It Always Comes Back To You

Chapter 1 : Gimme the beer!

This Chapter is set during the party at WB's house in son and daughter. I'm not certain how this is going to end but I adore Jackie/Hyde so I'm fighting myself to stop this from ending predictably. That doesn't mean they won't get together, of course. This is my first 'That 70's Show' fic and more scarily my first smutty fic so please give constructive criticism. Even if you have nothing nice to go with it, help me please. Anyway that's enough from me, on with my favorite OTP.

Steven Hyde walked up to the door of his Father's huge house. Music was blaring, mingled with the yells of probably way more than five hundred strangers getting more than drunk. He didn't know who'd invited these people, but they were going to pay. The only reason Hyde even found out about this was because Fez had called him in a panic wanting to know whether the blind drunk whores would prefer the pink or purple ruffle shirt.

Hyde rubbed his hand over his face sighing deeply. He didn't wanna deal with getting people out and cleaning up after them (Or seeing Fez in a ruffled shirt.). But he'd be damned if he ended up feeling guilty for his Father's house being trashed, when he'd done nothing wrong. He'd only felt guilty once before in his life and that was enough guilt to last the rest of his life.

On the plus side, this party was an excuse to get away from Sam, yeah his wife was hot and always sweet, to everyone but Jackie, but lying next to her in the night made him feel sick. I guess that'd be that damn guilt. His friends wondered why he stayed with the blonde when she clearly didn't make him happy. Even Sam herself could see he didn't want her, but still she tried to make him happy. Cleaning up after him, trying to cook for him, she even ignored the fact that the only way he could get turned on was by yelling at her. Truth was, their marriage was making them both miserable and it had destroyed Jackie. It had taken Hyde several weeks to figure out why himself, at first he told himself that he was being mature by taking responsibility but it was a lie. The truth was he was punishing himself; for all the pain he'd caused. He knew his self-destructive behaviour was only causing more pain for everyone but he was stuck in this ripple effect that wasn't gonna stop spreading anytime soon.

Now Hyde did all he could to convince himself and everyone else that he didn't care about the woman he once loved. And until recently he'd managed to convince himself that he was happier with the easy blonde. That was until he'd caught the valentine special of 'What's up Wisconsin?" Seeing Jackie kissing Fez drove him crazy on the inside. He knew they were faking it, Kitty was babbling away happily about how sweet Fez was to help out Jackie, still, behind his 'Zen face' Hyde was fuming. The fact he'd driven her way only made it worse. Nobody's fault but mine.

With a growl of annoyance Hyde opened the door. The house was heaving with people dancing, drinking, Donna and the pretty boy were making out on the sofa. Hyde slammed the door shut and pulled the two apart.

"Randy, what the hell are all these people doing here?"


"Did you throw this party?"

"Hell, yeah, man!"

"Look, I told you I wasn't gonna trash this house!"

"But you're not, a load of strangers are." Donna grinned. "Have a beer and relax." With that the new couple went back to kissing and groping. Hyde stormed over to the stereo.

"Ok! Everyone get out, right now!" He yelled hitting the off switch. He was answered with a general roar of disagreement before some idiot turned the music back on. "Good God, I need a drink." He murmured.

"Here you go, buddy!" Declared Fez handing him a bottle. Hyde was momentarily too shocked to answer as he took in the sight of his highly intoxicated friend in too tight jeans and a bright pink shirt complete with plenty of ruffles. Hyde blinked against the lively colours and focused on why he was here.

"No, Fez we need to get all these people out."

"But why?" Whined Fez. "There are so many lovely drunken whores here. And look," He said stroaking his shirt with a grin. "I am ruffled. I shall be cat nip!" Hyde snapped his fingers in front of Fez's hazy eyes.

"Yeah drunken whores that are gonna trash this place." Hyde grunted, opening his drink.

"So what? We've trashed Eric's house, Donna's house. Kelso set Jackie's house on fire." Fez told him looking confused. "If the house gets trashed we'll clean it up. You and your Daddy will love each other forever and...Oh it's just so lovely!" Fez cried flinging himself on Hyde.

"Ok, get off me now. Fez? Fez get the hell off!" Hyde yelled pushing away the foreign kid.

"Fine! You have no heart!" With that, the horny bastard disappeared into the crowd.

Hyde took another drink and decided perhaps his funny little friend had a point. Might as well drink and be merry. He glanced over at the Peter Frampton guitar. "Here's to you, you talentless hack"

A few too many beers later and Hyde was having as much fun as anyone there. He was more than a little drunk and overly happy to have found the last cold beer. There was plenty more booze in other parts of the house but he'd snagged the last one in the fridge. Or was about to when a small hand took it right out from under him. He spun round to see an immaculately dressed Jackie open his beer and steal his first sip. "Jackie, what the hell?" He asked slamming the fridge door.

"What?" She asked. He wasn't 'till she was facing directly him that he saw just what she was wearing and just how much skin was on show. She was wearing a shimmering blue dress knotted behind her neck. The dress clung to her like water and revealed a dangerous amount of cleavage and plenty of her long tanned legs. Her skin was glowing like an angel's and she had a confused expression on her face.

"You took the last cold beer!" He shouted. Ok so he was over-reacting slightly but that dress was driving him insane and he was convinced she was looking so damn hot just to annoy him. "I wanted that beer."

"Well then you should have taken it!" She shot back, raising an eyebrow and placing one manicured hand on a cocked hip.

"I was about to then you snatched it rite out from under my nose!" He yelled suddenly very angry at her for looking so stunning.

"Too bad." She smirked, looking entirely too pleased with herself. Hyde suddenly realised she was only arguing back because it was pissing him off. That didn't make him decide to be the bigger person it just really turned him on. God! Snap out of this man!

"Gimme the beer Jackie!"


"Give it to me!"


"But... it's mine!" Hyde yelled, for want of a better argument.

She rolled her eyes and turned away with a scoff. From behind Hyde got a fantastic view or her great ass and completely bare back. Knowing she was wearing no bra drove him closer to the brink of true insanity. Was this the downside to living in an era when women didn't always wear bras? What am I thinking? There's no downside here.

Knowing how she'd react and feeling reckless he snatched back the beer and ran. He heard a loud pitched "Steven!" Behind him and glanced backwards and was not surprised to see she was running after him. He smirked to himself knowing that he didn't care about the beer and was only chasing because it was him that took it. Some part of him was very very happy about that. He ducked into a dark room but was surprised when she followed him in.

"What the hell did you do that for?" She asked before kicking his shin and snatching back the beer. Hyde probably wouldn't know what possessed him, whether it was beer, her sweet perfume or just the opportunity but either way the only thing he could think to do was kick the door shut and kiss her.

He'd forgotten how she tasted, so sweet even with the taste of beer still fresh. He felt her stiffen then relax and tentatively respond, running the tip of her tongue along his top lip. Hyde opened his mouth to allow her to slip her tounge inside. He pulled her closer with a low growl, as Jackie wrapped her arms around his neck. Hyde grabbed her hair n kissed her harder, she moaned softly and he used the opportunity to thrust his tongue deep into her hot mouth. His arms wound themselves tightly around her slender waist and she leaned into him as her knees grew weak. Hyde thought he heard the beer they'd been shouting about hit the floor but, it sounded very far away as they stumbled back onto a bed.

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