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It was fifteen days until Valentine's Day, and Luke had no clue what to do for Valentine's Day. Charla said nothing, but J.J. said when girls say nothing, they're just too ashamed to say what they really wanted.

Oh, great.

He was listening to J.J.

He texted her, saying, "How's it going?"

Instantly he got a reply: "Is this about V Day?"


"Luke, I've told you a million times: I don't need anything."

Suddenly it hit him. He smiled. "Okay…I won't do anything…"


"I'm dead."

Two weeks later it was February 13th. Charla got a card in the mail. She opened it. The card read: 'I know you don't want anything, so I won't do anything…until February 14th. I know, I know, you don't want anything, but you're making this difficult.'

She sighed. He was making things difficult. She emailed him, saying, 'You're the one that's being difficult.' He read the message and smiled. It was working.

The next day he came out to visit her for Valentine's Day. That night was a barbeque that her neighborhood always had on holidays. He was acting very suspicious, so Charla came up and asked, "Luke, you're acting really weird. Why?"

"No reason," he said.

She walked back. She was sitting next to Nichole. Nichole was blabbing on and on about Reese. "Do you happen to have his number?" she asked her cousin.

Charla looked disgusted. "NEVER going to happen my friend," she said.

Nichole looked upset, but Charla said, "Nichole, focus!" Nichole became interested. "Nichole…I have to talk to…"

She trailed off because Nichole was balancing a spoon on her nose. Charla flicked it off. Nichole got up and ran after the spoon. She cleaned it off when she sat down.

"Nichole…I have to talk to you. We really need to talk."

"What is it?"

"I…I think Luke's going to break up with me."

Nichole was taking a drink and it sprayed it out of her mouth. Charla looked disgusted. "Great, now your slobbery soda is all over my notebook!"

"Sor-ry! But that retard Luke would never break up with you!"

"I know. But he's acting all suspicious…and I don't know."

"Wanna put words in his mouth?" Nichole asked very randomly.

"You better believe it!"

"I don't twirl – I pirouette!" 'Luke' said. Charla dyed from laughing. Luke walked over. "Hey," he said.

"Pirouette," Nichole whispered, and Charla laughed. Luke cocked an eyebrow. He sat down and said to Charla, "Hey, Charla…can we talk?"

"I know already," Charla said, sighing, "You're breaking up with me."

"When did I say that?" Luke asked, shocked.

"Aren't you?" Charla asked.

"What made you think that?"

"Well, you've been acting really weird, and…"

"I've been acting weird because I have a surprise for you."

"A surprise?"

"Yeah. But now you know about it, and all."

"I can pretend to be surprised."

He smiled. "I'd appreciate it."

Charla saw her dad talking to a young woman. "Who's that?" she asked Nichole and Luke.

"I don't know," Luke said.

"I've never seen her before," Nichole said.

Suddenly Charla's dad kissed the woman. On the lips. Charla stood up. She walked over to her dad. "Dad."

He looked over. "Oh, hi, Charla. How are you doing?"

Oh, hi, Charla. How are you doing???? Charla thought. I ought to ask you the same thing! Instead of telling her dad off by saying that, she said, "So, Dad, I noticed you were with a woman that I don't know, and, well…"

He sighed. "I should have told you sooner." He looked at the woman next to him. She is really pretty, Charla thought. The woman was about 5'6", blonde, and had green eyes. She smiled kindly at Charla when she noticed her staring. "Charla," her dad said and she returned her focus to her father. "This is Brooke Ray Cyrus. We've been dating for a while."

Charla felt like crying. How dare he replace Mom? "Dad, she's young enough to be my big sister!" she yelled.

"Actually I'm 29," Brooke Ray said.

"Dad!" Charla cried. "She's 6 years younger than you!"

"I'm sorry, bud," he said. "I knew you'd be mad, but I had to tell you. And what a better day than Valentine's Day?"

"Right," she said, feeling queasy. She ran back to where Luke and Nichole sat. "He's trying to replace my mom with someone who could be my big sister!"

"What?" Nichole asked.

"I doubt he's trying to replace her and – did you say she could be your big sister?"

"Yeah, she's only 29! That's a 16-year difference between the two of us! And he's six years older than her!" She slumped back in her chair.

"Do you think I should…?" Luke asked Nichole.

Nichole nodded. Luke went over to her dad and came back with a box. He smiled. "Well…I know you said you didn't want anything for Valentine's Day, but…happy Valentine's Day!"

He put the box in front of her. She looked up at him. "Your dad paid for it, but it's from me." He smiled.

Charla opened the box and looked in. Inside the cutest face stared back at her. It was a dog. A cocker spaniel. Charla's mouth fell open. "Ohmygosh," she said, linking the three words together.

"Well, your dad told me you wanted a dog for your birthday and all," Luke explained. "But he didn't have the time to get it. So a few days ago I called him and asked about this and he said okay."

"How did he hide a dog from me?" Charla asked.

"Your neighbor, Molly-Rachel, is it? She hid her at her house. And she has all her shots already, so don't worry."

Immediately the puppy jumped out of the box and into Charla's lap. The dog started licking her face. Charla laughed. "Oh my, God," Charla said. "It looks like she's smiling." In fact, it did look like the little dog was smiling.

"The pet store told your dad that she could do that," Luke said. "Oh, and she doesn't have a name yet, so you can name her."

The name Roxy came to mind, and she wasn't quite sure why, but she liked it. Ironically, Charla's shoes where Roxy brand, and the dog jumped down and started to nibble on the heel of the shoe. Charla laughed.

"Thank you," Charla said.

"Don't thank me, thank your dad," Luke said back.

"How come all Joe got me for Valentine's Day is a carrot?" Nichole asked, referencing her boyfriend.

"Cause you're you," Charla said. "Hey, speaking of which, what did Uncle Earl and Aunt Pearl get each other for Valentine's Day?" Uncle Earl and Aunt Pearl were Charla's aunt and uncle and Nichole's parents.

"My mom got Dad a bra," Nichole said. Charla and Luke stared. "My dad needs one, okay?" Nichole asked. Luke sighed and Charla rolled her eyes. "And Dad got Mom a pair of…" she shuddered. "Granny panties."

"Eeeew," Charla said.

"That's gross," Luke agreed.

Roxy fell asleep at Charla's feet. The rest of the night dragged on, and Luke went home. Charla brought her dog inside and Nichole asked, "Can I spend the night here?"

"What's wrong with your house?" Charla asked.

"My mom get herself a Valentine's Day gift and it's this French perfume that smells like dog urine. And she's yelling at the cat to get a job."

Charla stared.

"Yeah, I don't know," Nichole said. "Did you know that once my mom get hit by a bus?"

"Oh my, God!" Charla cried. "What happened?"

"She was fine, cause then she yelled out, 'WHO THREW THAT TWINKIE?!'"

Charla laughed. "You know that didn't happen," she said.

"I know," Nichole said. "I just don't like my mom. But I was born on a bus." Charla looked blank so Nichole explained, "My mom's not good at planning! I told you I'm like Sam from iCarly!"

"Yes, it's fun to be like a stupid blonde, isn't it?"

"Cha yeah!" Nichole said.

That night they stayed up for a long time. At 2:14, Charla said, "Hey, make a wish."


"Cause it's 2:14 the day after Valentine's Day, and it's in February, which is 2, and it's on the 14th. 2:14."

Charla wished that somehow she would grow to like Brooke Ray and Nichole wished for some ranch for her carrot. Then the subject turned too boys, because it was Valentine's Day.

"Why do you like Luke?" Nichole asked.

"Cause he's nice, and smart, and funny, and cute, charming, caring, and…well…"

"Well what?" Nichole said, smiling.

"Well, you know how I like singing and writing songs?"


"Well, I wrote a song about him, called Simple Things. It's the simple things I hate about him and the simple things I like about him."

"Sing the part about what you like about him."

So Charla sang:

The simple things I like about you
You're fair, you're mine, brand new Levi's
I wanna look into your eyes
Make me laugh and you're mine
I thought I'd be hard to find
I know you're right when we're intertwined
Make everything all right
I wanna see another guy I know
And the simplest thing I like the most about you
You make me love you

"That's great!" Nichole said. "So…"


"What do you hate about him?"


"I want to know!"

"Maybe later?" Charla laughed.

And then they both fell asleep.

Okay, sorry if that seemed rushed…my bad if it is! In case you haven't noticed, Simple Things is a spoof of Seven Things by Miley Cyrus. And in a few more chapters, SOMEONE is going to become the bad guy. Dan dan daaaaaaaaan! Lol. Is it Charla? Is it Luke? Is it…Banana Man? Yeah, long story. See, I was at a swim meet with my two friends Chelsea and Yvonne, and we were hanging out at my camp. Then a guy walked by advertising Jamba Juice, and he was in a banana suit. So Chelsea yelled out, "BANANA MAN!!" And we all ran up and hugged him even though he never said we could, but he was okay with it. It was fun. Anyway, vote for who you think that bad guy is if you want:

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