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Chapter 1: Vital Signs

What defines a person as weird?

During my days of being a student of North High, I've often pondered the question to myself. The term is quite generic really. It's too flexible since completely different people can be called that word. A person with a Master's Degree or someone who refused to go to high school is peculiar or strange in their own way. Etymology was nothing I never really knew about, so it's hard to tell how such a word became common in every day use.

Perhaps I should ask Nagato about the topic. With her powers as an alien and her thirst for knowledge, I see no reason why she wouldn't know.

Either way, it's still a mystery. Though I've been wondering lately if such a term applies to me. Nothing much has happened over the past couple of weeks since the second semester of school had started. As expected, we've already been bombarded with test preparation as some of the upperclassmen would warn. It feels as if I've become a whole different person since when I first came to High School. Instead of longing to do regular activities, I'm far more interested in something actually happening. Something non-threatening would be great, but beggars can't be choosers.

As usual though, I wasn't the only one seeking for a bit of stimulation.

"Man..." Haruhi groaned aloud in the tiny, shack of a clubroom. "I figured with the new school year and a whole new influx of students, we would have loads of new things to research! But everything's just as mundane as usual!"

A typical response from Haruhi, our brigade captain who happens to be the literal center of the universe. It's a bit amazing how someone so important to the future of humanity is considered weird by all of our peers. Well...maybe not that surprising. Even prime ministers and such were considered anti-social. But it's this type of behavior that worries me. It's that level of weirdness that tends to drive people away. Lately, things haven't been too serious to the previous issues I've had to deal with. You can't really take your eyes off her for a second though.

"Perhaps we should try covering the city once again." Koizumi suggested. "It's been a very long period of time since the last time we did that."

I'd rather not deal with such a problem, Koizumi. Usually that tends to lead to more frustration than solving them. I'd prefer that he would serve a purpose rather than be that Mysterious Transfer Student. The chance of me having a good time whenever we separated would be slim. Either there would be a hyperactive Haruhi that would force me to do work or one of you guys would give me a monologue about coming storm. It's a little contradictive that I would say such a thing, but I do grow weary of playing Othello and Dragon All Stars all the time. Maybe I should start fiddling around with those laptops we snagged.

"We never had any luck from dealing with that." Haruhi said. "Sometimes I never get what I want when I try things like that."

"It never hurts to try, chief." Koizumi said with his ever present smile.

My hopes are dashed, yet again. She takes the approval of the smiling "yes" man as motivation. I don't really know much about Koizumi since Haruhi just brought him to all of our attention one day. It would have been nice to know what the rest of the student body thought about him. Without a doubt, they most likely saw him as weird too. The kind of person who gives support without question usually is an oddball. Even as an esper, I question his abilities. I wish at times he had the powers of a more traditional esper and could tell me what exactly our leader was thinking. But then again, it's Haruhi who views those kinds of people as defenders of the mind.

"Um...here's your tea." Mikuru squeaked as she poured into a series of small, blue cups. Kyon stayed focused on staring into space as he reached for his cup. He took a deep sip of the piping hot tea, which suddenly got his attention. There was something different about it, but a very pleasing change.

"Did you change this Asahina-san?" He asking, raising a brow. "Tastes a little different."

"Y-yes." She stammered as she gave cups to Itsuki and Haruhi. "I decided that today we should try off something different than my normal green tea, so I added in some orange zest."

"I see..." Kyon nodded.

"Do you not like it?" She worried.

"No, no...It's good. I like this." Kyon gave her a small smile, cheering her up immensely.

"It's okay I suppose." Haruhi said blandly. Kyon took another relaxing sip as he once again moved on into thought.

Ah, Asahina Mikuru. I've been confused over her existence since the very beginning. A time traveler who isn't allowed to say what she's seen in the future. Her more...advanced form may still drop by to tell me a cryptic message but who really knows. Her main power boils down to the amount of tolerance and punishment she can take.

...I should rephrase that. Anyway, I still have to care for her when it comes to Haruhi. I'm starting to question if she made the right decision choosing her as our mascot.

After seeing her wander around in that puffy, frilly, blue and white maid costume, I get the feeling we are giving out the wrong message. From a nurse outfit to a bunny suit, I feel like more people should be talking to me about what club really does. It's surprising that no one has told me that I'm lucky or how beautiful Mikuru is. Moe appeal is nice and all, but that's all it really is. If she's considered weird though, I wouldn't know. No one has really considered it. Then again, I only talk to about four girls in the school. Makes me think, I haven't talked with Taniguchi or Kunikida in a while, maybe I should ask for their opinions on things.

I don't think I would want to be on the level of anti-social that Haruhi used to be.

The leader of the brigade sharpened her brow as she looked through the club's website. The counter went up, sure, but that little function means nothing if there are no comments or critiques left off. She checked the inbox specially linked to the website...completely empty. Haruhi sighed as she let her head sink into her palm. It was this repetitive feeling that made the room turn cold.

"People still haven't reported about strange things that have occurred...why must they ignore us!?"

Lucky for us, that isn't our only source of information.

"Perhaps we should reach out into the community with a new angle." Koizumi stated, giving Kyon a wide grin.

There's no need to hint it to me. "Yeah, maybe we should try to talk to some of the underclassmen."

"I'll get the bunny suit!" Haruhi said shooting up from her desk. Mikuru made a series of whimpers knowing she'd have to change clothes again.

"Not like that. Last time, they reported you." Kyon remembered.

Haruhi made a sneer from the response. It wouldn't be effective if the heads of the school got in the way of her trying to increase the popularity of the club. "Like it really matters. If the rules weren't so idiotic, then we could do whatever we feel like. Who cares if the school's image is tarnished, will anyone really care?" She sat down, with her legs crossed.

"We can just post flyers across the school. Make them come to us. That's how most students get interested in the clubs."

"But that's so boring!" Haruhi shouted while moving to a cup of tea. "The type of person who should join our brigade should not do it just because a piece of paper told them to. Anyone who does join has to have the need to search out for the paranormal!"

Of course, like everyone else who joined. "Still, it's not bad or anything."

"Miss Suzumiya clearly does not care for such methods, Kyon." Koizumi said.

"Thank you, Vice Captain." She grinned, then moving her attention to Kyon. "Such statements will get you further in life." Kyon moved back to his cup of tea, not to let the only other guy in the room's ego rub off on him. Still, the subject remained that everything was still rather slow today. She looked around at everyone trying to get another idea. "Yuki, you do a lot of reading. Can you think of some way we can reach out to the student body?"

The former meganekko kept her attention on the book, moving only slightly to turn the page. "No."

Now, someone like Nagato would easily be called weird by anyone in her age group. However, if they did learn about her powers to bend reality, their mood would quickly change. Still I do get confused by her from time to time. Whether or not she is the closest thing to a more realistic form of god, it's hard to figure out her true power. Anyone you knew who could instantly fix a classroom without batting a lash would be like a superhero.

You can't help but find her interesting though. With all the computer data in her head, I do wonder what she's capable of knowing or doing. I know for a fact that she is capable of feelings, so she still appears as a wild card in any situation. ...The only card in our situation really, due to Koizumi's and Mikuru's limitations.

"Humph." Haruhi said with loudly. "Well, we need to do something. I get tired sitting around in this room all day, you know!"

Perhaps she should join us when we play our board games. But then again, it's very possible that the board might fly to the ground and we'll have to pick up the pieces.

"Would you like to play a game?" Koizumi offered.

"Course not." She said. "The SOS Brigade should be playing something more interesting the mere board games! Besides, I've watched you played Othello so often then I could easily whip you both at the same time."

"That's true." The esper shrugged off.

Oh no, I know this scenario. The mood is so thick you'd have to use a steak knife to chop through it. Looks like something better happen before I enter into a world of grey.

Unbeknownst to the SOS Brigade, a teenaged boy was waiting outside of the door. His hand was placed against the wall as he began to pant heavily by the translucent window. His eyes were blinking, his heart was throbbing, and his other hand was clutched onto his chest. Right outside of their door would be one of the several life changing events that the club had endured. The only thing slowing him down was his waning sense of confidence.

Ok...you can do this. You've been planning for this for a long time.

The student thought as he tried to relax. He stood promptly, feeling his forehead and moving his hand around his face.

I'm a third year now. Can't hold it off any longer. It's best to do it now when the homework load isn't so bad.

He streaked his fingers all throughout his hair. It was short in the front, covering his forehead in a typical spiky format, while in the back, it reached down to his neck. What was so distinct about this look were his dangling sideburns which came down to the middle of his jaw line. They were more attached to his hair rather than his face. After that little check, he checked his breath.

Breath is fine. Doesn't reek or anything. Hair isn't messy. I had been waiting for a while for it to grow, so I could get it cut just like this. Wish I had a mirror.

Just as he was about to reach for the knob, he immediately turned away. His back pressed against the wall as he started to think through this. The student rubbed his head, trying to remember some key components about this club before he would have the nerve to talk about it.

This is the club that people try to forget about at school. A group that is so random and so different compared to everything else that people come to a silence at its mention. The SOS Brigade. I don't know if the silence comes from fear or bewilderment or respect, but it exists. Some people classify them as unnatural. Then again, isn't everyone? Still...I wish I could know more about them. That's what any good interviewee does before going to the actual job interview.

I only know of two of their members. There's the chief, Suzumiya Haruhi, who has boundless amounts of energy and critique to give. How someone could contain all that in a small room such as this feels strange. I do however respect her for incredible singing talent. The other member of course, is my classmate Asahina Mikuru. The perfect girl who was snatched away from us one day and has been moving in and out of the classroom since. Several people are too shy to learn what exactly happened to her.

But that's what I'm going to do.

Even though that's not my primary concern for joining this establishment. No, my eyes are set on a much bigger goal. A goal that every man wishes to achieve.

Just need that spark to talk to them. My wavelength has to be on that as the brigade leader's. It's a bit crazy that I have to be so honest, but...I have to do this.

The kid stood up with his body straightened out. He rolled his neck and loosened his muscles as he stood in front of the door. His head bopped back in forth as he prepared his mind for the situation. He started to think of a powerful rap melody he heard on an anime the aired not too long ago, about overcoming all odds. Doing whatever you think you can. He took a deep breath, placing his hand once again on the knob.

The door flew open, nearly causing a gust of wind to shoot through the room. Everyone, with the exception of Yuki, blinked from the response of seeing a brand new figure standing in the door. It was a moment to savor, since Haruhi would usually be the only person who would enter into the room with admirable gusto. He spoke quite brief as he looked at the entire room.

"Hello there!" He greeted. Is this everyone? Could have sworn there would be more.

"Perfect Timing!" Haruhi cheered as she flew up from her desk. She immediately pointed at the boy with new shimmering new hope. "What's your name?!"

"You may refer to me as Yamada Norio!"

Well, this is new...

"Haven't had someone come in a while." The chief mumbled as she walked around her side of the room with enthusiasm. "I have a few quick questions to ask you!"

"What's that?" He asked.

"Are you an alien?"

"No." Norio said. Ok...this is off.

"Are you a time traveler?"


Haruhi's excitement felt a bit diminished. "Are you an esper?"


Ok, we've got to the point. But, naturally, something has to be off about him. For one, his hair looks quite strange to be a man's. I can't tell if it's connected on there or if it's going to fly off and hit me.

"Are you any kind of supernatural person?"

"Well, no not really." Norio denounced.

Haruhi pressed her fingers in between her nose. "Have you experienced anything strange occurrences in the last few days?"

"Other than school starting, no."

"Can you do anything really well?!" Haruhi said, bored at this moment.

"Well, I can sing."

The leader chuckled from that comment. "Anyone can sing, you know that right?"

"I can at a professional level, you could say." Well yeah, any one can sing. But most people are tone-deaf or only have the courage to stand in front of a microphone after having a few.

Haruhi simply sighed as she stood back down in her chief's chair, looking out the window at the sky. "Be gone then."

"What?!" He screamed. "What does that have to do with anything?!"

She wanted something new, but I suppose if he gets dismissed then I can't really argue. Kind of funny, I always expected a slider to come around here sometime. Is this going to be him?

"I have no interest in humans! You can only be of service to me if you had some kind of power." She smirked.

Damn, I can't leave now. "Well, are the people around you aliens? Do you happen to be friends with any superheroes in this club?"

"These are my subordinates! You can't be a successful leader without a group of minions following your orders! We have our lolita mascot, our mysterious transfer student, and our emotional-less bookworm! All we need now are some real extraterrestrials!"

And…I'm the dog. I need to start paying attention more. If I start to get bored then clearly something will have to happen. Quite a twist this time though. Someone really wants to join though. I guess if he does join though, what will this Yamada be? Another me or just another puppet for niche appeal?

"I just have one mere request." Norio said.

"What's that?"

Without warning, the student immediately dropped himself to the floor. He was on his knees with his palms against the ground and spread far apart. His head bowed as he spoke with compassion.

"Please, allow me to join the SOS Brigade!"

Those words echoed true to everyone in the room. No hesitation or sarcasm in his voice, this felt like a real matter. Itsuki and Mikuru looked down to him as he was on his knees. Even Nagato showed some interest, tilting her head, but still keeping her book open. Kyon rested his head on his hand, observing the student. He didn't appear very different or very suspicious, but it was hard to tell with the way his life was going.

"Tell me then." Haruhi said bluntly. Unlike everyone else, she looked at her fingernails to make sure there weren't any flaws. "If you can't really support the true meaning of the SOS Brigade, then why exactly would someone like you want to join? Is there a higher calling to you rather than searching for what's truly fun and interesting?"

Snippy little thing, isn't she? "No...I have no problems in doing what you want me to. If you want me to search for what is truly fun in the world, then I will do it!"

How did Haruhi miss this guy? Feels like he would be the perfect subject for voluntary arrest.

"Hehehe...fun little way there to dodge my question. I have to give you credit that you are very willing to do what I want. Even from my most trusting members, I don't get that. My point still stands though. Why do you want to join my club?"

"Simple." He said. With a quick tightening of his fingers, he responded in a powerful answer. "Love."

There. Now I've said it. Perhaps I'll be lucky and she'll be the romantic type. She will understand what angle I'm coming from. Wow...has my heart ever gone this fast?

Unlike what he would have performed, Haruhi reacted with a series of laughter. "Love?! That's why you want to join?! You wish to find love?!"

"Yes..." He responded. Not good.

"How silly humans are. Love isn't something worth looking for. Something that's portrayed in the media so often isn't worth looking into! Especially since it has the uncanny side effect of making people act like complete morons!"

"It can be the best feeling in the whole world!" Norio defended. "It's unexpected...that's what makes it great. Potent as well."

"That's a different answer than what I expected." She shrugged.

I don't want to be denied like this. Oh well...just need to keep my cool.

"Am I still allowed to join?" He quivered.

Haruhi sighed as she looked off into the distance. "We could use an errand boy around here I suppose. If we need you to do some kind of odd job, we'll just call on you, and you'll do it." She gained a newly found smile as she stared down at him. "Are you up for such a position?"

Well that settles that. Another me. How fun…but this is probably going to lead up to a moment where he'll pull me out of the club room and take me to a taxi.

"I'll do it!" He immediately responded. His pose changed from begging to gratitude with his legs now together and his back up right. He locked his hands together as he started bowing up and down. "Thank you Suzumiya-san!"

"There's just one little condition." The chief said while wagging her finger.

"What's that?"

"Do you happen to belong to any clubs?"

"Well...yeah. I'm a member of the music club."

She grinned. "Then you'll have to drop that. Being a member of the SOS Brigade requires a full time commitment! If you have any plans on spreading excitement across the world, then you can't let anything get in your way!"

Just as Kyon was going to forget about Haruhi's serious demands, he noticed something a bit off with the student before him. In a bit of a flash, he noticed that his hands came apart and formed into fists. His once exuberant face shifted from discomfort. As quickly as it occurred though, he responded to her in a plain voice.


"Perfect!" Haruhi cheered. "Your enrollment begins as soon as possible, right after you drop your club! Do that right now to prove your worth!"

"Sure, Suzumiya-san." He smiled.

As quickly as that, he had left the clubroom to wonder down to the music department. Kyon thought deeply to himself as he moved onto his tea. While Haruhi acted a bit erratic over the fact a new member was to join, everyone else acted quite normally. Koizumi kept on his ever present smile while Yuki had her full attention focused on the novel she was reading. Asahina went back to her duties as a maid as she readied some tea for the new member. He laid his head on the table, while thinking about this random occurrence.

That was new. Someone who has the means of joining the Brigade. Not looking for help. Not someone who was dragged away. A person who actually has the means of working an assistant for a simple reason. I suppose if there could be something unexpected happening, that would be it. As for what he is, I can't tell. Haruhi could have been bored and popped him up just a few minutes ago. He could be a slider explaining to me the importance I am to parallel dimensions. Maybe he was just a bored student. Japan has a pretty grueling education system. That could be it.

Nah...Probably not. With my luck, he can probably control the world in a way. Who knows? Either way, something will happen. At least I can get a new partner to play Othello with.

With Kyon's thoughts in check, he returned back to his normal tasks for the day. Which were of doing nothing aside from enjoying Mikuru's tea. Outside of the room of the former Literature Club, a distraught Norio was marching through the hall. Getting into a club that quickly couldn't come without its price. With that hurdle passed, a new one had appeared before him. His brain slowly rocked and reminisced about what he had done up to this point.

I was not expecting that. Why do I have to quit another club to do this? I know clubs can be tough but...they only do things about once a month at best. This is going to be difficult to get through this the way I want to.

Here we go...starting off a brand new series. I am very curious to see what you all think about it, farther down the line. Thanks again to my proofreaders. I'm also debating a bit on what the sub-genre should be. Hard choice between suspense and romance.

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