Here I am again! With another vocabulary word-inspired fic. This particular fic is a Naruto one, but I've never written for this character before. It's Uchiha Mikoto (Sasuke & Itachi's mother) seeing her oldest son through her eyes.

The word for this fic is...precocious.

Disclaimer: Blu Rose doesn't own Naruto or any of its characters. She only owns this story.


Precocious: (Adjective) To be physically and/or mentally mature beyond one's years.

It seemed like so long ago that my boy acted like...a boy. Back then, he would help me in my garden, happy just to play in the dirt. Back then, he'd push me away whenever I kissed him on the cheek, saying that future ninja didn't get kissed by their mother's in public. Back then, when Fugaku was away on missions, he would have tickle fights and the sound of his laughter was like sweet music to me.

But boy's changed. He no longer helps me in the garden, saying he's too old to play in the dirt. He no longer reacts to me kissing his cheek, as if he can no longer feel it. We no longer have tickle fights, and I no longer got to hear the sweet music that was his laughter. When I tell him he's going to have a brother soon, I tell myself that he doesn't know how to react to a new baby in the house--not that he can't react.

A ninja's first kill tends to change them, after all...

The boy I knew and loved was gone now, soon to be replaced with another child. And despite what the other wives in the clan may think, I hope that this one won't turn out to be like his brother: a prodigy. I want him to stay a kid until he gets physically older, and when I'll be ready to accept that he's all grown up. But even with a new addition to the decreasing Uchiha population, I sometimes find myself staring into my firstborn's eyes and I think:

Itachi, baby, this isn't you. Where are you?


Done! I know this may not be true, but I think the mother-child bond Mikoto had with Itachi would have suffered a little bit because of his being a talented prodigy, don't you think? I mean...who wouldn't feel affected if their child suddenly changes and acts all big--and this is little Itachi we're talking about here!! (T__T) That's enough ranting for me. Please be nice and review on my fic.