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My Inner Monster

I smile like everything is okay

I want to crawl into my dream and stay there

So the pain of yesterday won't carry onto tomorrow

I smile and make you think I'm happy

I talk and make you think I love myself

I laugh, so you don't see me cry

I look at you and hide the pain inside

I feel myself dying but you see me survive

My eyes sparkle and my smile is sweet

You can't see the tears I hide inside me

I laugh happily, or so it seems

Do you even have a clue of how I truly feel?

I speak and talk of a happier place

How could you tell how things really are?

I look into your eyes

And you cannot see the pain I hide inside

You cannot see the veil

And I can't understand why

Why I just can't let myself

I cannot let myself cry

The pain is too much

And I feel overwhelmed

But I don't want to be a burden

So I stay silent

And I keep everything inside

How I feel and the pain

One day it's all going to come out and I know this

But I hope I am nowhere near you

I don't want to hurt you

I want you to see me

As a person and not as the monster I am.