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Chapter 12: Last

Norio tapped his fingers in a consistent pattern as he watched his homeroom teacher try to explain physics. While he carried on in his lecture, some of the students had relatively no interest in the topic. Some were more focused on getting to lunch, some were tired of hearing about the same topic for over a week, and others had plans that involved getting out of this annoying classroom. Norio slowly eyed over various parts of the room: the clock, some of the students, the teacher, and finally his bag.

He didn't even notice the time, but once the bell rang it shook him dead to his core. He immediately stood up while others were slowly getting up to stretch or walk to the cafeteria. Norio had to relax as he took a quick breather before grabbing his bag. After all, his nerves needed to be as calm as humanly possible on this day.

The day that he would finally go through with the plan.

Just get a juice. A nice juice will calm you down.

Norio mumbled to himself as he walked down the hallway. Everything felt like it had it's eyes on him. Almost like they knew about what happened between himself and Yuki. The singer kept everything to himself though, for a whole week. It would be crazy to go through with a plan of this magnitude when the iron was still hot. Even if he could be proved innocent, everyone would literarily have their eyes on Norio.

I'm going to do this. I've been thinking about this all week and I just…I have to. I can't keep up this farce anymore. I won't be in the SOS Brigade anymore. Even if I could be with Tsuruya for a few more days, I just can't take it anymore.

The SOS Brigade is sucking the soul out of the school. It didn't destroy, but it definitely damaged my band and it clearly has affected the members in it. Even if Nagato didn't say anything, she had a problem with Haruhi. Why else would she help me with this plan?

There's something fishy, but I honestly don't care anymore at this point. Kyon and Koizumi are stuck in that brigade and they aren't going to leave. Why? They won't tell me. Perhaps Haruhi has some royal dirt on them, like the information she knows on Wrathchild. Seriously, why does she have this…gravitational pull?

Mikuru refuses to tell me why she's around her. And Tsuruya even said that she would not leave the Brigade. What is going on! If someone is going to stop this Brigade from poisoning the students…it needs to be me. I've suffered head on from the pain of them before, and what's crazy enough is that I'm not the only one.

I can't let the kind of trauma that I experienced pass on to anyone else! I need to stop her! All I need…is something to calm me down.

Norio felt relieved finally reaching a vending machine. He looked over his selections; perhaps he'd get two cans to stay focused on his mission. But just as he was about to put some yen into the machine, he was stopped…by a flying tackle.

"Nori-kun!" Tsuruya shouted, being the perpetrator.

What the hell?

In that short moment, Norio's perspective shifted. One minute he was staring at a drink dispenser, pondering about his own morality, but now he was pressed against a wall by his the object of his affections. The singer's eyes bugged out, as at any normal moment he would have loved to be touched by Tsuruya. He slowly turned his head to the smiling girl, trying as hard as he could to make his own smile.

"H-h-hey Tsuruya."

Tsuruya backed off, looking at her friend. "How have you been Nori-kun? Getting a drink for lunch?"

"Uh, yeah." Norio said. He glanced at his machine, noting that his money was actually in the machine. With his shaky hand, he hit the apple juice button causing a can to come down. He immediately took the initiative to pop it open and drink some of it down.

"Are you feeling better since last week? I know that colds can last for awhile."

"Yeah, I'm fine now." He nodded.

"So, you won't mind if I take a sip!" Tsuruya shouted.

Without warning, the green-haired girl swiped the can from Norio's hand. He was stuck in a daze as he watched her take her own swig. She took a relaxing breath after drinking the stolen juice.

"Ah, refreshing nyoro~" She said, gently giving the can back.

What is she doing? Wh-why does she have to do this to me now? Is she toying with me? Did she honestly have to hug me and drink my juice just as I got it? I don't need any more stress! She doesn't know what I'm going through. Well, thank god that she doesn't. The last thing I would ever want is if Tsuruya were to learn about this insidious plan.

That's right…I can't ever let her know about this. I have to pray that she never even figures any of this out. Even when the deed is done…speculation will happen. Tsuruya has to trust me, she just has to! Or else this would of all been for nothing! But then again…this could be the last time I'm ever truly happy with Tsuruya. I can't focus on the negatives now. I have to treasure every little moment with the perfect woman.

"Tsuruya…" Norio said. "I have been thinking a lot about something."

"Oh? What's that?" She softly replied.

"I was wrong for what happened last week." He said. He took another long drink from his juice. The indirect kiss would motivate him to get through the conversation.

"Oh, that's fine!" Tsuruya boomed. "I've practically forgotten all about it! Everything's fine, there's no need to worry, Nori-kun."

"Not that part," Norio paused. "It was what I said about the SOS Brigade."

"Oh yes, that part." Tsuruya reflected on. She placed her fingers by the temple on her large forehead.

"I think it was wrong for me to try to convince you…to leave." Norio said, looking away.

"Really?" She said.

"Yeah, I think I was just talking to you out of hurt to leave the brigade."

"Oh, you shouldn't have to worry about my safety."

Norio was hoping she wouldn't respond like that. "Tsuruya." He took his time to look back into her eyes. "You love the SOS Brigade. Even if I don't like them, I really shouldn't have tried to pull you out just because I wanted to."

"Hahahaha!" Tsuruya laughed. "That's so kind of you! I can't believe you were so wrapped up over all of that!"

"It was a hard time…"

If only I were more like you…happy about everything.

"It's fine, it's fine." She said. Her laughing stopped as she looked at him with a serious smile. "I understand."

Norio's breathing started to become heavy. His heart was accelerating like it was filled with amphetamines.

Tsuruya, you know just how to hit me. I'm glad that you can sympathize with me. I-I love you more than anything more in this world. Damn it, I can't take it anymore!

The singer finally decided to move forward, with emotions overflowing his nervous system. He extended his arms, using them to immediately hug the girl he truly loved. Tsuruya was now surprised, as Norio's strong, but tender embrace started to heat up her own body. She was starting to blush…she felt a bit relieved that Norio couldn't see her crimson face. Norio whispered one last thing into her ear.

"You have really helped me get through everything."

The troubled teenager quickly grabbed his bag and walked off to the music room. Tsuruya, in a rare moment, was feeling uncomfortable. She slowly turned her head to see her friend walk away like it was usual day. His pace seemed normal compared to the sluggish movements he was moving at earlier that day. Once the luscious, green hair was out of his eyesight, Norio covered his head.

As great as that opportunity was…I couldn't say "I Love You." If this plan failed, what kind of man would I be to leave that burden on Tsuruya's head?

A floor below, Kyon thought to himself as he pulled his bento out of his book bag. Kyon had been wondering, as usual, about what to do in this particular situation with Haruhi. She had returned plenty of days ago, but Kyon needed some courage to talk to her. He hated when Koizumi was right…things weren't going to go back to the way they were until he talked to her. The SOS Brigade room felt far too quiet.

You can do this…you practiced this over in your head.

She's not too far away, just talk to her casually. Wait, is talking with Haruhi ever casual? Maybe it was once or twice in the beginning. I appeared too false last time. Perhaps for just a few minutes, I can stop thinking. Just address her like a regular person.

Boy, that's going to be tough.

Kyon took a slow walk to the clubroom. Haruhi would always spend her free time in there for official or non-official business. He kind of found it interesting, it was actually very fortunate that she had a clubroom to be productive in, even if she was in a brooding or cheerful mood. During times like this, Yuki acted more like a decoration than anything. Around the time he reached the doorknob, he took another sigh. Kyon walked inside, ready to do his sworn duty.

Haruhi, sitting at her computer, took a glance at her subordinate. She leaned her head down and started to speak.

"Come to eat lunch?" She said with a bored tone.


"That's fine." She shrugged.

I feel a bit silly for being so concerned. Why didn't I do this sooner? Probably would of saved me some time. I'm a little surprised that all of my supernatural incidents have been so sporadic. The hardest part actually feels like the little blasé activities I have to do with everyone else. When things are relaxed, they are just as tense as when stuff is flying across the room.

Damn. I just learned another thing that I really wish I hadn't.

Kyon slowly ate his bento as he kept his eyes peeled on Haruhi. She just still looked a bit over her computer with the same stilted expression on her face. The singularity didn't look depressed or angry, just uncomfortable for the most part. Kyon was feeling increasingly more concerned as he was trying to find an opportunity to speak. He took a few glances at Nagato too, hoping she would give a non-vocal suggestion his way. He then came to the end of his rope, as his bento was now completely empty.

He took a hard swallow and decided to speak up.

"Haruhi." Kyon said.

"Kyon." She automatically responded. "Something has been picking at my mind for a bit."

Kyon blinked. Something interesting has occurred. "What's that?"

"I don't think I've ever thought about what the school thinks about me."

"You never cared about what the rest of the students thought?" Kyon asked, feigning interest

I paid attention to some of the theories and statements made about the SOS Brigade, but they were all lies for the most part. People would always say the weirdest things about us, like Nagato being a mute or me staying around in the brigade because of Mikuru. Though I think if I were on the sidelines it would be hard for me to swallow everything.

Today is definitely a day of revelation.

"I didn't." Haruhi openly said. "I believed that even if everyone else didn't like me or the Brigade, it wouldn't matter. We could defeat and overcome any obstacle before us! Then I realized that when we need to get things done, we always have to fight to get what we want."

To get what you want, but continue.

"But when I reflected on all of the things we've done, it has been really difficult to get them organized. From when we formed a baseball team to the time the Student Council President tried to terminate us. The more I reflected on it, the more I realized that I never handled any of these situations in a different way. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, and I couldn't believe it didn't hit me until now!"

"What's that?"

"That Norio was the only person to join the SOS Brigade in months! And he was only here because he was attracted to Tsuruya, someone who isn't even a full-fledged member! I should get around to promoting her or something though…"

That's a great way to start things. Promote Tsuruya, give some more care to Asahina-san…and maybe you could toss some more respect towards a certain someone's direction.

"Anyway, that guy is out of our hair forever, but he did teach me something important. He taught me about loyalty."

Kyon took a stare at Haruhi from the statement. His eyes then shifted to Yuki, who had the slightest head shift from her book to her brigade chief.


"Kyon," Haruhi bluntly said. She stood quickly from her chair, doing a fast spin and facing the window. Her hands locked behind her back, making Kyon very curious about what she was going to say. He couldn't see it, but Haruhi formed a pouting mouth. It was going to be hard to say it, but it needed to be addressed. "I don't remember saying this, but, I'm very thankful…"

At that moment, the door opened with a very loud creak. Haruhi made a sudden spin in that direction, as the noise completely derailed her train of thought. Itsuki and Mikuru walked into the room looking quite confident of themselves. Kyon took a frustrated dive into his palm and Yuki now directed all of her attention to her book.

You two say to be on opposing forces, but I can't help but wonder if Koizumi is using time-travel to his advantage.

"Ah, that was a great lunch…" Koizumi contently sighed.

"Errahh," A flustered Haruhi spoke. "What took you guys so long?"

"We apologize Suzumiya-san," Mikuru bowed. "Tsuruya-san wanted to talk to us about some personal things while we were on our break. Sorry we took so long."

Actual personal things? Well, this time I could ask her something instead of just relying on blind faith.

Haruhi's confused expression soon turned to mischievous grin. This was the perfect opportunity to put her newly found lessons into effect. She made a grandiose point at Mikuru

"Mikuru-chan!" She shouted.

"Y-yes?" She squeaked.

"Tell me, do you love the SOS Brigade?"

Mikuru looked down for a second, looking at her normal guy friend for support. His face was also surprised. Just say something! You know how to act positive under pressure, Asahina-san! I know you can!

"I love the SOS Brigade!" She shouted, almost out of instinct.

"Do you really love it!"

"I do!"

"Do you really love it with all of your heart?" Haruhi shouted, as she bashed her hand against the table.

The loud shaking against the furniture had startled Mikuru. She looked around in a panic, unsure if this was serious or just a trap leading to something else. There was a brief pause of silence, as Mikuru started to feel more and more concerned over the situation. It didn't help that Haruhi was leaning in on the desk…waiting for an answer to escape from her lips. After a few seconds of thinking.

"Well…I don't know if I do," Mikuru spoke honestly, feeling a tear come from eyes. "With all of my heart…"

Haruhi's grinned turned into a million-watt smile, much to Kyon's surprise. Her expression stayed the same, but she turned to Yuki.

This is different. Creepy, but different. Intriguing, but different. Really good, but different. Looks like a new sun is rising above us.

"Yuki! Do you love The SOS Brigade!"

"Yes." She spoke quickly in her typical monotone.

"Will you do anything for the SOS Brigade!"

"I will oblige to any request to benefit the purpose of this club."

Haruhi felt completely invigorated from that response. That's what she truly needed; she needed to really know what her brigade members were really feeling. Positive or negative, she wanted to get them more involved. They were acquired for their own personal talents, after all. She sat herself down directly in front of her chair. With lightning speed, she pulled out her keyboard and opened up a blank document.

"Alright SOS Brigade, listen up! Today's mission will be to revitalize the spirit of this club! That means that all four of you are to give me every single idea that you are thinking of at the moment! Whether it's about me, the school, or what plans you think we can do to improve our standing in the world, I want to hear it! Once you give me all of your ideas, we can return the SOS Brigade back to its true purpose! Tell me everything you need to know, while I still have 10,000 yen in my pocket!" Haruhi shouted to the heavens.

"An excellent idea, Suzumiya-san!" Koizumi exclaimed.

Kyon smirked to himself.

Well, if we are being honest for once, then yeah, I will take part in the festivities. Haruhi, this is a great day for you. I think you'll be very happy to hear about what we can do for you.

After a long brainstorming session with the SOS Brigade, Haruhi felt confident looking at her list of ideas on the computer screen. Even looking halfway through the ideas, her smile grew and extended from ear to ear. This was exactly the kind of thing she needed to get out of her rut. She was the leader of the SOS Brigade, but she needed to listen to the others once in a while. After all, that's why they were brought here.

Haruhi packed up her bags and jumped out of the door of the clubhouse. With her newly acquired funds and inspiration coursing through her veins, she couldn't wait to get home and get started on her next set of projects. The SOS Brigade would be occupied for weeks with the new plans. Haruhi had to just calculate and calibrate everything to its exact measure. She had to figure out many of the schedules of North High and Nishinomiya.

It was all coming nicely together. She was getting really excited…maybe a bit too excited. She halted at the bathroom door and bolted in. Her house was too far away to hold it in during the entire walk. Once inside, she slowly observed the stalls to find only one other person in the bathroom. She simply ignored it, going to the first lavatory she saw.

But she shouldn't have…because Norio was in the stall next to her.

Is that her? I was told that this is where everything would happen. It's small, it's concealing…no, it can't be this coincidental. Nagato's note stated that I could wait weeks before this could happen. Only one way to find out.

Norio started tapping his feet in a certain rhythm, like he had a catchy, popular, opening theme song trapped in his head. Knocking on the door could result in direct confrontation, and talking was just plain out of the question. He made noise in an erratic pattern, making a strange rhythm but with a slight amount of consistency. Without warning, a loud stomp came from the other stall.

"Oi! Keep it in your head!" Haruhi shouted.

Norio halted instantly. He couldn't believe that Yuki was right. What was she, a psychic?

She's here, she's here, oh god, she's here. Why is everything that I'm being told coming true! Is this predestination?

Maybe it is. Am I supposed to this? Am I a part of some type of bigger cause here? Is Haruhi going to age into some type of evil menace? Forces have to be going on here…but should I question them?

The only thing I know exactly is that Haruhi is that evil one here. My bandmates will always accept me. Tsuruya will always accept me. Is it worth questioning the unknown when I can just address the problem that's right in front of my face? Maybe I can try talking to Nagato about this issue…but she's always with Haruhi.

How will I get another chance like this? How long is a men's bathroom going to stay closed for this long? Even if Yuki knows everything…she doesn't act. Perhaps she can't. Maybe she also knows about the truth about Haruhi but doesn't want to speak it out. She could be attacked or worse. The SOS Brigade has to have some type of evil conspiracy going on within the walls.

But none of them are going to stop it…leaving all the responsibility to me.

Norio took a hard swallow as the steps ran through his head. The moment seemed too good to be true. He had to act on it with the utmost caution. He didn't know whether Haruhi would make a quick, simple movement…blowing everything. He stood out of the stall to follow through with the plan.

He followed every direction from the note still stuck in his bag. To add onto the atmosphere, Norio turned on the sink for a few seconds to let the water run. Once he turned it off, he slowly walked to the paper dispenser to pull the lever. Every single sound emitted sounded exactly like the normal, bathroom banter one would here. Norio finished the step by opening the door and closing it…but staying inside the bathroom. He pressed his body against the artificial wall near the door that kept his face out of view.

Get ready, Norio. Get ready now.

The teenager could feel his heart trying to break out of his chest. Each passing second felt like a fight with cardiac arrest. His shaking hand reached into his book bag. He closed his eyes once his fingers touched against cold steel. He pulled out his weapon…unsure, but ready to fire. However, it didn't take him long for his hand to shake from the overwhelming pressure. Like, he could feel giant eyes watch over him as he performed all of this.

He nearly yipped as Haruhi walked out of stall to use the sink. This was it…the next to last step before he had to strike. Each glance he took at the girl made his throat tighten.

You could back away now…the door is right there. You don't have to put this on your conscience.

Norio took the risk of taking a long gaze at Haruhi. Just looking at her smile as she washed her hands made him feel uneasy. His rage began to seethe just from looking at her. Everything that had happened…everything that could happen…he cocked the barrel. Haruhi simply walked towards the paper dispenser, seconds away from finishing her bathroom ritual.

She's right there. She can finally pay.

With shaky aim, Norio aimed the gun right at her back. He looked down the barrel of the silencer to make sure that he wouldn't miss. His index finger slowly engulfed the trigger. The only for left for him to do was just…pull. He clenched his teeth and just looked at her harder, but he still had trouble pressing the gun.

Just, squeeze the trigger. Just shoot! Stop thinking…shoot her damn it! It's not that hard! Do it! Do it now! Fire!

Norio's head screamed with vigor. His body has trouble responding to the cruel actions his brain demanded. He came too far now to ignore this moment. It had to be done…for everyone. He couldn't bear to watch. Norio moved his head to the side so the wall would shield him from seeing the wretched side that he know he would see.

He pulled the trigger…it sounded very…quiet. It didn't sound anything more than like snap pop bashing against the ground. Norio was stunned. That was it? All that for such…little reaction?

But he should of known about the true sounds he would hear…

"ACCCCCCKKKKK!" Haruhi screeched.

Norio panicked from the sound her moaning. He pressed against the trigger two more times. That popping was nothing compared to the noise of the girl who slowly felt her life slipping away. Norio couldn't look at her directly…he wasn't sure what to expect. Sure, the normal brutal image wasn't uncommon to his eyes, but when it's only a few meters away…

He had to look for some type of confirmation. The singer tried to look at her in the best, non-mental scaring way he could. He looked at her from the bottom of the plastic wall, separating the two. A convulsing body withered around the ground across a pool of blood. That was all he needed to see. Norio concealed his weapon within his backpack and walked out the door.

Now was the second hardest part of the mission…keeping composure. Norio tried as hard as he could to calmly walk down the stairs and out of the school. His hands and arms covered his head as if he were trying to his face away from sunlight. He was lucky enough that most of the students from North High were already gone for the day. When he reached outside, he looked from one direction to the next.

Nothing…nobody. Not a single soul to claim witness or to show interest. Norio even peaked up at the sky to soothe his mental wounds. No person in the window, no person on the roof…everything was safe. Norio couldn't bear to look at any part of his body. He dug his hands deep within the pockets of his pants and slowly walked home. His faced focused on the ground at the laser.

That's it. She's gone. All I have to do now is just…get home.

Maybe a shower can burn away all my sins.

Norio didn't want anyone to look at the guilt within his eyes.

"Stupid detention…"

Masato grumbled as he walked out of the room. Due to his sliding grades, he was required to spend extra time at the end of class to study. He felt irritated that someone like him was pushed around for a simple letter grade drop. He was still passing, which is still better than a few other people hanging around the school.

He wanted the day to be over with already, but stopped for a quick second. He found himself looking at the bathroom doors, regretting that he chugged an energy drink to stay awake through detention. He stopped at the door on the left, but noticed that the boy's bathroom was closed. But the other bathroom he noticed was still opened. He looked from side to side and shrugged.

"Well, I guess nobody will see me." Masato shrugged as he walked in.

But as soon the guitarist entered that bathroom…his calm constitution shattered into thousands of pieces. He immediately walked out and shut the door. Could that really be what he thought he saw? No…it had to be some type of hallucination. This is Japan, these types of things are illegal, and it's in a school. However, he was oddly compelled to look once again. This time, he opened the door with intense caution.

Masato tiptoed into the girl's washroom to confirm the horror. He also pressed his back against the plastic wall to not be seen, in case an unknown figure was still lurking there. He turned his head slowly…but upon quick inspection he cocked his head back towards the wall. His breathing accelerated and his body slowly slid from the wall to the floor. Masato closed his eyes in anguish, feeling tears approaching. He couldn't believe what he saw…

The assaulted body of Suzumiya Haruhi.

"Oh my god." He slowly chanted to himself.

Masato was too afraid to turn his head again just to be sure. But there was no use denying it. Haruhi had three bullets implanted in her back, piercing right through the cloth of her school uniform. Blood…the blood coated in the walls, due to the intensity of the exit wounds. It particularly scared him that the amount of blood completely coated Haruhi's blouse and a decent amount still remained on the floor.

He couldn't tell if she was truly dead or still alive…but he was far too terrified to really learn truth. Only a few meters away, a destroy body was lying on the floor in her own blood. The image was starting to poison his mind, because the downward progression of the blood on the wall made it look like Haruhi had truly suffered.

"I wished this on her." Masato sobbed. "There's pain, there's revenge, but death? Murder?" He started to hyperventilate. "This is beyond what expected. And yet, this isn't a dream or anything! What the hell is going on with the school…" He muttered, shaking his head. But as he shook his head, he noticed a glimmer from a corner of the room.

The guitarist closed in on the glimmer, though he immediately wished he hadn't. It just made the situation even worse.

A bullet casing, no…three bullet casings were found by the walls. Masato looked at them worriedly, like another student was going to pop open the door and assume the worst. He covered his mouth as the puzzle pieces started to fall into place. Tears rolled from his eyes and onto his hands.

"No…he couldn't have."

Masato took a while to think about it; the cards stacked against his friend. Norio could have done it, but then again he couldn't have. Where would he even get a gun anyway? But it didn't matter, as the students would piece it together in tomorrow's paper. The abused target strikes back, but in a deadly way. It had only been a week or so since he talked with him…someone would remember.

He came to one simple conclusion. Masato gritted his teeth and wiped his tears away on his uniform. He took a quick peek out the bathroom door to make sure no one was walking through the halls. That was the only sign he needed. In a blink, Masato swiped the bullet casings from the floor and bolted out from the Ladies' Room. He was already praying that this action would keep his friend safe.

A few minutes after Masato fled the scene, Yuki walked out of the SOS Clubroom. No matter what had happened, every day felt like the same to her. She passed into that very same school bathroom like the students before her. She immediately came across Haruhi's body, which was still hard to classify as alive or deceased. Nagato looked down at the ground below and started to blink.

As horrifying as the scene was, Nagato wasn't affected. Human bodies don't disappear into thousands of tiny, dissolving shards like aliens do. Her eyes focused on every part of the mangled girl in front of her. The blood, the clothes, the bullet wounds…even the marks on the wall, this would be easy to handle. It made the idea of the rogue Asakura Ryoko even scarier…a member of the Integrated Data Time Entity would be the perfect assassin.

Yuki placed her hand on the ground causing the floor to be covered in a fuzzy, moving white and black shade. Any alien could do this, but Yuki's specialty in data manipulation would clear the room in seconds flat. The blood and fingerprints were removed from every inch of the bathroom tile. However, she had to keep a few marks on Suzumiya to keep up appearances. For the next step, Nagato placed her fingers on one of Haruhi's wounds. No visual effect covered Haruhi's body, but a stream of nanobots went through the victim's bullet holes. Yuki knew everything. Her power to control microscopic robots was one of her most valuable assets, because they could keep anything stable no matter what the circumstance was.

Yuki took one last sweep of the bathroom just to make sure nothing was out of place. Some of the slightest details could point the finger at Norio, or even herself just for being at the crime scene. Everything was scanned to the fullest detail. She walked out of the bathroom, confident that she had fulfilled her duties to the utmost capacity.

There was only one final step before everything was completely. Yuki had pulled a phone from her pocket. She had dialed a few keys before pressing the phone against her head.

"What is your emergency?" The voice said.

"Come to North High. There has been a homicide."

"What? Stay on the line, I'm sending the police!"

At that moment, Yuki sat on the floor and pulled a book from her pocket as she continued talking with the emergency phone service. There was nothing left for her to do now, but wait. She could hear sirens in the distance…

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