caused me to stop. It wasn't the fact that I became concerned with what I had just done; it was more like something telling me not to kill her, that I had to keep her alive, I had to keep her with me. She was different, unlike the rest, and I knew I couldn't just drain her as if she was nothing. She made me feel different; and I don't think I ever remember any human or vampire making me feel the way Isabella swan made me feel.

I knew the venom had spread quickly and she wasn't able to move. The pain for her was too intense. I was ashamed of myself, I let myself go. I shouldn't have bitten her. Carefully Placing Bella down by the wall, I began to quickly build up enough evidence to make it seem as if the mixture between some chemicals had caused an explosion and set everything on fire. I knew it probably wouldn't work, but I did it anyway.

Before I left, I carefully made my way to the door and unlocked it. I effortlessly picked up Bella and jumped through a window. I was pretty sure Alice had already seen this and knew it was too late to save Bella. Running to my car with Bella in my arms I heard the fire alarms go off and soon the whole student body was outside screaming as they saw the flames and smoke.

I'm sure Alice told the others what she had seen, because Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper were quickly following her to get into the back of the Volvo. I placed Bella gently in front next to me, and soon enough I was speeding away. Past the many houses Bella would sadly never see again.

As I drove I glanced at Bella occasionally to make sure she wasn't in too much pain. I was selfish taking Bella's mortality, but I couldn't kill her. That beautiful face, her luscious scent, it wasn't just those things that made me feel differently for her. It was much more that that, and I just couldn't figure it out.

"Dammit, Edward this is going to get us in so much trouble" Emmett thought, as Jasper tried to calm him and Rose down. Rosalie just glared at me; I could tell she was pissed off since there were many profanities going through her head. Apperantely Jasper's attempts to calm her weren't working. She was also mad cause of the trouble this would bring, but she knew something like this was going to happen someday to one of us, though she wasn't expecting it come from me. Jasper was worried about what would happen once the transformation was complete. Then as I went on to listening to Alice's thoughts, I saw it, I knew the reason why I had kept Bella alive, why I had let the venom spread through her body; instead of draining her. I finally knew, and it was amazing. Isabella Swan was the mate my family had been longing for me to find. She was my love, my lifeā€¦. Isabella Swan would be my soul mate.

Bella's POV

My first day in Forks high was pretty good so far. I was sitting down with Jessica, one of the few people who had dared talk to me, and some of her friends. I recognized some of the faces there but I couldn't remember any names so I just decided to look around the cafeteria while Jessica went on about things she thought I should know.

As my eyes wandered around cafeteria I noticed them. Five of the most gorgeous creatures I had ever seen, they looked like they belonged in a movie.

"Jessica, who are they?" I asked, peeking from the corner of my eye, back at the table in the corner of the lunch room.

She looked in the direction I had been staring at before.

"Oh those are the Cullens and the Hale twins," she said a little irritated at the fact I had interrupted whatever she had been saying.

As I stared I suddenly locked eyes with one of them, he had messy reddish brown hair, his skin paler than mine. Quickly looking down at the table I felt the blood rise quickly to my cheeks from the chagrin I felt that I had been caught staring.

Peeking at him from the corner of my eye I asked "Which one is the one with reddish brown hair?"

"That's Edward Cullen, gorgeous isn't he?" I gave her a small nod in agreement and she continued. "Don't waste your time though; apparently the girls here aren't pretty or good enough for him so he doesn't date."

I swiftly glanced back to the table in the corner, as Jessica told me who was who, and I noticed Edward staring at me his expression seemed as if he expected something that wasn't there.

"The short pixie like girl is Alice Cullen; the brawny one is Emmett Cullen. As for the Hale twins the girl is Rosalie and the boy of course is her twin brother Jasper." she said.

Jessica went back to the subject she had been talking about before as I kept glancing over to peek at Edward and his family. Then the bell suddenly rang and I noticed them rapidly get up and gracefully walk away. Once they were out sight I remembered the bell had rung and quickly gathered my stuff.

I walked to Biology with one of my new acquaintances, Angela, when we reached the classroom she quickly went and took her seat in the back and I noticed she already had a partner. As I put my jacket on the coat hanger, I noticed the only open seat was next to none other than Edward Cullen.

The tardy bell rang and I looked away, walking towards the teacher to introduce myself and so that he could sign the slip the lady in the office had given me, once he did I walked towards my seat next to Edward.

When I sat down I noticed him sitting as far as he could from me, almost on the edge of his seat, his face averting as if he smelled something bad, his hands clenched making his knuckles extremely white and what surprised me the most was that his eyes were pitch black.

Looking away and flipping my hair over my right shoulder to make a dark curtain between us I felt my cheeks burn, wondering what I had done for him to react like that if he didn't even know me.

Then it all happened in a blur, Edward had been sitting next to me one second and the next I saw him murder the entire class leaving me for last.

When he was done I stared at him in shock my eyes wide with fear as he stood there just staring at me, as if I was something to eat.

I blinked and that same instant Edward was in front of me his cold white hand cradling my face.

He suddenly leaned in as if he were going to kiss me but quickly changed his course and bit my neck.

It felt as if there was a fire inside my body as he stood there drinking my blood. I started to feel light headed and then just before the fire became worst he stopped and looked my right in the eyes.

Edward gently put me down and placed me near the wall by the window. The fire felt worst and I couldn't help but lay there, because no matter how hard I tried to scream and call for help my mouth stayed shut.

My body burned on the inside and my vision was extremely blurry, so I couldn't tell what he was doing. The next thing I saw was something that looked somewhat like fire and that Edward picked me up to go through what I believe was the window. I was suspecting that a couple of seconds passed and the fire was still there never seeming to disappear and the more I wished for it to be gone the worst it was. By this point I'm pretty sure I was in Edwards's car.

Minutes later I heard the faint sound of car doors opening and then the loud bang of them being shut.

The last thing I remember before completely giving in to the pain was that Edward was carrying me inside a house.