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I took a small break to write comedy, I want to do my own novel series at some point. Anime has left me a tad dulled, but I still draw inspiration from various sources to write this story. Please enjoy, for this will be completed.

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Chapter 13: The Broken

Whenever you think of a teenager with a job, you have automatic thoughts bubbling around in your head. That person is working as a clerk, in fast food, at a department store, or uncommonly, with the family business. No matter what type of job that is though, it's met with reward. You get money, friends, good communication skills, or nice padding on that transcript. But what happens to a teenager who has a job at the level of say…a high-class government agent? Or some an ambassador per say?

I understand that I have to go through a lot for the world. Some teenagers are probably off worse than me or look at a smaller problem at similar "life-threatening" scale. But with how this is continuing on, it'd be great to get some benefits with all this.

Kyon took his usual morning stroll to North High with the same types of ideas bouncing around in his head like a game of Pong. It felt like a never-ending cycle dealing with the responsibility he had on his shoulders. There days where he would be walking to school with total dread. On occasion, he would be thrilled to go to the club for Mikuru's smile, Yuki's support and, in a blue moon, Haruhi's eccentricities. That blue moon was very illuminated, as Kyon was feeling refreshed as he headed to school.

However, the fundamental flaw of dealing with the most powerful being in the universe, unquestionably, was the pressure. All of those flashing moments of peace and jovial feelings could be snatched away by the possible coincidence of the world resetting. Everything has been rather stable for a long time now, but with all of the situations that had happened to the SOS Brigade, there was always that chance. After all, it only takes a minor traffic jam for the psychopath in someone to take control. What happened over the last few weeks really walked that fine line of danger.

Seriously, a lottery ticket, fast-forwarding the world so I'm not stuck in the rain, maybe even a bionic attachment or mental secret about Haruhi. Considering the cosmic level of everything, the level of politics is pretty harsh. It's like how Superman is so powerful, he has to be so cautious of his entire world around him. Well, wait, Superman is loved and is an icon. Maybe the situation is more like Spiderman, because he's strong too, but he has to maintain a secret because of how antagonizing his world is. It's bad enough that some newspaper mogul has to have some unfocused-rage-fueled grudge against him just for cash.

Kyon parked his bicycle at the rack as he was just about done with his morning contemplation. He started to wonder if he should buy a mp3 player for those treks to school, to home and the subway. While he felt like everything was going to revert back to the status quo, he wanted to go to the SOS Clubroom right away to make sure everything was alright, with Mikuru making tea and Yuki in her corner. But as he reached the top floor of the main building, he noticed a rather peculiar item.

Warning Tape?

Just as he pondered that, an official came walking towards Kyon wearing mostly white.

"Sir, this is a closed off area." He addressed him.

"But I have club activities here."

"Sorry, but we'll have to ask you to go stay away from this floor. Your teachers and advisors will be telling you your new schedule while this area is blocked off."

What happened here? Someone finally decide to do some vandalizing here? Along with this guy, I see…three others maybe? This can't be something big. Maybe someone lost it and did something to that broken men's bathroom. Man, I hope it isn't Haruhi…she's vandalized a school before.

If this floor is out of commission, we'll still need to figure things out. Maybe I'll text around to see where the group will move. It's going to be somewhere like the gym or a different abandoned room. Guess this is going to be the type of day where I watch the world move along instead of look at it under a microscope.

Kyon walked back down to around Okabe-sensei's homeroom, which was luckily on a different floor. He glanced inside of the room, thinking about what was going on over the past few weeks. Taniguchi and Kunikida were conversing as usual around the windows, so Kyon knew where he would walk. But before he could step into the classroom, a grand multitude of a personality was rushing towards him.

"Kyon-kun!" A female voice yelled at him.

The normal teen turned ninety degrees to see Tsuruya dashing towards him.

Tsuruya-san? What is it with the people I hang out with and their specific timing…

Kyon was sure to back up a few steps so he would get pushed into the wall of the door. The green haired girl aimed her head into his stomach, causing to Kyon immediately clench up. He was having a difficult time keeping her steady. Lucky for him, not too many people were in the hallway to observe the spectacle. Once Kyon had her calmed down, he immediately had a chance to look at her. He recoiled a bit, seeing her face in a rare state of despair.


"What is it, Tsuruya-san?"

"Something…unbelievably horrible has happened." She seeped.

The boy almost didn't know how to react. Tears made her face an unnatural red and puffy.

"Tsuruya-san…I know this will be hard, but you'll need to tell me what happened."

The green-haired girl pulled the confused boy down the stairs and outside of North High. She slowly went into detail of the horrors she witnessed by coming to school early, to see red and white lights flashing by the doors. Kyon's normal demeanor was beginning to feel more and more queasy as she would go into pause. Not like she would cause attention, but she had to take pauses to close her eyes and weep.

Once she regained back some of her injured composure, she completed the final chapter to her story. Kyon wasn't even there to witness what happened, but the image that started to form in his brain felt too unreal for him. The number of things that were possible in this universe had always crossed his mind. But what Tsuruya just explained had left him feeling very cold. His heart felt like it would break through his rip cage and dash away, but he wouldn't have the energy to get it back. He was physically and mentally speechless, like many of the darker parts of his high school adventure.

You're joking.

No no no no no noTHAT cannot be real. Can I detect any façade on Tsuruya-san? Oh man, by the looks of her, those are far too many tears for it to be laughter.

Above the two students was a classroom full of students, all of whom were confused over what was exactly going on. Never have the students of North High had to encounter something so serious, filled with public servants from all around the Hyogo Prefecture. However, what was bizarre was that no one really had an idea to why the third floor was blocked off from the main school. Theories were already starting fly amongst what had happened.

"Did we get vandalized?"

"I heard that broken bathroom finally burst a pipe."

"There were guys wearing all white, what does that usually mean?"

"Maybe some weird gas leaked into the school from the chemistry or medical departments."

Ideas continued to flow out of the mouths of every student in that room. The only sad part of the situation was that only one person had a clear vision of what really had happened. The crazy thing was that even that one man, who knew what happened, was still confused over how the public found out about the event. No threats were made to his life, nothing was made specific yet. His eyes were completely attached to the large windows, peering over the number of vehicles crowded around the building. What was making him feel truly horrendous though, was watching the two members of the SOS Brigade, distraught.

Oh god…this is it. This is the sheer amount of attention that comes from a crime scene. I'm not even there and no one is even making suspicious yet, but man, I'm feeling like I'm suffocating.

I want to tell someone but, I can't! The slightest hint could give me away! If I go to the internet or my friends or a confessional, I can still be tracked down! Why did I listen to Nagato? Am I really supposed to believe that she has powers at hand that could cover me up? If she was so emotional, why couldn't she do something about Haruhi herself?

This is going to be a bumpy ride. No, that's too light. This is going to be like riding a bicycle, with busted tires through one of the circles of Hell.

"Norio?" Someone said.

Norio sharply turned his head, wondering who was going to behind him. His adrenaline gland slowly taking control of his muscles. He felt silly though, seeing his best friend right beside him.

"Oh, it's you Daiki." He said, with a sign of relief.

Daiki just chose to ignore his best friend's frightened attitude, dealing with enough problems over the last few weeks. "Are you doing alright?"

"No, not really."


"Why? Well, just look out there."

The bassist looked over the various areas of occupied scenery. It felt strange; Norio didn't usually have such interest towards the school, other than talking to people and helping the band mates. But he soon hit a realization, seeing two particular people locking arms in an outer corner of the building.

"Oh, it's Tsuruya-chan…" He commented.

"And she's crying!" Norio emoted. And it's from what I did! Why else would she be looking to Kyon for support!

"Think it's related to this weird stuff going on upstairs?"

"I don't think so; I really think it's something else." Please choose something else to talk about Daiki. I don't care what it is, but gossip is something I'd like to avoid.

"I bet your right." Daiki said matter-of-factly. "No one else is upset over this, but it makes me wonder if they school is missed something."

"They have enough people looking into it. It can't be anything important if people are still coming into school."

"You're probably right." The bassist sighed. "I know it's tough to see your girl crying about something, especially since I've never seen Tsuruya look sad or angry about anything. But, it's best to let her come to you when it's the right time."

"Yeah…" Norio took a small glance before focusing on his friend. "Thanks Daiki."

"No problem." He smirked for a second, wanting to ease the tension. "Now, don't confess your feelings to herbecause she's in a sensitive moment now…"

"I know for sure this isn't the right time." The singer chuckled.

I'll be able to talk to Tsuruya later. Logically…there's no way she could have learned about what happened, there's too much doubt going around the school. Everyone thinks it's something else and we are still in school. If this were really bad, we would be having news cameras and the school would be completely blocked off to the public. They have crime scene investigators here and they haven't even said anything, considering what happened. If I focus on the stress or listen to what everyone has to say, it's going to overwhelm me. Everything's fine for now… I just need to focus on something else.

I should be cherishing a moment like this where things are going my way. The hard part is over and no one is making assumptions. Considering how attached Koizumi was to Haruhi, he hasn't tried to attack me. Where is Nagato? What's going to happen to Kyon? Do I really need to worry since things are turning out okay? Perhaps Nagato is right…I'm thinking too much. Maybe Daiki and I can talk about something more crucial to me.

"Hey Daiki?" Norio asked.


"Are Masato, Tetsu and Wrathchild doing okay after the whole incident? I've officially left that crazy club, I just needed to stabilize before talking to you guys."

The bassist stroked his goatee, as he pondered about the rest of his band. "Well, I haven't seen Masato at all today…but you know, I feel like enough time has passed for Wrathchild and Tetsu to be calmed down over everything that's happened."

"Really?" Norio asked.

"Yeah. This may come as a surprise for you, but I think that they kind of miss you being away for a week. Like, you were offended by them or that Haruhi lobotomized you and you were going to stay in the brigade despite what happened. It's always funny how the people with the hardest exteriors have the insides of goo."

An insidiously nervous chuckle over came the singer. "No…surprise?"

"They don't get depressed, the just channel that into wanting to punch something. You are the frontman of this band, yet it feels like I'm backbone."

"To be fair, that's how Maiden was." He quickly countered back.


Norio really wanted to get his mind off something, so he decided to take the first plan of action. "I should really get to apologizing to them, I'd do it now if they weren't in the music room already."

"Again, another thing you should realize, dumb dumb." Daiki grinned.

"Talk this over with Masato, let's all go to dinner somewhere, with me buying, and we'll talk it out."

That's it, just continue on with the day. Move your priorities, Norio. Earn the girl of your dreams and fame at say, a X Japan level.

A bing-bong type sound came from the speaker above the door, causing everyone on the class on edge to turn their heads. Without a beat, it quickly asked:


"Yes?" The teacher said.

"Could Yamada Norio come to the main office?" The voice said surprisingly plainly.

"Will do." The teacher nodded, trying not to make any assumptions. "Get to the main office Yamada."

"Yeah, sure." He muttered.

Norio tried his best to keep his mind blank as he took the ever-lasting walk outside of the classroom. His eyes had to stay focused in the direction he was going, like a doctor was examining him. The paranoia was rattling control of his psyche, putting an ever-growing emphasis on each step. He was so emotionally tied he just wanted to disappear.

Don't acknowledge them. It's a thousand daggers and one walking bullseye.

The tingling in Norio's spine didn't cease even as he reached the hallway. Pins were mentally pressing against his legs, for each listless hair on his calves. His instincts were screaming at him to run. Run out of school, away from everything, to a plane out of Japan, but he knew that would just paint him guilty. Each footstep on the linoleum floor or stone stair made his stomach tremble. He was only grateful that no one could judge him as he made his death walk.

You can't show fear, that's how they'll get you! But wait, being too calm and calculated is what makes those killers so memorable! Ahhhhhhhh, I hate myself! Someone inject me with morphine or something and calm me down!

Hold out hope for coincidence Norio…that's all it could be.

The student reached the very last floor with his joints moving like they were filled with cement. His movement towards the extra large glass barrier made him all the more cautious, as it led him closer to the school exits. It could be his last time to see North High in years if the odds were stacked enough against it. He opened the wooden door, to find something he absolutely didn't want, the principal and a man he's never seen before.

"Yamada-san? Norio Yamada-san?" The unknown man said.

"Y-yes?" He cautiously answered. Norio continued to act like his face was stiff. Even it was intimidating, the man seemed harmless enough. A rotund, about fifty-year-old man with suspenders…kind of similar to the principal himself.

"I'm Sergeant Detective Ooishi."

Oh hell…

"Ooishi-san has informed us that you may know something about what happened on the fourth floor bathrooms." He said, bizarrely calm.

"Really? Something's going on there?" Norio quickly retorted.

"May I?" The officer asked, leading the principal to give an understanding nod. He reached out for a specific black wallet from his back pocket, decorated in gold stars and embroidered lettering. "Let's take this conversation into my car."

"Feels a bit unnecessary."

"The faculty here told me you are in the music club. I have satellite radio, you know."

Going with him might be the better option…if he just blurts out what happens or gets physical, there's no escaping this. The gossip mill is already griding away, the least I can do is give it as little fuel as possible.

"Sure…" Norio wearily said, letting the policeman lead the way. The teenager started wrapping his finger around on of his hair tassels, though mentally he wanted to yank them clear off his head.

Sure, attack the person who embarrassed you in front of everyone. That's what you were taught! That's how you were raised! God, please just have a SWAT team waiting outside so I can get blown away instantly. It's already going to be a day of mourning.

Norio gently placed his fingers by his eyes, keeping the tears at bay. If a single drop would come out, an entire waterfall would soon follow. Officer Ooishi may have made a kind gesture, but the maroon car they were walking to, complete with tinted windows, was going to be his curtain call. It was a nonstop, downward spiral of confusion and depression from this day forward.

To cap off his final feelings, Norio could hear the school bell's wondrous chime before he stepped into the front seat. The old man continued to smile at him, but the boy knew what he was in for. He didn't know what was harder…keeping his emotions from running wild or keeping his body from completely going into cold shock.

Tsuruya…please don't hate me…live you're life…I'm going to do what I can to keep myself alive and sane.

Kyon was uncharacteristically responsive hearing every bitter detail from Tsuruya. He wanted to come here to help his friends who were far more devastated, but he could feel the pain as well. With all of the information and adventures he's been giving throughout the first year of high school…was this how it was all going to peak out? The subject of the entire world and someone he grew so fond too, becoming hospitalized?

He couldn't even say why he had to leave; perhaps it was morbidly hysterical Tsuruya next to him. The two were able to leave the high school for a short period, to visit their close friend. No one was certain of what happened, but the school officials could see the frustration. It was already strange enough for a police officer to appear at North High. As soon as they received the green light, Tsuruya requested her chauffeur to arrive as fast as he could. The waiting quickly became the hardest thing to bare before even reaching the hospital.

Has everything I've gone through…is it just, worthless now? The singularity, God, or however you want to call it, can be gravely injured, just like me. That sense of entrapment that has affected Nagato, Asahina, and even Koizumi is now starting to frighten me. This is why people for centuries have feared ghosts and spirits. Unpredictable, unstoppable, supernatural forces with strange rules that control people's lives. Why, why oh why do they have to be real to someone like me?

Even with Kyon's regularly perceptive attitude, he could hardly think straight. His razor sharp senses were dulled to the max as well, matching his brain. He felt cold…empty, unsure, emotions that only occurred when his life was in danger. He wasn't even sure how the world could continue on and why it didn't just collapse into itself. Kyon didn't have a word to say, after all, what could he? Tsuruya's sobbing was the only audible thing within meters and it felt like nothing he could say would stop her.

As the vehicle arrived, Kyon actually had to explain to the driver where to go, as Tsuruya was too distraught. The boy had little character in his voice; almost similar to a skeleton in a coffer that spews clouds of dust from its mouth. The drive was fast, yet eerily quite.

This grey sky…it could turn, red and collapse in on itself at any moment. It could even turn neon blue, with giant amebic substances destroying buildings like nothing. I never realized why film directors like to film the sky out from windows, until now. As a regular limousine, they were tinted, but they are giving me this biggest sense of spine-tingling danger, Atmosphere can be so peaceful until you learn something terrible and drop your coffee mug to the floor. If what Tsuruya is saying is true, then…for once, I don't wanna think about this.

As soon as the two reached the hospital, a burst of adrenaline hit their senses. The two tried not to collide into each other as they reached the main doors, both being a little surprised how fast the other could move. Immediately as they stepped in, the approached the front desk, slammed their hands, and shouted:

"Where is Suzumiya Haruhi?"

The woman behind the counter immediately had a grimace on her face from hearing that name. She cautiously held up a goldenrod sheet of paper that was close by, color coded for its importance. Reading the recently added scribbled notes on the extra pages, she knew there was going to be some hard reactions from answering the question.

"I believe you'll find Miss Suzumiya on the third floor, Hallway D, Room 234 in the Emergency Ward. But you may not be able to enter."

Emergency Ward "Why not?" The two simultaneously inquired.

"The doctors have authority block you off from visiting her. Miss Suzumiya was in surgery for about three hours, according to our records.

"No…" Kyon, muttered, staring down at the floor.

Tsuruya was much more visibly and audibly upset. "No…" She shouted, as her legs gave weight and she slid on the floor. Her hair practically shrouded her body, as she covered her face and shouted. "I didn't know it would be this megas horrible! Why Haru-nyan!"

"Wha-what happened exactly?" The boy asked.

"She was brought in for profuse hemorrhaging from an abdominal rupture."

Damn it, that's so ambiguous! Hell, that could mean any form of harm was placed on Haruhi without notice! Why must everything in this world have to be so subtle and hidden? This is going to be another mystery, I know it's going to be, and yet this time, someone has to suffer. If the SOS Brigade is viewed as the number one most important thing in the universe by existential forces, why is it targeted for such violent actions?

Maybe it's like that movie says…some people just want to watch the world burn.

"Can you be more specific?" Kyon's composure felt like it was in chains, but he stayed reasonable.

"I'm not sure exactly." The woman said continuing to flip through her notes. "Suzumiya came in for an appendectomy, but there were complications found during the procedure."

Wait a minute; did she just say what I thought she just said?

"Wait, that's all?"

"Is, is that good?" Tsuruya inquired, based on Kyon's reaction.

"The doctors can probably tell you more about your friend than I can." The receptionist honestly said. "Internal injuries can progress to something more serious if they are left untreated, but if you need confirmation, please head to elevators."

Kyon gave the woman a slow nod and quickly picked up Tsuruya from the ground. The two sprinted towards the elevators, wanting to reach the right floor and hallway in the fastest amount of time. Damning everyone else in the way, both students pressed the buttons to close the door and head up.

Okay, okay appendectomies are common. I don't know anyone who's had one before, but I've seen shows where these do happen. Why does Haruhi even have an appendix in the first place? She's human, but it's established that it's a dead, pointless organ. It could be worse…could Haruhi get ulcers at this age? If Haruhi is that important to the world, especially with Nagato and Itsuki, why would she be so prone? Getting an organ removed isn't bad, but why is she of all people vulnerable to these things? She only didn't go to class if she were upset, unlike how the others get really sick.

How is it that she was made with all of these powers, yet she was given all of these mental and physical deficiencies? I was blessed that my family did not to go through any illness-related trauma. Granted, if she were aware, she'd probably be perfect in every way and that could be catastrophic. I knew that girl throughout middle school.

Kyon's thought process hit pause, just as the elevator ringed and the door opened. He could feel a gust of wind coming from behind him, as Tsuruya ran out. Her legs were tapping furiously, as she bobbed her head in the direction of the ceiling, trying some signal of the right hallway. With an agitated wave, Kyon perked up and began running with the green wisp. It didn't take long for nurses and some patients to watch on, as the two of them were moving so frantically.

Out of shape, curse you lungs, you feel too heavy! How does Tsuruya move this fast?

The two nearly skidded as they dashed down the correct hallway with Kyon's head coming rather close to a wall. Tsuruya loudly counted the numbers in an ascending order, wanting to see Haruhi so badly. She practically stopped on a dime when she reached on a right number, with Kyon almost comically crashing into her. Her already large eyes slowly expanded, as she could see her desired target, complete with the yellow headband on. She intensely shouted:


Kyon looked dead for a slight second, as he prepared for the worst with a gradual angle turn of his neck. And she looked…fine.

The schoolgirl singularity shifted her head to the door, her expression beaming upon seeing two of her friends. Her body, her face, was completely calm. Her hands were relaxed behind her head, with her eyes previously directed at a television hung in the corner.

"Tsuruya-san, Kyon! Good to see you!" She greeted.

"Oh Harunyan!" Tsuruya said, taking the cue to stampede into her room.

Haruhi was preparing for contact, as Tsuruya's hair looked like a cape from the speed she was moving at. She still continued to grin, but she was a little bit off put by how upset the non-SOS Brigade member was looking. Thankfully for her, Tsuruya did lightly slow down, but still attached herself to the recovering patient.

"I was so worrieds about you!" She shouted.

"I imagine…but be gentle, I'm a little bit tender there." Haruhi lightly joked, as she wiggled in hope to get Tsuruya from off her stomach. Without warning, she looked with a bit of excitement to see Kyon still at the doorway. "Hey Kyon! Glad you came to visit! Come on in now! You know the Brigade Chief wants you to be here!"

He could hear her loud and clearly, but the only thing the true human could do at the moment, was scan his head across the entire hospital. Not one person was showing enough attention over the scenario. Almost with a sense of defeat, he twitched, heavily sighed, and took thousand-kilo steps into the white room. He dug his nails against his forehead and panted heavily, knowing that his psyche was bending by the fibers…

Universe, this one cruel as hell joke. Seriously.

"Come inside." The older voice said.

In an area, particularly far away from North High, senses were high with the arrival of Yamada Norio and Officer Ooishi. The boy couldn't help but dart his head around different areas of the police station. Things looked rather…toned down than he expected, visually and actively. Many people were diligently focused on their work, or the routine, blue cops were laughing in the separated rooms. He didn't even see anyone behind particular cells or depressed criminals sitting on the short benches.

"This is what a police station is like…" Norio awed to himself.

"It's not glamorous, but it's the safest place in Hyogo." Ooishi reassured.

Not glamorous was a very appropriate definition. The fluorescent lighting made every flaw of the area stick out, from the lack of cleaning to the relatively old technology at each desk. The walls were a very pale blue, which made Norio's eyes hazy because of how the light mixed with the colors. It was a bit unsettling, like a decaying hospice. It appeared to get more uncomfortable, as Ooishi was leading him up a rather slanted set up of metal stairs. It appeared to be a bit cramped on the second floor, as there were two big closed, corner rooms and it had half the space of the first floor.

The two walked towards the right corner room, with Ooishi gracefully opening the door. Norio felt nervous as he looked down…it was purposely designed this way. A huge crowd could easily form up and watch every movement unfold, the only barrier being a rather simple, open black railing.

"Come inside."

Norio complied with the simple order, but felt chills walking into the small room. More florescent lights and one lone metal table, high off the ground with silver rails and a window, appropriate decorated with metal bars. He looked at the officer from the corner of his eye, who extended his arm and nodded offering him to sit on the chair; A regular, ordinary plastic chair that would be found at any school. As he instantly sat, Ooishi was quick to speak.

"You just sit tight right there. Would you like me to get you something?"

"Just water." Norio spoke.

After the abrupt shut, the teenage boy was left with the one thing he absolutely despised…complete silence. The room is bare-boned in every sense, practically a mirror of the main floor of the police station from top to bottom. It was made for isolation, Norio could tell by looking up and down at every note. But he felt really embarrassed as he looked in the northeast corner, seeing a white security camera looking directly at him, complete with a blinking red light.

Oh god, this is going to suck.

Outside of the interrogation room, Ooishi promptly did not go down to the break room to grab a water bottle from the machine. Instead, he walked into a room in the middle of the second hall. It was rather simple too, but more hospitable with a couch, desk, counter with a coffee machine and a lone TV. Unexpectedly, there were five policemen gathered around the one TV, which had Norio on video feed.

"How long are you leaving him in there, Ooishi-san?" A younger-looking detective asked.

"Ten minutes, Matsuda. You can learn a lot about the suspect's personality in that time frame, after all."

"This kid cannot be involved with the Suzumiya case." Another detective said.

"He looks so familiar to me…" Matsuda pondered out loud. "How'd we pick this student?"

"The rookie found a pretty good lead for this kid." The elder officer confirmed. "And if this were to take place in a school, especially considering the time of injury, it's hard to not think of a student or teacher."

"Did you notice that?" One man asked.

"What'd you see, Fukuoka?"

Everyone took a more direct look at their prime suspect; to see him twirling the iconic tassels of his hair. He was intentionally looking away from the camera too, clearly with his hands a bit unsteady.

"Ohohoho, this is going to be interesting."

"How long till we can inform the news?" The young cop assumed.

"Give it time, Matsuda. I guarantee you we can bust him on motive, if what the new guy says is correct. Better pray too, because I have a feeling the outside world will eat him alive." Ooishi said, with heavy concern.

"It's actually a pretty fascinating procedure." Haruhi concluded with her known-level of skittish-ness. "From the time they prep me up and put me under with the anesthesia, to when they've taken out the appendix and stitched me up, there's so much work to be done! Sure, it's probably the most common type of surgery, but the science and things you have to do to even complete this is so cool! And this saves people's lives!"

"Okay." Kyon said, surprisingly little of words.

So this is the scary thing Asahina (Big) was warning me about? A surgical procedure that potentially has a five percent change of complications? Okay yes, it's scary, random and a tad unexpected for someone in Haruhi's condition, seriously? This is the horrible, indescribable action? Man, I'm starting to believe that this is, in some person's mind, a Machiavellian, Global-Level prank. The deck gets shuffled over and over, yet the same cards get drawn.

It's all becoming suspicion and deception and answers with hidden meanings. It encrypted for a reason, I get it and I'm a human amongst superheroes. Many of my situations could have gone much, much worse if there weren't some type of intervention. Even if it was performed by someone I would never expect, the whole process…it's almost becoming the regular for me.

"Oi, Kyon!" Haruhi shouted. "I talked a lot, but I thought you'd want to hear everything about the girl with stitches!" She tauntingly said.

"I was megas attentive the whole time, Harunyan!" Tsuruya said.

"Words like that will get you higher in the world, Tsuruya-san. Especially with the SOS Brigade gets it's rightful level of power."

While the two girls grinned, Kyon remained rather stone-faced. Every detail was explained, straight forward by Haruhi. It was about twenty minutes in length, but he didn't have a single urge to comment, think, or even let his body function take the slightest bit of control.

And yet, how is it that I can never get used to this? No matter what happens within this adventure, it never seems to amaze me? It all exists, hell; it even breaks many of the conventions of how we view supernatural, scientific, and planetary tropes. I'm not an expert, yet I'm exposed and overloaded with information at every possible level, like getting blasted with gamma radiation.

Does that really matter if Haruhi can finally be injured? Nagato has her superiors and associates constantly breathing down her neck and Asahina has that sneering bastard and the mysterious hand of the higher-ups, which she doesn't even completely know. Even Koizumi of all people, has the duty of keeping Haruhi's emotions in check, and Closed Space is clearly a very dangerous and real place, as bizarre as it sounds. Even the close calls I've had…where do we go exactly from here.

"Well, I think it's pretty interesting."

"Heh, that's what you say whenever Okabe is having a special lecture."

Sharp as ever…

Tsuruya took a quick glance at Kyon, who was generally calm, but she could intuitively sense his distress. He did appear to understand Haruhi the most, even with how comfortably opposed they were, like fire and water. That actually gave her the best idea.

"I think I'll get us some freshments, nyoro. You two want anything specific?"

"Anything." Kyon said.

"Eh, get me whatever as long as it isn't soda. Doctors say I have to lay off it for a week, just not upset anything."

With a happy nod, she comfortably skipped out of the room. Once the green hair drifted out, Kyon could immediately feel the color draining physically and emotionally from the hospital room. What exactly was he going to talk to Haruhi about?

You know, I could chalk this one exception up to just pure coincidence that while Haruhi is this singularity, she still a human filled with flaws. Goodness, we've all seen her attitude ones. But at what point, where this happens again, how do I know it's something to that I can simply let slide off my back?

I'm too young to deal with this. I'm almost wishing I was one of those characters who can read books within minutes or are medical geniuses from a young age, so I can have the slightest edge over reality. It's all unpredictable, it's all something that only Haruhi here could imagine with her views on the world and what the supernatural truly is…but at this point, it needs to stop for just one day.

"Hey Kyon." Haruhi plainly said, causing Kyon to perk up remove his fingers from his temples. "What's up? I know this is a lot to take in, but you know, it's not something to worry about."

"I've had a lot on my mind really." He admitted.

"Like what?"

"These past few weeks have been so, what's the right word…sticky."

"Come on, tell your Brigade Chief how you really feel." She said frankly.

"I could be here a while. Seriously, because of what happened just now and all of the stress we've dealt with for nearly a month? My brain is racked."

"Okay, now you have to tell me." She stuck her tongue out at him. "I told you everything."

"Where to start…" Kyon openly pondered, he was really unsure of how to honestly talk to Haruhi in this psychological sense. Whenever it happened, it was more of her exposing the tiny crack she has in her armor. This time, it was his sense of judgment that was being pulled at by bias.

Lucky for him, he didn't have to answer just quite yet, the door harshly opened.

"Kyon-kun!" Tsuruya shouted. "You need to come out here and see this!"

"Give me one second." Kyon nervously denounced.

That was weird timing, but I'll take it.

The boy rushed out of the room, to see Tsuruya staring very heavily in Kyon's direction. She gave proper space across the hallway, with her back against the wall, barely holding the two water bottles she had. She was stunned, but not to the level of what she heard about Haruhi.

"Tsuruya-san, what's wrong?"

"Th-that…" The girl pointed to the door right next to Haruhi.

Kyon's pupils dilated for the second time today, taking a cold hard look at the door next to him. It was completely open, with some medical officials properly leaving the room. But on a closer inspection, the two normal students didn't have any idea of how the day could get so pulse pounding. They didn't have a moment to comprehend the coincidence, as the person in the other room spoke without warning.

"Ah, Kyon-kun, Tsuruya-san. How nice of you to visit."

Koizumi…it has to be Koizumi in that bed. I think I'm going to have a nosebleed in advance to how insane today is going to be.

I hope you readers still enjoy this. I made a decision to split these two chapters into three, due to all the ideas and how I want all the pacing to be right. I don't want to overwhelm people with too much stuff happening in one chapter. You want there to be just enough. But with what happened in this chapter, there's a lot of interesting stuff to happen.

The song "The Broken" was one I wanted to use later, but I feel like it works great for this situation too because of Norio's sense of dreading. It's a great song for the Espers. Funny enough, it's by Coheed and Cambria, who make stories from their own songs for each album they do.

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