Just a little fun about Jack's line about measuring tapes.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

And for the record, measuring tapes never lie.

Jack's words run through my head and I still don't believe them.

It can't be true.

Sure I had checked the measurements with three different measuring tapes, but seriously, there is NO way that it was that big.

Jack must just have a way of making measuring tapes say what he wants.

Maybe if I measure it when Jack isn't paying attention I'll get a real answer.

But when isn't Jack paying attention when I'm in bed with him?

There has to be a way to find the truth because there is no way that thing Jack calls a bed is a double.

I've slept in it with and we barely fit together. I would barely call it a twin.

Maybe the measuring tapes are rigged, each mark a little further apart than it should be.

But that would still be lying wouldn't it?

I will find out the truth no matter what it takes.